Happy Birthday Scorpio

For those born under the sign of Scorpio, find inspiration in the ancient Greek god, Hephaestus.

Our parents are our wounders. Everyone carries a parental wound and has a wounded parent. The mythical image of the wounding or wounded parent becomes the psychological statement that the part is the wound.

James Hillman

Hephaestus was the only physically damaged Olympian god and for this he was rejected: he offended his mother, Hera, because he’d been born with a clubfoot as well as his father, Zeus, who threw him off a mountain and crippled him. As the result of this, Hephaestus became a fine craftsman, whose stunning creativity set him apart from the crowd. He couldn’t be beautiful so he made beauty and in doing so gained much needed self-esteem. 

This reminds us that although like Hephaestus, we may live in a world where appearance often matters most, we can still craft rewarding lives for ourselves by attending, ardently to our work. Indeed, we might even do better than that. Hephaestus cleverly created a beautiful gold throne for Hera and when she sat on it, she was tied by invisible bonds, unable to free herself. One myth says he did this to extract vital information about his parentage. In another, his aim was to demand Aphrodite as his bride. On both counts he was successful.

Sing, clear-voiced Muses, of Hephaestus famed for inventions. With bright-eyed Athene he taught men glorious gifts throughout the world, — men who before used to dwell in caves in the mountains like wild beasts. But now that they have learned crafts through Hephaestus the famed worker, easily they live a peaceful life in their own houses the whole year round. Be gracious, Hephaestus, and grant me success and prosperity!

Homeric Hymn

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