Solar Return for Ms K 2016-17 / Be Careful!

The Solar Return chart gives a brief snapshot of a 12 month period (birthday-to-birthday).  Such predictive techniques are necessarily short and sweet giving you, the client, the chance to fill in the details for yourself. The following is for Ms…

What does it take to become President of the United States?

Of the last five presidents of the United States, only Obama and GHW Bush, had strong enough charts to take them all the way to president. GW Bush really shouldn’t have gone any further than Civil leader and Bill Clinton, although technically only a Governor, possibly charmed himself into the White House with his strong Venus in Libra.

Astrologically, can Hilary Clinton make it to president?

However if we were to look at Hilary and her husband, Bill, as a pair, what she alone lacks to push up up that crucial notch to Kings & Princes, he provides in spades.

Astrologically, can Trump make it to President?

Unfortunately, although both Donald Trump’s ‘luminaries’ are in masculine signs, neither they nor their ‘attendants’ are particularly strong. Indeed, the strongest, Mars, being in its own terms promotes only violence.

Today and Tomorrow offer significant opportunities – seize the day & achieve success

This makes the today and tomorrow an excellent time to seize the moment and sort out difficulties. As long as you’re actively seeking to understand viewpoints other than your own, you can expect real success.

Today and Tomorrow are Phlegmatic / Melancholic Days

In classical mythology, Mercury is the trickster god and hence like the Fool card in the tarot, has no fixed agenda. Indeed his is a spontaneous approach to life and although he rushes in where angels may fear to tread, he is usually successful.

Today and Tomorrow are Phlegmatic/Choleric Days

Now the Moon is in Leo and this Phlegmatic/Choleric energy is characterised by the planetary cycles inherent between the sun and moon. This is because Cancer is ruled by the Moon and Leo, is ruled by the Sun. But their relationship is reversed (the Moon rules Cancer but is now in Leo and the Sun rules Leo but is in Cancer).

Today and Tomorrow lead up to the Phlegmatic new moon

All this is making way for that new moon which symbolises a time to plant seeds for the future, a gateway to the energy the energy you need to pull into your life to make it all that you’d have it be

Today is a Phlegmatic/Sanguine kind of day – chill out, observe, deliberate

With the Sun in Cancer (cold/wet) and the Moon in Gemini (hot/wet) it’s going to be a Phlegmatic/Sanguine kind of day. As you may recall, humoural theory is based on the ancient and medieval physiology and medicine as expounded by…

Today and Tomorrow are Phlegmatic Days

But now the Phlegmatic energy is different because instead of Mars, we have Jupiter involved – and his traditional astrological job is to bring worldly wealth and priestly wisdom.