Wyrd is Weird (or is it?)

The word ‘wyrd’ is an Anglo-Saxon term which literally means ‘that which has turned’ or ‘that which has become’. It suggests the idea, now confirmed by physics, that everything in the universe is a constant state of flux and interdependent. In the Web of Wyrd, everything and everybody is connected as if by a giant spider’s web; as one thing changes, so does everyone and everything else.

This idea is especially important during our current crisis of ‘self’. In his excellent book, Selfie: How We Became So Self-Obsessed & What It’s Doing to Us, author Will Storr, suggests we’ve gotten ourselves into a jam by being on a constant mission of self-improvement – fulfilling our social and moral obligation of ‘being all that we can be’. 

Not only does such constant striving to become something that is impossible (i.e. face it – no one every was or will ever be perfect) make us miserable, but it keeps us at odds with our fellow women and men. 

Instead of constantly worrying about how you’ve not yet reached your (selfie-proclaimed) personal goals, why not take a moment to consider that whilst you always need to take responsibility for yourself and your decisions, at the same time you’re subject to a myriad of influences over which you have no control. Not only that, but the negative energy you send out into across the Web of Wyrd whilst concentrating on your personal ‘failures’, makes others miserable too. 

Instead, try sending out some positive vibes – a pure golden light – and see what comes back to you in return.

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