Sandcastles at high tide

Yet another major astrological theme of the year, this time the conjunction of Pluto and Saturn. From now until the end of January 2020, these two heavy-hitter planets are playing a cosmological game of skittles in and around 22-23 degrees Capricorn.

Who will be the winner? 

Saturn builds walls and Pluto tears them down again; this pair do not work well together. Imagine building a sand castle on a calm, sunny day only to come back a few hours later to find the surf is up, and all your hard work is about to be washed away.

Sandcastles at high tide

Saturn/Pluto puts us in touch with the necessity for endings. Either something gets destroyed or utterly transformed beyond recognition. No other options. Usually, we do some choice between them but it won’t be easy to make. Saturn/Pluto is a compulsive and obsessive combination that often leads to violence and victimisation. Add to that power-grabbing and scapegoating, not to mention sabotage and savagery, and your mood might be quite grim.

Whatever happens, it won’t be pretty and it will have been building up for a long time.

Saturn/Pluto operates on a 33-year cycle. The last conjunction was in 1982 at 27 Libra. According to Liz Greene, this cycle (now ending with the conjunction in Capricorn) is a lesson about ideals of justice and fairness. In 1982, I went off to law school and I’ll admit I had some pretty unrealistic ideals about both justice and fairness. I adored reading the jurists’ discussions about ‘natural law’, where everyone act rationally and with honour. 

But that isn’t how it works, is it?

For example, this conjunction is exactly opposing Donald Trump’s Saturn (23 Cancer).  Because Saturn represents the ‘reality principle’ as well as personal ‘ego’, we might expect this conjunction to hit him hard. My guess is that once Congress gets their hands on his financial/banking records, he’s in for a tough run – who will be the victim here? Another example may be what’s happening right now in the UK, with BREXIT and the (inevitable) resignation of the Prime Minster, Teresa May.

We all have 22-23 degrees Capricorn somewhere in our chart – and so for each of us this need for an ending is playing out somewhere in our lives, albeit more strongly for some than others.

A question you might choose to ask yourself is who is playing the role of victim in your life right now?


Pie in the Sky Propaganda

Let’s face it. 

At the moment, politics in the United Kingdom is up the spout and our fragile future is under siege in Europe. Will the situation get any better in the next calendar quarter with the ingress of the Sun into Aries (20 March 2019)? 

what you see/hear is not what you’ll get

Not likely.

Expect ‘pie in the sky’ propaganda as more is promised than could possibly ever be delivered. What you see (or in this case, what you hear) is not what you’ll get. Old stuff gets rehashed over and over and little real progress will be made. This sorry state of affairs is not lost on the general public however it might well be lost on the government which, self-absorbed, is completely of sync with the reality of the situation. Some economic surprises are in store and are likely to play out in the National Health Service. 

Outlook from March – June 2019 in the United Kingdom
  • Jupiter (23 Sagittarius) is in the same degree as the nodal axis, which gives the whole situation a ‘fated’ quality. We’ve been on this path before.
  • Jupiter suggests tolerance, good, will and moderation. Somewhere in the mix is also a sense of noblesse oblige. But Jupiter can also be interpreted as wrangling and disputes, as well as the inflation of the national ego and ‘imperialism.
  • This Jupiter is tied up with the nodal axis and the likelihood is more the later than the former. In principle, we’d like to expect the focus on adaptability and harmony but what we’re more likely to is a lack of good fellowship and the tendency to look out for one’s own gain first.
  • It should not be surprising that this plays out in the 2nd(national wealth), 9th(foreign relations), and 3rd(trade and communications) houses. 
  • That all these imperialistic negotiations are taking place in contravention (square aspect) with popular opinion (symbolised by the Moon at 27 Virgo), should come as no surprise.
  • That the government (represented the Sun at 0 Aries) is completely out of sync with popular opinion as well as anything else (the Sun makes no aspects whatsoever to any other planet), should also come as little surprise. The Sun is in the 5thhouse which linked the national economy to financial speculation. This suggests, at least to me, that the government is playing dice with national wealth.
  • Mercury (communication especially re: political speeches and official communiques) is retrograde (i.e. peddling backwards) and closely conjunct to Neptune, planet signifying (amongst other things), confusion, delusion, and/or outright subterfuge. All this is happening in our own backyard (the 4thhouse).  
  • It’s fair to note that Mars, the forces that hold the country together by force (i.e. aggression) is also in the same degree as the nodal axis. Put these two together and there will be a lively exchange of ideas but again, very self-focused and with Mars in the 7thhouse, this will play in foreign affairs – i.e. the UK’s partnerships with other nations. This in itself is not necessarily bad but again, the fated quality imparted by the nodal axis suggests that whatever happens now, has been long in the cards. 
  • Finally, Uranus has just entered Taurus which promises so economic surprises all around. That this Uranus is in the 6thhouse of this chart suggests that these economic surprises are more than likely to play out in the National Health Service or NHS. 

Will the UK leave the EU on 29 March 2019?


Yes – expect a sharp, hard-nosed message to be delivered by the UK about sovereignty in regards to international trade and finance. The mood has changed in the UK from one of compromise and flexibility to an emotionally-fuelled power play that ends in a black hole.




  1. In mundane astrology, the 8th  house represents financial relationships that are important to partnerships and other 7th house affairs. Concerns regarding international finance as well as foreign investment in a nation fall to this house. The 8thhouse is also viewed as the house of national death, rebirth, and renewal.
  2. There is a complex and concentrated stellium of four planets in Capricorn (the UK is a Capricorn nation) in this 8th house. This is where the majority of the energy in this chart is focused and according to Troinski, a heavy concentration of 8th house planets is an indication of revolution, rebellion, and outright war.UK leave EU in March
  3. The planets involved, (Sun, Pluto, Mercury, and Saturn) support this interpretation with a sharp, critical, and hard-nosed (Saturn) message (Mercury) in regards to international finance and foreign investment (8th house) in conjunction with a powerful rebirth of a nation for selfish advantage (Sun/Pluto).
  4. Sun/Pluto further suggests that the underlying theme of this message is sovereignty and arrogance. There is also more than a hint that the UK government is over-estimating is own power to potentially dangerous consequences.
  5. In a horary chart the Moon functions as a general indicator of the situation describing the surrounding circumstances as well as the forward and backward movement of events:
    • The first aspect made by this moon (in Taurus) was a trine to Saturn. This suggests that in the past, the mood was favourable for repairing the UK’s relationship with the EU.
    • The next aspect made by this Moon was a trine to Mercury. This suggests that in regards to the legalities and mechanics of BREXIT as well as the political process surrounding it, the mood was one of  flexibility.
    • The last aspect made by the Moon was a trine to Pluto which is not traditionally considered in horary. Although it is tempting to suggest that it suggests that the UK government has had a recent change of heart and that the resolution of the matter has now become an emotionally driven power play.
    • The next aspect to be made by the Moon will be a trine to the Sun. This suggests the beginning of a new venture that seeks sovereign advancement.
    • The last aspect to be made by the Moon is a trine to the South Node. This suggests the end of the matter is akin to a black hole.

BREXIT- the cold, hard future reality

Will BREXIT happen as proposed by Theresa May and her government?

  • Probably not and after much subterfuge and confusion, it’s likely to be a ‘hard’ (difficult and isolationist) BREXIT.
  • This is likely to be the result of a court decision(s) and severely at odds with popular opinion.



Cap ingress 2018Mundane astrologers often construct ingress charts for each of the four annual quarters in order to assess where a nation-state is headed for that quarter. This chart is drawn the Sun’s ingress into Capricorn on 21 December 2018 and should take us through until March 2019 when the Sun moves into Aries.

One of the major concerns facing the UK during this upcoming period is BREXIT. How is this likely to fare?

What the chart tells us:

  1. Uranus (at 28 Aries 43) is at the ‘bending’ of the nodal axis (28 Capricorn/Cancer). Typically, planets in such a position function as a ‘point of release’ in the sense that things manifest in the outer world. In mundane astrology, Uranus is linked to revolutions, innovation, and break-down of order and here, Uranus is found in the 9th house, which is linked to the legal system. Because this is what’s on course to manifest, it’s entirely possible that a court of law will seriously upset the UK government’s current BREXIT plans in a way that brings collapse to order and stability.
  2. For how this might work, we might look to Mercury which, because Virgo is rising, is the chart ruler. Mercury symbolises both trade and commerce and the press. In this chart, Mercury is tightly conjunct to Jupiter also dealing with the legal system. Jupiter (the courts) is very strong in Sagittarius, the sign ruled by Jupiter. This Mercury/Jupiter conjunction is placed close (within one degree) to the IC/MC axis (i.e. the prime minster/leader vs. the common people). This reinforces the idea that the courts are stronger than the government during the this period in regards to trade and commerce and whatever is likely to manifest in this arena, will do so as the result of the judicial system.
  3. Taking this one step further, we find the Moon (in Gemini – a sign ruled by Mercury) high in the sky in the 10th house– where, if Mrs May and her government were on course for success we would expect to find the Sun. In mundane astrology the Moon symbolises the masses – the common people. In any mundane chart, the Moon speaks to the heart of the matter – popular opinion and mass ideology. This suggests the British people are very likely to ‘speak again’ and this time, the message they deliver is likely to be very different from before but will it matter?
  4. This Moon is linked loosely by square aspect (i.e. manifestation, testing, crisis) to a Mars/Neptune conjunction in the 7th house (Neptune being very powerful in Pisces, the sign in rules and tight with the chart’s angles). The 7th house rules foreign relations and agreements and with Mars/Neptune and here, we can expect subversion and confusion.biwheel
  5. Looking at how the 2018 ingress chart fits in with the chart of when the UK joined the EU back in 1973, we find the ingress Saturn not only conjunct the IC (4thhouse cusp = the common people/the homeland) but also the 1973 Sun (i.e., the EU itself). In mundane astrology, Saturn seeks social order in a disciplinarian, intolerant, and extremist way. Saturn tends to be protectionist and isolationist and builds walls rather than bridges. Put 2018 Saturn together with the 1973 Sun and we’ve got a difficult separation.
  6. Finally, because the 2018 Moon (the common people) is conjunct the 1973 Saturn, this BREXIT will likely be at odds with the popular opinion of the British people. They may have spoken, but the matter was no longer in their hands. The Moon combined with Saturn is lonely and sad, suggesting separation resulting from the traditions of the ‘father-land’. Keywords for Moon/Saturn include disadvantage, depression, worries, isolation, and estrangement/separation.

Elizabethan Protestantism – every day life in the realm

The moderate Protestantism of Elizabeth I was a compromise not only between the Protestant and Catholic faiths but also between the various competing factions in the Protestant movement (i.e. Calvin vs. Luther and Zwingli).

During her long reign, Elizabeth’s religious policy made life easier for some and harder for others but, overall, at least initially, it set the nation-state on a more even keel than it had enjoyed in years. If avoiding civil disorder was one of Elizabeth’s general political aims, then her religious policy was more of the same.

For certain individuals like John Shakespeare, this doubtless caused considerable consternation. As a Catholic, how should he fulfil his job to remove the trappings of Catholic pomp and circumstance from Stratford’s Guild Hall?  Although we do not know how he personally felt about this responsibility, we can imagine that it was difficult to part with something so culturally endemic and visually rich as the wall paintings that on his orders, were white-washed.

Similar sentiments may lay at the heart of Roger Martyn’s lamentations regarding required changes in his parish church. Like John, Roger was forced to part with an entire way of life (i.e. celebrations and festive meals) to which he had developed an emotional bond. Interestingly, for whatever reason, Roger’s accounts highlighted the impact of these changes not on his personal religious feelings and beliefs, but on the outward trappings of such. Not everyone believed such destruction to be wrong. Iconoclasm, such as forced upon Roger and John had biblical roots. For religious men like John Jewel (Apologica Ecclesia Englicanae), such lush and vibrant Catholic imagery was proof positive that, at least according to the scriptures, the Roman Catholics were the heretics, not the Protestants.

For many Catholics, Elizabeth’s policy may well have been welcomed, at least at first. Not only did it allow men like John Donne and Ben Jonson to publicly switch their religious allegiance, but it also provided Catholics with a cover under which to carry on (quietly) as before. If they were willing to superficially comply with the requirements demanded by Elizabeth’s religious policy, the Catholics were, for the most part ignored. Elizabeth had no desire to meddle with her subject’s inner beliefs – i.e. the windows to their souls. However, later in her reign, when fears over the claims of Mary Queen of Scots to the English throne were rampant and religious fighting in Europe accelerated, Elizabeth cracked down on those Catholics who stuck their heads above the proverbial parapet. Doubtless, towards the end of Elizabeth’s reign, it again became uncomfortably obvious for Protestants and Catholics alike, that their religious futures were uncertain.

In conclusion, although Elizabeth’s moderate religious policy had initially stabilised England’s political situation (for better or for worse), but the end of her reign another big and unsettling change was in the cards. Who would know if perhaps if would not be of the same magnitude as that suffered under the auspices of her father, Henry VIII, with the Reformation?


Kavanaugh – I got it wrong – oh, well, what next then? Impeachment on the horizon?

OK, I got it wrong.

Yesterday, contrary to my prediction, Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed and sworn in as a Supreme Court judge.

Was it me or the astrology? A little bit of both, I suspect.

The chart was clear that the decision was already set in stone before I asked the horary question but it wasn’t clear which way that decision went. I filled in the details using a little bit of astrology and a whole lot of how I wanted it to turn out. I don’t know if Kavanaugh did sexually assault Ms. Ford or not and I don’t suppose that anyone other than he and she and maybe his buddy, will ever do. But I’d come to the conclusion that didn’t matter because Kavanaugh had publicly shown himself not up to the job. I wasn’t the only one who felt the way but that doesn’t matter either. What does matter is that I allowed my personal feelings to color my reading of the chart.

Can this be avoided?

Probably not but I ought to be able to compensate for such prejudice a bit better than I have done. Sorry.

So, will Kavanaugh be looking at impeachment?

I don’t know for sure but despite my wanting it to happen, I’d have to say that it is not likely to happen, at least not during his 2019/20 solar return (SR) year.

Because we don’t have a birthtime, the technique isn’t as strong as it might be but a couple of things stand strongly out:SR 2019 20

  • His SR Moon in Taurus suggests that this will be a time of emotional stability and strength and that it trines SR Saturn repeats the theme. Security will be an issue but not in any gut-wrenching sense.
  • His SR Moon is square his SR Sun which suggests that his head (rational thoughts) and heart (emotions) are not in sync. OK, maybe a little guilt-hangover about the way he got the job? Innocent or not of the assault charges levelled against him, he did not put on a good show. But this doesn’t suggest the kind of stress that his 2018/19 SR chart did.
  • His SR Mars is conjunct his SR Uranus – well, this suggests instability, impatience, unreliability – basically, a rebel without a cause. But then this is not unique to Kavanaugh because every single person born on 12 February (regardless of the year) will ‘enjoy’ this same hot-headed energy. It’s what Kavanaugh chooses to do with it that matters and all things equal, his natal chart suggests that although he’s a bit too gullible for his own good (Sun square Neptune) – not to mention having to deal with a troublesome ego, he basically has a good head on his shoulders (Mercury in Aquarius) albeit he does have a tendency to ‘stretch’ the truth (Mercury square Neptune).
  • That SR Moon trine SR Pluto/Saturn suggests some intense emotions (difficult, let’s be honest) and some sort of crisis manifesting as separation, loss, or shock. But because the aspect involved here is ‘soft’ (i.e. a trine), he’ll probably weather any storm like this pretty well.
  • Does this look like the SR chart of a man about to be impeached from public office as the result of what would surely be a highly public, gruelling (ghastly) spectacle?
  • As much as I might wish that it did, it DOES NOT.

Will Brett Kavanaugh become a Supreme Court Judge?

Horary chart set for the following question:

Will Brett Kavanaugh become a Supreme Court Judge?


Probably not –using traditional astrology, the matter has already been decided in the negative and there is no more play in this situation. However, there remains a last-ditch chance if that decision(s) is somehow changed/altered, usually by new information or new persons entering the situation. Unfortunately, as this chart suggests, this is unlikely to happen.

Horary - BK to SCt

Detailed Analysis:

  • Because I am asking the question about Brett, he is symbolised by the 7th house in this chart and because Gemini is on the cusp of the 7th, he is symbolised by Mercury, the 7th house ruler, which is found at 22 Libra 49.
  • Because the question is about Brett’s status and career, then his 10thhouse (this chart’s 4thhouse) will determine the outcome. Because Aries is on the cusp of that house, then Mars, the ruler of Aries, signifies Brett’s career/status with regards to becoming a judge on the Supreme Court. Mars is found at 7 Aquarius 47.
  • Mercury forms a separating (trine) aspect with Mars and this suggests that the negative decision has already been taken. In order to have a ‘yes’ answer, we should have the faster moving planet (Mercury or Brett)  applying to Mars, his appointment to the Supreme Court. Traditionally, without an applying aspect, there will be no positive action taken.
  • It’s possible that Brett’s aspirations to the Supreme Court are signified by his 9th house (traditionally the house associated with courts of law). In this chart, Brett’s 9th house is the chart’s 3rd house and because Pisces is on the cusp, then the position as judge would be symbolised by Jupiter, the ruler of Pisces. Jupiter is found at 22 Scorpio 55. Mercury is not making any Ptolemaic aspect (trine, sextile, square, opposition, or conjunction) to Jupiter.
  • Traditionally a Ptolemaic (applying) aspect is required for perfection or a ‘yes’ answer. However, some modern astrologers do consider other aspects like the 30-degree inconjunct.
  • Now, in this chart, Mercury (the faster moving planet) is applying to Jupiter (an inconjunct) within 6 minutes of arc. OK, the answer is forthcoming probably within the next 6 hours. But with the inconjunct, there is always some dislocation, some adjustment needed – usually suggesting that for there to be a ‘yes’ answer some additional support is needed and/or decisions already made must be changed or overturned. For this to happen, we would like to see either Jupiter or Mercury in really good condition and this is NOT the case.
  • Although Mercury in Libra is neither strong nor weak, Jupiter in Scorpio is not a ‘happy camper’. Mercury is also conjunct the fixed stars, Arcturus and Spica suggesting that although Brett is gifted and brilliant, he is also belligerent and quarrelsome. Jupiter is conjunct the fixed star, Zuben Elgenubi, which causes ‘malevolence, violence, lying and danger from poisoning. A gifted yet quarrelsome judge brining violence and lying to the court, does not sound particularly promising to me.
  • Still, if the Moon, the fastest planet in the chart would suggest a ‘yes’ answer, it could still happen.
  • The Moon is at 23 Leo 02 and is void of course (i.e. it will make no aspects with other planets before it changes sign and even once it does change sign.  According to William Lilly (Christian Astrology, p. 112) ‘in judgements doe you carefully observe whether she (the Moon) be void of course yea or no; you shall seldom see a businesse goe handsomely forward when she is so.”
  • Altogether, with the void of course Moon and the lack of a strong applying positive aspect, it is highly unlikely that Brett Kavanaugh will become a Supreme Court Justice.

Brett Kavanaugh – his 2018/19 year


Although Mr Kavanaugh’s 2018-19 SR chart (based on a natal chart set for noon) pinpoints some serious challenges, it also provides opportunities. In order to make the most of what’s on offer during 2018/19, Mr Kavanaugh needs to be scrupulously honest with himself and others and not take risks unlikely to provide desired results. It will be a difficult year emotionally, but it does not need to end in tears if Mr Kavanaugh is truly up to the occasion.

Detailed Analysis

Kavanaugh SRMoon

Much information about the year ahead for Mr Kavanaugh is to be gained by looking to the position of the Moon in his 2018/19 solar return chart.

This is because the Moon symbolises his emotional and involuntary response to his environment. With this, he is left wide open to outside influences and because he is so emotionally tied in with them, it will be difficult, if not impossible, for him to to gain much-needed  perspective.

Mr Kavanaugh’s SR (solar return) Moon is conjunct SR Pluto. This suggests intense emotional, manipulative responses to women and the feminine in general. Expect crisis, separation, loss, and shock.  Because Pluto is oft associated with profound transformation, we should also expect that as the result of whatever transpires regarding the feminine, Mr Kavanaugh will be severely emotionally challenged and changed. Further, because his SR Moon is in Capricorn, this will likely play out in regards to his career and reputation and with Pluto involved,  Mr Kavanaugh’s reputation could be irrevocably ‘tarnished’. Power plays such as suggested by Pluto often end in tears.

Depending on time of birth, it is also possible that his SR Moon is sextile SR Neptune and if this were the case, then this could manifest as be a year of being moody and feeling sorry for himself. Mr Kavanaugh may also feel deceived and neglected and as the result may be tempted into adopting escapist behaviours as well as getting entangled into webs of deceit and lies.  Domestic confusion could be likely.

Andrew Harnick / Bloomberg/ Getty images


Also enshrined in Mr Kavanaugh’s 2018/19 SR chart is his SR Sun in sextile to SR Uranus. Not only is this a key aspect in his SR chart, but it also represents a year-long transit. In a SR chart, the position of the Sun shows where the native will shine, how and where he uses his vital energies.

The Sun is both rational and ego-driven. With Uranus involved by sextile, Mr Kavanaugh has the opportunity to wake-up and change both his mindset and life direction. Out-of-the-blue ‘opportunities’ will present themselves and if properly seized, the resulting change will be as significant as it will be unexpected. But keep in mind that with the sextile, Mr Kavanaugh is only presented with the opportunity to change and whether he will will grasp it certainly not a given.

He is also experiencing SR Jupiter in square aspect to his SR Sun. Because Jupiter expands and magnifies everything it touches, we might expect Mr Kavanaugh to become involved in situations that may prove beyond his capabilities. This configuration often encourages the native to take risks that are unlikely to turn out as hoped. Overextending oneself, either by carelessness or indulgence, is associated with this energy, and more often than not, this leads  not fame and fortune but to trouble.


Financial Astrology – might we be headed for a significant recession in 2025-2026?

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to attend an entire day of lectures by Christeen Skinner about financial astrology.

UnknownAlthough I learned many things (including that my harmonious natal connection between Jupiter and Pluto  keeps me financially afloat during tough times), my priority was to gain information to support my work-in-process novel, The Curve of Capricorn, and  its primary premise that during the period leading up to 2025, the stage becomes set for the United States to split apart at the seams (i.e. civil war).

Christeen reminds us that, at the moment, just about everything is overvalued, and that includes real estate as well as the financial markets. Unlike in 2008, however, when Pluto entered Capricorn and brought with it the Global Financial Crisis, the period from 2020 to 2025 will not so much be a period of  upheaval, but of profound re-valuation – a financial ‘reset’.

Nonetheless, it won’t be pleasant and we might expect a taste of what’s to come as early as May 2018, when Uranus enters Taurus where it has not been since 1934 (and where it will remain until 2025).

If in doubt why this might happen, consider the still outrageously high levels of national and personal debt across the globe. Although those well-advised not only will not take on any additional debt but will clear what do they carry prior to 2020, many will frivolously continue to borrow and borrow – at least until the bubble of the present fantasy-land bursts. Expect events on or about 21 December 2020 to usher in a huge dose of reality.

Then, not only does the Jupiter/Saturn cycle start in a new element (i.e. this shift occurs about every 250 years) but also Pluto and Mars (in Aries) are in an exact square. This is an explosive energy heralding in a new beginning.  Two other planetary cycles will commence at this time (1) Jupiter/Pluto (excessive optimism) and (2) Saturn/Pluto (push for contraction). Obviously, these conflict; expect confusion. Also, keep in mind that whenever Pluto is involved, we can expect violence, victimization, crisis, fear, and uncertainty. Think racial tension, taxation melt-down, social class power struggle and global health concerns (possibly a pandemic) not to mention serious changes in weather patterns (based on solar flare activity, or rather, lack thereof) that could make certain parts of the world, including some areas of the United States, no longer habitable.

The plot thickens.

The next significant recession is astrologically expected in 2025-2026 with mid-February 2026 seeing the bottoming-out of the global financial markets. This will be an especially difficult period for the United States for many reasons, not the least of which is that in 2022, America will suffer its first Pluto return (i.e. a cosmic wake-up call and time of massive transition). The current political system is not working. This cannot and will not continue.

rough roadWhatever happens in the lead up to 2025, the proverbial shit will hit the fan when in late March of that year, Neptune moves into Aries where it has not been since 1861, the start of the American Civil War.

What does all of this mean for the rest of us?

Hang on to your hats and prepare for a rough ride but always remember that whatever goes up must come down and vice versa. So if the markets are high, then sell and if they’re at rock-bottom, it’s the perfect time to buy. Again, those well-advised might weather this upcoming turbulent period very well, indeed.


Aries Ingress spells trouble for international trade

During the period between April-June 2018, expect the United States to lead the way on international agreements/treaties – probably in regards to manufacturing – that are both regressive and aggressive. Although outright war is not likely to break out, military action of some sort to enforce such agreements/treaties is a possibility. The key here is what you see is not what you get. The reality of the situation will be well hidden by a smokescreen of seemingly soft politics. Interestingly, any trade agreements/treaties introduced during this time will likely be popular with the American public.



The Berlin astrologer, EH Troinski, worked extensively with ingress charts to predict war. Using the Placidus house system, he concentrated on charts set for the time of the Sun’s ingress into the four cardinal signs at the location of the capital city of the country in question. His research has indicated that several key planetary patterns recurred predicting war.

This chart is set for the United States (Washington, DC) for the Sun’s ingress into Aries for 2018 – the exact moment of the vernal equinox. This should give clues as to the dynamics in play for the US from then through the summer solstice in 2018 (21 June).

US and aries ingress.jpg

Points of consideration:

  1. None of the traditional indications of war as set forth by Troinski are present. Hence war involving the United States (i.e. war in its usual military sense) is unlikely.
  2. Neptune is closely conjunct to the MC in this chart (thirty minutes of arc). In mundane astrology, Neptune represents, among other things, utopian tendencies, collectivist values, left wing policies. Neptune in this position suggests the US government (represented by the MC/10th house) will tone down aggressive rhetoric and be seen to seek softer solutions. The key word here is seen – i.e. with Neptune (underhanded and subversive) so high in the sky and tied in with American authority (in this case, the Sun, or the President)  – whatever is ‘seen’ to be the case re: US politics is probably anything but what is actually going on – in any chart, Neptune is the perfect smokescreen.
  3. Saturn and Mars straddle the DSC or 7th house cusp. In mundane astrology, the 7th house rules relations with other societies and countries and in particular the fruits of productive labor sold to foreign countries. Aspects of this includes treaties, alliances, and of course wars. Saturn represents the legal system and the police. In mundane charts, Saturn is repressive and controlling. It also represents fear of change. Mars, as you might imagine, signifies the military but it also represents manufacturing. For any nation-state to take care of itself, it must be able take aggressive action. Both Saturn and this Mars are strong in Capricorn and so any aggressive action taken by the United States during this period will be strongly felt by other countries. Although war in the military sense is unlikely (no other signifiers present), some kind of repressive, aggressive international agreement or alliance in regards to manufacturing is a distinct possibility.
  4. The Moon – because Cancer is rising, the Moon (popular opinion and mass ideologies) is the ruler of this chart. Interestingly, the Moon (strong in Taurus) is in the 11th house and very closely trine to that Saturn. Because the 11th house is associated with legislature and local government, this aggressive, repressive agreement will likely be the result of legislation. The 11th house is also relevant in foreign affairs where it is said to relate to friendly nations. In this case, then, that legislation might be some kind of trade pact between America and her friends that somehow, represents a threat to other nations. If this were to happen, it’s more likely than not to be in keeping with popular opinion.
  5. Uranus ingress into Taurus – on 15 May 2018, about a month after the vernal equinox, the planet Uranus moves into Taurus, where it has not been since 1934 – 1941. Please see my earlier post for details on what this might mean – but the overall tone is something along the lines of American actions leading the way toward disruption in world security and stability (think of the rise of Nazi Germany). The effects of such disruption might be expected to be felt for up to seven years (the period during which Uranus is in Taurus).
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