What to expect from Rishi Sunak as the new PM of the UK?

The question on everyone’s lips (at least here in the UK) is what kind of prime minister will Rishi Sunak be. I suggest one of the most interesting ways to speculate on this is with astrology.

Birth time is not known – this is a sunrise chart – house cusps and placements not relevant


Keywords: stability, determination, practicality, seriousness, coherency, enthusiasm, competency, authenticity, care and attention, and duty.



Sunak’s Sun and Mercury are conjunct in Taurus and closely trine to Saturn in Virgo.

The astrological Sun symbolises one’s essence, that which makes him unique, that which makes him shine. In Taurus, Rishi’s essence is one of stability, determination, and practicality. He has a firm understanding of how the world turns and his focus is always on material security. He may be slow to the start, but once he gets going, he is hard to stop.

His Sun’s trine with Saturn emphasises his serious, reserved personality. It also adds a sense of focused discipline and work ethic as well as a sense of commanding power.  Able to rally supporters into a coherent structure, with Sunak at the helm, Conservative party unity is a real possibility This man enjoys an innate ability to place his finger on the pulse of power. An excellent trait for a serious politician.

With his Sun in the 2nd decan of Taurus, the tarot card associated with his Sun is the Six of Coins, The Lord of Success. Here is a man who is wealthy enough to be able to help others and the way in which he is most likely to do so, is in the way in which he acquired his own wealth, through discipline and hard work. As we’ve learned from the fable about the tortoise and the hare, slow and steady wins the race.

With Mercury in Taurus, we find an inward-looking sense of caution and calm in all aspects of communication. He may not be quick on his feet, but when he does speak, he means what he says and what he says, will have been carefully thought through in advance. 


Sunak’s Jupiter and Mars and conjunct in Virgo.

The astrological Jupiter symbolises one’s wider views – especially of a philosophical and moral nature –  as well as his mode of achieving success and expansion in the world. 

Some have suggested that Sunak will struggle to think on a grand scale as is necessary by a party leader and prime minister and in many respects, this may be true. Jupiter in Virgo is detail-oriented rather than big-picture. It is motivated more by a sense of duty than fiery idealism. However, given the economic challenges ahead, it may be no bad thing to concentrate on balancing the books as well as ensuring all the t’s are crossed and the I’s dotted. 

In the first decan of Virgo, Sunak’s overall strategy is likely that which we find with the tarot card associated with this decan, the Eight of Coins, or the Lord of Prudence. With this, we can expect that the projects and policies undertaken by Sunak, are meant to bear fruit only after a good deal of care and attention. Nonetheless, as is the case with the Lord of Prudence, we have every reason to expect his projects and policies to flourish and flourish not as the result of some magical hall of mirrors, slap-and-dash approach, but instead in keeping with the natural rhythms of the world in which we find ourselves. 

Mars, symbolising how one asserts himself and presses forward into battle (so to speak), operates in this first decan in a very matter of fact, yet highly analytical way. Every step of the way will be carefully thought out and planned in advance, with contingencies in place should the wind come from a different direction. 

Saturn, as noted above, symbolises the reality principle, the bottom line, the buck stops here. Saturn in Virgo may tend to be highly critical of self and others. At times, blame may take centre stage. At the same time, Saturn in Virgo is well-grounded and in the 2nd decan of Virgo, is associated with the tarot card, the Nine of Coins, or the Lord of Gain. The proverbial garden tended by Saturn in this decan of Virgo is unlikely to suffer from unsightly weeds, rodents, and other vermin.



Sunak’s Moon is in Aries and close opposition to Pluto. 

The astrological Moon symbolises one’s instinctive response to the world and people around him, especially those with whom he has a close relationship. In Aries, this response will be marked by enthusiasm and self-confidence tinged by potentially fierce impatience with those perceived to stand in his way. 

With his Moon in the 2nd decan of Aries, Sunak may tend to treat associates and companions with a fiery sense of self-importance. Given that the tarot card associated with this placement is the Three of Wands or the Lord of Virtue, however, at least Sunak’s response to the world and the people around him will be responsible, visible and authentic.

With Pluto in the mix, Rishi’s instinctive response to the world is powerful and transformational. The ways of the past must give way to the future, and with this placement, the ways this occurs will more likely than not be profound. 

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