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Trump and this summer’s Solar Eclipse

On 21 August 2017, a total solar eclipse (28 Leo 52) darkens the United States from Oregon to South Carolina. What might we expect to happen? Star lore associated with Leo offers interesting clues: Heroes (Gilgamesh, Oedipus, Orion) wrestling with lions, Courage, invincibility, command and power, Kings and leaders, Fire – hot/dry – fingers get burnt, Dramatic, craves attention, Quick anger, spare diplomacy. It … Read More Trump and this summer’s Solar Eclipse

Making Money through your Part of Fortune – Part I – Case study for Ms X

ecause Mars is ‘at the bends’, it is also a strong significator of profession. Traditionally Mars is linked to the warrior classes. Today it might equate to anything connected arguments/disputes and/or sharp (knife/blade) things – such as being a butcher or surgeon or a judge who resolves disputes in a court of law.

The Dangers of Individuality – The Sabian Symbol for Today

With the Sun moving towards 24 Leo, the Sabian Symbol for today is an ‘untidy, unkempt man’. Usually with Leonine energy, we think of proud playfulness, openhearted generosity, and confident charm.   But sometimes, it can all go wrong. The ruler of Leo is the Sun, which can be equated with the Ego – that part of your personality that maintains the balance between impulses … Read More The Dangers of Individuality – The Sabian Symbol for Today

Faces Within Faces – Revealing the Secrets of Your 5th House

Like artists, astrologers seek to capture the essence of their subject – that unique signature style that sets one apart in the sea of humanity.

The Astro-Art of Wisdom

Wisdom requires using your imagination to literally push knowledge and understanding beyond itself into the realm of experience.

Buildings burn & economies crumble – the Pluto/Uranus Square

The issues represented by that 1965-66 conjunction are erupting again a worldwide scale.

Astro-dynamics of My Knight in Shining Armour

The key words here are clash, struggle, opposition, fear, defat, and betrayal. Nothing personal – it’s a rite of passage.

Disreputable behaviour is nothing new …. or is it?

Cor had been born into a group of real-life wizards in the wilds of the Belgian Ardennes. They did things to people that would make Harry Potter’s toes curl.

The Wicked Witch of Amsterdam – An Astro-story of Sex & Lies

I took the moral high ground and played Snow White to her Wicked Witch.

45°N57’ 42’’ – 077°W08’25” / Astro-Poetry

45°N57’ 42’’ – o77°W08’25” 23:30 EST + 5:00 Astro-Poetry   Caring, nurturing person cloying, meddlesome, nag. Builds emotional barriers, adores vintage. Wears heart on sleeve. _______ Survival = possessions, refuses to buy store brands. Values dignity, pride, and warmth of heart. An authority of finance; too generous with own. _______ Literary critic.  Editor.  Proofreader. Teacher. Communication is critical; writing is a craft. Practical thinker … Read More 45°N57’ 42’’ – 077°W08’25” / Astro-Poetry

Tilting @ Windmills – Real Life Writing with Neptune

(the following is a ‘life writing’ project recently completed for my Oxford University Creative Writing program)  When transiting Neptune comes calling, we set off in pursuit of the impossible dream.   It’s rather like Don Quixote tilting at windmills.  We search for something we’ll never find but in the process, we’ll get something that we need.  At least that’s what my astrologer, Karen Thorne, says … Read More Tilting @ Windmills – Real Life Writing with Neptune

TRUST me – I’m an astrologer

Ethics provide an easy way to shift both responsibility and blame.

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