Jupiter Rising?

With the rise of The Enlightenment, physical reality became the yardstick by which men lived their lives and religion, as the maker of meaning, was on the demise. With this, the Freemasons spring into action. 

The esoteric aim of the Freemasons has always been to lead humanity through the age of materialism whilst keeping the flame of true spirituality alive. This doesn’t mean that Freemasons support Church practice and dogma. Far from it. For the Freemasons, spirituality is to be found in classical magical traditions and related disciplines like alchemy and astrology.

We all know Freemasons operate. But we are less familiar with the impact they’ve made even when the evidence is in plain sight.

For example, most of America’s founding fathers were Freemasons, with George Washington, the first American president, initiated in 1752. Little surprise then on the doors of the Capitol building in Washington, DC, there’s a depiction of a Masonic ceremony that took place there in 1793, when George Washing laid its cornerstone? Little surprise that the act of consecrating that cornerstone took place at an astrologically propitious moment (keeping in accordance with Masonic tradition, Washington had the horoscope cast for the founding of that Capitol building)? It was not accident but by design that at the moment George Washington laid that cornerstone, Jupiter was rising. Why do you figure the phrase ‘Annuit Coeptis’ hovering over the pyramid on the US dollar bill is taken from a line from Virgil’s Aeneid, ‘Jupiter, favour us in our undertaking’?

The point is, it’s not only the Lord who moves in mysterious ways but also the men of power and action

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