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Utopian Politics (2012-2025)

Remember that in Greek, the world ‘utopia’ means ‘nowhere’. Is ‘nowhere’ where you really want to go?

Lost at Sea

It’s near impossible to react calmly and sanely under such conditions and the energy on a the Eight of Hearts reflects this.

Remembrance of Things Past Brings a Brighter Future

When yesterday seems more real than today, know that you are in real trouble.

Prepare to receive riches

Although Venus (ruler of Taurus) bestows love and riches, Neptune (ruler of Pisces) might just ensure that it all slips quietly away again.

Today and Tomorrow are Phlegmatic Days

But now the Phlegmatic energy is different because instead of Mars, we have Jupiter involved – and his traditional astrological job is to bring worldly wealth and priestly wisdom.

The troubles of a certain Mr A and idea of pre-destination

Now I realise that all of this sounds much too fatalistic to appeal to 21st century ideas of ‘freedom of choice’ and ‘psychological growth’. However it does indicate that at some level our lives are pre-destined and at the moment, I’m at a loss on how to suggest it might be otherwise.

Today and Tomorrow are Five of Wands Days – Hang on in there – it’ll get better

With the sun in Sagittarius (truth, justice, ethics) and the moon in Pisces (transcendence, sacrifice, and victim mentality) today and tomorrow are Five of Wands days. The Five of Wands always bring conflict and tension – but it’s not the kind we can directly address through positive action.  The Five of Wands tension is more like a low-grade fever that – resistant to antibiotics … Read More Today and Tomorrow are Five of Wands Days – Hang on in there – it’ll get better

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