Tag: Karma

  • Karmic Dilemmas

    Recently, a client  has suggested that certain behavior patterns she recognizes in herself, somehow feel ‘fated’. This prompted me to dust off some work that I’d done on karmic ‘stuff’ a while ago. Points for initial consideration: General shape of the natal chart – looking for empty spaces (i.e. quadrants or hemispheres rather than single houses). […]

  • Working with Your Lunar Nodes

    The nodes are oft associated with karma and reincarnation – the South Node representing what you’ve accomplished in past lives (both good and bad) and the North Node representing what you are meant to accomplish during your present incarnation. But even if you don’t believe in karma or reincarnation, you can still benefit from working […]

  • Ms D and Mr B – it’s all about Communication

    Composite Moon suggests how honestly you express your emotions with each other – and with Composite Jupiter in trine (easy aspect) this probably goes well. The sympathy you share with each other will likely have a positive, morally uplifting effect for both – optimism goes a long way toward making everything better.

  • Resurrection leads to Judgement and from there to ….?

    Easter is an excellent time to consider that the doctrine of the resurrection leads straight to that of judgement, which like Karma, leads to the moment  when the ‘rewards’ for your past efforts appear. Sounds scary, I admit.   But the wisdom of the Tarot suggests that for those who’ve met certain preconditions, judgement is a […]