Today and Tomorrow are Phlegmatic/Choleric Days

ob1840With the Sun in Cancer (cold/wet) and the Moon in Leo (hot/dry), its Phlegmatic/Choleric couple of days.

As you will recall, humoural theory is based on the ancient and medieval physiology and medicine as expounded by Empedocles, Hippocrates, and Galen – it’s all to do with the four block or ‘roots’ of the material world that manifest in certain humours and their related temperaments:

Fire Hot/dry Yellow Bile Choleric
Earth Cold/dry Black Bile Melancholic
Water Cold/wet Phlegm Phlegmatic
Air Hot/wet Blood Sanguine

You may also recall that we also had Phlegmatic/Choleric energy earlier (29 June) but that was with the Moon in Sagittarius; the energy was dreamy – but not lazy – sluggish but still merry. That was because Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter (exalted in and happy with Cancer) whose job it is to bring not only wealth but also inspiration to our lives.

Now the Moon is in Leo and this Phlegmatic/Choleric energy is characterised by the planetary cycles inherent between the sun and moon. This is because Cancer is ruled by the Moon and Leo, is ruled by the Sun. But their relationship is reversed (the Moon rules Cancer but is now in Leo and the Sun rules Leo but is in Cancer).

Cancer takes the back seat = faithful, stable, lethargic, conservative.

Leo  takes the front seat = boasting, enthusiastic, generous, impatient.

This makes the energy of today and tomorrow much more like that of Choleric/Phlegmatic which is both hardy and impassioned.

Some key words for this energy include:

  • Determined
  • Assertive
  • Touchy
  • Impulsive

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