Boris Back Again?

Might it be that Boris Johnson will be UK Prime Minister again in 2022/23?

The short answer is yes but it won’t be pretty.

In this horary chart, Boris is represented by Venus. This is because Taurus, on the cusp of the 7th house (which signifies the person in question), is ruled by Venus. The UK government is signified by the Sun because Leo (ruled by the Sun) is on the cusp of the 10th house. Venus is 24 minutes of arc behind the Sun. The perfection of the conjunction of Venus (Boris) and the Sun (the premiership of the government) occurs in one day and 13 hours. 

So far, so good.

In this chart, Venus (Boris) is strong (score of +5) but the Sun (the government and the position of premiership) is very weak (score of -10). That rather sums up the situation in Westminster, from what I’ve seen and heard. But that is not the end of the matter.

Venus is Combust – i.e. at 24 minutes of arc to the Sun; Venus is too close to the Sun and thus is burned and weakened by the Sun – rather like a third-degree burn. If only Venus had been a bit closer (within 17 minutes of arc to the Sun), she (and Boris) would have been Cazimi – or significantly strengthened – but that’s not how it happened, at least as many define Cazimi. Of interest is that Boris has Venus Cazimi, the Sun (in Gemini), in his natal chart. Undoubtedly this contributes to his larger-than-life image, and it points, in my view, to his impending return to power. But, as it appears in this chart, the upshot is that Boris may return to Number 10 this autumn, but this will badly damage him and his Tory party.

Worse, the only traditional major aspect the Moon (at 7 Virgo 56) will make before changing signs, is a square to Mars. This is generally considered unfavourable for forming new liaisons and dealing with influential people. It signifies contention on a wide scale. This suggests that rather than unifying the Tory party, Boris as PM will drive them further apart.

Interestingly, the square aspect between the Moon (the overall significator as to how events play out) and Mars (contention) perfects five hours BEFORE Venus (Boris) perfects its conjunction with the Sun (UK premiership). This suggests an almighty row (probably behind closed doors) within the Tory party before Boris’s reappearance as Prime Minister if and when that happens. As one horary expert has written, “a hard aspect of the moon before changing signs can bring a definitive turn to the matter”.

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