Happy Birthday Gemini


For those born under the sign of Gemini, find inspiration in the ancient Greek god, Hermes.

Mercurius consists of all conceivable opposites. He is thus quite obviously a duality, but is named a unity in spite of the fact that his innumerable inner contradictions can dramatically fly apart into an equal number of disparate and apparently independent figures.

Carl Jung

Hermes is the god of the unexpected –chance, coincidence, and synchronicity – as well as the accompanying confusion.

When Apollo discovered his cattle had been stolen and that their tracks seemed to lead in the opposition direction, he was not fooled. He knew Hermes had done it. Angrily, Apollo made his way to the cave where the infant Hermes lay in his cradle – denying all knowledge of his crime and reminding his elder brother that he’d only been born yesterday.

Time to tap into the specialties of Hermes – his ability to ‘think out of the box’ makes him an ace at problem solving. He’s also imminently flexible. If plan A won’t work, then seamlessly slip into plan B or C or D. 

Hermes is also an expert when it comes to communication although what he seeks or speaks isn’t so much the ‘truth’ (whatever that may be) but instead whatever will work for him. He’s also not fussed if plan A-B-C-D or whatever is considered ‘ethical’ by social standards. Who knows but that the next time he decides to steal Apollos’ cattle, he might just pull it off. 

Then the son of Leto said to Hermes: “Son of Maia, guide and cunning one, I fear  you may steal from me the lyre and my curved bow together; for you have an office from Zeus, to establish deeds of barter amongst men throughout the fruitful earth. 

Homeric Hymn

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