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Today and Tomorrow are Six of Cups Days

And because Cups signify emotions (both positive and negative), with the Six of Cups, I’m reminded of Jesus’ message – ‘suffer the little children unto me’ for ‘theirs’ is the Kingdom of Heaven’.

The Unexpected Benefits of Shame

In this context, shame is not a painful conclusion as it often assumed to be the case, but an joyous opportunity.

The Dangers of Individuality – The Sabian Symbol for Today

With the Sun moving towards 24 Leo, the Sabian Symbol for today is an ‘untidy, unkempt man’. Usually with Leonine energy, we think of proud playfulness, openhearted generosity, and confident charm.   But sometimes, it can all go wrong. The ruler of Leo is the Sun, which can be equated with the Ego – that part of your personality that maintains the balance between impulses … Read More The Dangers of Individuality – The Sabian Symbol for Today

The Astro-Art of Wisdom

Wisdom requires using your imagination to literally push knowledge and understanding beyond itself into the realm of experience.

The Wicked Witch of Amsterdam – An Astro-story of Sex & Lies

I took the moral high ground and played Snow White to her Wicked Witch.

Literary Criticism/ in practice for a test

St Kevin and the Black Bird / by Seamus Heaney (1996) – And then there was St Kevin and the blackbird. The saint is kneeling, arms stretched out, inside His cell, but the cell is narrow, so _ One turned-up palm is out the window, stiff As a crossbeam, when a blackbird lands And lays in it and settles down to nest. _ Kevin … Read More Literary Criticism/ in practice for a test

The Hermeneutics of Divination – or why astrology works

The symbolic act of astrology is rather like turning water into wine.

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