Working with Your Lunar Nodes

unknownThe nodes are oft associated with karma and reincarnation – the South Node representing what you’ve accomplished in past lives (both good and bad) and the North Node representing what you are meant to accomplish during your present incarnation. But even if you don’t believe in karma or reincarnation, you can still benefit from working with your nodes.

Consider that the South Node represents energy with which it’s easy for you to work while the North Node represents not just challenges but also opportunities to develop new skills, attitudes, and perspectives.

In my chart, the (mean) nodal axis is Capricorn/Cancer suggesting that while I can easily handle domestic situations (family, home, and all things Cancerian), I’m challenged when it comes to my worldly ambitions.untitled

Despite my apparently ‘successful’ 30 plus year career in international tax law, I can assure you that I have been challenged – each and every step that I took along my career path was painful, not the least because such a path was unusual (if not actively discouraged) for women of my generation. This was brought home to me in spades when, about 25 years ago, I found myself working for a female tax partner in the Netherlands whose nodal axis was exactly opposite mine (this will always be the case with people born 9 years – or multiples of 9 years apart). She was the epitome of what I knew that I was meant to be. But as she pushed me along the same path that she’d taken, I realised that I didn’t really have the heart or courage to be what she’d become. I blamed her but in reality, it wasn’t her fault. Never forget that your nodes are just waiting for someone to activate them.

unknownWith North Node in Capricorn, my task is to build a separate life, business, and/or career that is mine, and mine alone. I am meant to toughen up – become an elder – a ‘wise’ one – develop a savvy attitude vis a vis the outside world. I must move out of my comfort zone (South Node) and go for the adventure (North Node). In this regard, my Sun in Libra and my Moon in Gemini (nodes are by their very nature intimately connect with the Sun and Moon) can help me and they did (Sun in Libra = justice/diplomacy and Moon in Gemini = education/communication – all good stuff for a lawyer).

But even more important is my Saturn in Libra, which because it is in square aspect to my nodal axis is that extra piece of important information with which I must come to terms on my journey from Cancer to Capricorn. Because of the square to the nodal axis, my Saturn also has the responsibility of distributing my time and energy between the nodes. Never forget that although you’re supposed to ‘do’ your North Node, you still have your South Node to fall back on; think of it as a  place of temporary retreat.

Unfortunately, I’m still coming to terms with how my Saturn in Libra is trying to help me. I hoped that with my second Saturn return (aged 59) I’d finally figure it out. I was disappointed. The only thing that I learned during that time was that I no longer had any enthusiasm to pursue ‘worldly ambitions’ – at least in regards to my career in international tax law. Saturn slows us down and makes us take a cold hard look at the realities we’ve built in our lives. I saw only that it was going to be a long, hard slog to retirement when at last, I would be free to follow my real passion, astrology. Now that retirement has finally arrived, it remains for me to get back in touch again with my North Node and set up my new business, whatever form it will take.

Love’s Alchemy – Astrological Character Analysis – Heroine – Judith Shakespeare

Judith rests on the 2nd day_001Time-travelling back from 21st century Oxford to Elizabethan England to work with the Queen’s conjurer, Dr John Dee, Judith Shakespeare’s classical/medieval astrology (and alchemy – but that’s another post) must be up to snuff.

Hence the following is my new heroine’s astrological character profile of herself:

  • I’m curious, forthright, flighty, flirty, and very engaging (Sun/Venus in Gemini – angular in the 7th house).

According to Bonatti, a Sun in Gemini:

‘…shows person who is exceedingly practiced and expert, teaching many things and giving orders, learned men and women who are able to debate academics and many who will be aware of celestial matters. They are good with numbers, magic, astronomy, divination and chemistry.’

  • I’m also hard working and highly effective – (Sun/Venus in square with the MC – i.e. plugged into the angles).
  • Having said that, I do get bored easily (Saturn in Scorpio). I realise that as the result of this many (especially my wretched sister) think that I’m lazy. And indeed whilst this is one of much chief frustrations, nothing could be further from the truth.
  • I am a veritable dynamo – up for every challenge –  I’m determined, feisty, formidable (Scorpio rising = Mars is chart ruler – Mars in rulership by sign and triplicity – conjunct Saturn ). Folks (except for Master Williams whom I unfortunately meet within the first few pages of my story – ARHGGG!) realise they can’t push me around.
  • I’m secretive (Scorpio rising) but what’s wrong with some privacy? The good news is that with this configuration, readers can be assured that because I’ve chosen to write my story for them, it’s a story worth their reading.
  • I do have a tendency to get a little hot under the collar.
  • According to Bonatti, Mars in the terms of Mercury (& out of Sect): ‘This person is hot-headed and their reason is clouded.’ 
  • The good news however is that with such a strong Mars, not only am I sexually powerful and alluring, I enjoy breaking social taboos – steamy sex scenes here we come!
  • With Moon in Leo, I’m strong, proud, and courageous. Because of this (and despite all that Scorpio), I do try to be honest and sincere and one of my proudest achievements is that because of this, I’m often put in positions of great trust.
  • However with my Jupiter in fall in Capricorn, I also often let people down. Sorry.

According to Bonatti, a Jupiter in Capricorn (out of sect) :

‘This placement of Jupiter leads to the person suffering injustice and many failings in business dealings. They may be corrupt and ruined of life.

  • The big unknown however is the effect of that seriously malefic North Node conjunct my Sun/Venus in Gemini.

According to the Liber Hermetis (attributed to Hermes Trismegistus):

“The Nodes bring errors and turbulence of life.”

Judith Shakespeare