Astrologically, can Trump make it to President?

Executive Summary

Ptolemy identified six levels of fame/success depending on the location and condition of Sun and Moon and their ‘attendants. Unfortunately, although both Donald Trump’s ‘luminaries’ are in masculine signs, neither they nor their ‘attendants’ are particUnknownularly strong. Indeed, the strongest, Mars, is in own terms and hence promotes only violence. Jupiter does what it can mainly by helping Trump achieve a high social profile because of women. Overall this leaves Donald Trump as the level of ‘undistinguished’ and although he may be rich, he will never attain a real leadership role such as president.

imagesPtolemy’s Basics

Ptolemy identified six levels of fame/success:

1.Kings and Prince

Both luminaries in masculine signs and at least one of them to be found in an angle. This alone is pretty good. However – as well, they (both) be attended by a doryphory (including rays) composed of all five planets – then this is REAL GOOD. In addition, this rank is helped if the planets in the doryphories are also in the angles or configured with the MC.


The Sun only masculine with the Moon feminine and only one of them in an angle. If both, however, have good doryphories as described above, then the person will reach chieftain level, with the power to judge life and death. NOTE – a good doryphory has benefics in good shape or on angles (or ruling them).

3.Governor or Commander

If the natal chart has the luminaries as for a Chieftain but the doryphories do not involve the angles, these people will not be invested with sovereignty, but will reach eminence.

4.Civil Leader

If neither of the luminaries be in the angles, but both have good doryphories which are in the angles or ruling the angles, they will have a leadership role in their community. Councilor, President of a club, Mayor of a small town and so on.


If neither luminary is in an angle (Sun still masculine and Moon feminine), and the attending planets are not involved with the angles by placement or ruler-ship, then the person will lead a humble life.

6.Lowest Level

If neither luminary be found in a masculine sign, nor in an angle, nor attended by any benefics they will live lives of “quiet desperation” and obscurity.

Analysis of Trumpdonald trump

How does Donald Trump stack up?

  • With Sun at 22 Gemini 56 and the Moon at 21 Sagittarius 12, both luminaries are in masculine signs. Yet neither is on an angle and neither is in rulership or exalted. The Sun is dignified by face but not by term and the Moon benefits from neither. With Leo rising, the Sun is the chart ruler. Good but could be better.
  • Doryphory is an interesting technique focusing on the ‘retinue’ of helpers either of the two lights or luminaries (i.e. sun or moon) have in their ‘train’. The more planets in the retinue, the more helpers and if, additionally, those helpers are themselves strong the more help they can give. Imagine yourself a feudal lord trying to raise an army to fight a foe – the stronger and richer the neighbors (i.e. able to raise their own armies) you have supporting your cause, the more likely you are to succeed.
  • Note that when considering if a planet throws a ‘ray’ into the doryphory, benefics (Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, and the Sun) can only do so by sextile or trine and the malefics (Saturn and Mars) can only do so by opposition or square.
  • Because the Sun’s retinue PRECEDES him, to determine Trump’s solar doryphory, we look at planets either in Gemini (23-30) and Cancer:
    • Mercury in Cancer – neither dignified nor exalted and succedent (not angular)
    • Saturn in Cancer – in detriment (damaged) and succedent (not angular)
    • Venus in Cancer – neither dignified nor exalted and succedent (not angular)
  • Because the Moon’s doryphory FOLLOWS her, to determine Trump’s lunar doryphory, we look at planets either in Sagittarius (1-20) and Scorpio.
    • Mars in Leo casts a ray into Scorpio by square – Mars not only is angular but is dignified by face and term. But Mars is a malefic and so instead of helping the Moon, it is likely to give trouble. Mars here is out of sect (the Sun is above the horizon and Mars is a nocturnal planet) and hence causes damage to the father and the father’s line. Mars in the terms of Mars suggests that Trump will be exalted and glorified in the way of the ‘sword’ – aggressive at times violent – he will have enemies and will die violently.
    • Jupiter in Libra casts a ray into Sagittarius by sextile – Although not angular, Jupiter is dignified by triplicity and term and because it is a benefic can help the Moon. Jupiter is also in reception to the Moon (the Moon is in Sagittarius, a sign ruled by Jupiter) and so happily gives all that it can in service to the Moon. Trump’s Jupiter in Libra (succedent in the 2nd house) is in sect (the Sun is above the horizon and Jupiter is a diurnal planet) and in fairly good shape – and hence should be expected to bring riches and happiness linked with glory. It will also help Trump receive benefits from woman and he may even have a high social profile because of women.
  • A solar doryphory of three planets isn’t really bad but neither of the two benefics (Mercury/Venus) is dignified in any way and the malefic (Saturn) although in sect, is badly damaged. Overall, this doesn’t give the Sun much in the way of strong helpers.
  • A lunar doryphory of just two planets is not so good but at least they have some dignity albeit neither are angular. Jupiter in Libra gives all that it can to the Moon which comes as the result of benefits received from women. Mars only creates trouble.


Overall, this probably leaves Trump as ‘undistinguished’. Although both luminaries are in masculine signs, neither is involved in the angles. Although the Moon has a small doryphory, at least Jupiter has something worthwhile to give. But Mars, the stronger of the two because it is on an angle, is not only a malefic by nature but also in its own terms and hence only promotes violence. Even if we were to give Trump the benefit of the doubt and bump him up one to Civil Leader, this is not the stuff of which leaders of any nation are made. Hence we cannot expect him to ever become president.

8 responses to “Astrologically, can Trump make it to President?”

    • Hi William – thanks for your comments – I think perhaps the problem lies with what the technique I was using (Ptolemy) is trying to achieve – the idea isn’t so much whether or not someone (Trump or anyone) will become president but more whether they are ‘presidential’ – it’s an ancient technique (I did not devise it myself) which looks at the natal chart to determine the qualities a person possesses in regards to their public status – and you can imagine that in ancient Greece (when the technique was used) they didn’t look for the same qualities in their leaders as 21st century men and women might do. As I noted in a related post, England’s King Richard III wasn’t ‘king’ material yet he did become king for a short while – – I personally don’t believe that Trump is ‘presidential’ material (it would seem I’m not the only one) but of course each is entitled to his/her own view. Thanks again for stopping by my blog and do let me know if you have further questions!

    • thanks for the comment – actually, the technique I used (Ptolemy) just identifies astrological qualifications (6 levels of fame/success) for president/king – I also did an analysis of the last 5 (actual) presidents and only 2 had the ‘qualifications’ -but of course the other 3 became president nonetheless – – also Richard III should have only got to chieftain level and not king – but he did (although not for long) –

    • oh yes – forgot to mention that have drawn charts by hand – as I suppose have you – but it does take awhile – and so I understand that this is the reason some of the more classical techniques (like Directing by Triplicity) were devised – transits and progressions were just not practical for most classical astrologers to follow – although John Dee, master of horary, did do many charts – but I understand that he gave the questions he would ask much forethought – I mean, it only makes sense if you’re going to spend an entire day at it! Happy chart drawing and thanks for visiting my blog.

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