Is Boris in a U-turn?

Might Rishi Sunak now become the PM?

On Friday, my horary chart suggested Boris Johnson could shortly make a successful comeback as Prime Minister of the UK. But before that could happen, the Moon in Virgo would perfect its difficult square aspect with Mars in Gemini; this symbolizes an all-mighty political row within the Tory party, probably carried on behind closed doors.

We have now heard that last night, Rishi Sunak and Boris Johnson did meet behind closed doors although no one has suggested what was said. However, the very fact that there was a meeting between the two major rivals, indicates the scenario may well have changed since Friday.

My horary chart from early this morning asking if Sunak would become the next prime minister suggests this is the case. The Moon has changed signs. It is now in Libra. Because the Moon is the overall determinant of the course of events in any horary chart, this is significant. The change in sign suggests the old course of events has played out, and a new course of events is in play. As the Moon changed signs, it formed an opposition to Jupiter, which is retrograde. A reversal of fortune? Maybe, just maybe. But also consider that before changing signs into Libra, the Moon from the Friday chart made a square (hard) aspect to Mars, and one horary expert has written, “a hard aspect of the moon before changing signs can bring a definitive turn to the matter.”

What might this mean for Sunak?

Because the zodiac sign of Cancer is at the midheaven and on the cusp of the 10th house in today’s horary chart, this Moon symbolizes the premiership itself. Rishi Sunak is represented by Mars (Aries being on the 7th house cusp – representing the person in question). Before the Moon (premiership) changes sign again, it will perfect a trine aspect with Mars, suggesting that Sunak is set to become the prime minister. 

But before we get there, the Moon (premiership) will trine Saturn (Aquarius) and conjunct Mercury. This suggests ‘repairing’ and ‘renovating’ (Moon trine Saturn) followed by a message or announcement (perhaps about an agreement between Sunak and Johnson and/or their supporters). Immediately after the trine between Mars and the Moon (Sunak becomes the new prime minister), the Moon becomes void of course (the suggested conjunction with the Sun and Venus in Libra will not occur whilst the Moon is in Libra because the Sun and Venus will have moved into Scorpio). 

This suggests that Sunak as the Prime Minister will be the end of the matter as well it might be because before the Moon changes signs again, the Monday deadline to move forward with the contest will have been met. 

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