The Astro-Art of Wisdom

Regardless of what the dictionary says, I believe that ‘wisdom’ requires more than knowledge and understanding.  Wisdom requires using your imagination to literally push knowledge and understanding beyond itself into the realm of experience.

This can be accomplished through looking at life through the eyes of an artist.  Artists communicate through symbols.  Artists evoke moods and emotions using pictures and words.  Artists connect us with’something’ that breathes fresh air into otherwise stale lives.

Neptune may very well represent that ‘something’.  Neptune is the astrological symbol of the deep unity with all things into which artists tap.  It’s rumoured that great sculptors connect with the imprisoned energy of a stone.  With their tools and skills, they free that energy for all to enjoy.

The artist’s tools and skills are represented by the Saturn function as that symbolises one’s ability to plan and achieve.

Thus Neptune and Saturn might well be the two most important astrological signposts toward your attainment of wisdom.   By putting Saturn and Neptune together you can make manifest something that jumpstarts your innermost Self to life.

If, like me, you have close Saturn/Neptune contacts, you can work with them through the energies they represent.  For example, I have a Mercury/Saturn/Neptune conjunction in Libra.  Libran outlets through which I might gain wisdom are relationships (all types), law (I am a lawyer), social connections, and artistic endeavours (I’m pursuing a degree in creative writing at Oxford University).

Even if you have no Saturn/Neptune contacts in your natal chart, at some point they’ll come by transit.   Prepare for this golden opportunity by learning how to best exploit what you already have.

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  1. My planet is Neptune. The picture you posted with your blog actually makes me feel at peace. I adore the blue shades, being a pisces sun sign I have a strong attraction to them. I have a lot of creative thoughts, but no planning or achieving. Finding a passion strong enough to work hard for doesn’t come easy for me. My imagination and dreamy nature brings lots of ideas and images to mind but I can’t seem to do anything with the creativity inside my mind. I often lack the drive to tap into my abilities because of people and uncomfortable surroundings where I’ve lived over the years. Art is my true calling, If only I could just find my place..

    1. Do you know if your Neptune and Saturn make aspects to each other? you can check this yourself for free at That might help! Building up your Saturn would certainly help fire your ambition (BTW – while you’re at it – do you know where is your Mars?) Thanks for reading my post and taking the time to make a comment!

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