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Solar Return 2017-18 – Happy Birthday SH

The solar return chart constructed for the place in which you currently live, gives a snapshot of your next 12 months. In reading this chart, we look only to the tightest (2-3 degrees at most) Ptolemaic aspects (i.e. trine, square, sextile, conjunction, and opposition). Naturally, we’re looking for angular planets – to the extent there are any, they will pretty much direct the show. … Read More Solar Return 2017-18 – Happy Birthday SH

Ms A to spill beans about hubby’s lover?

In the eyes of her husband, Mr A, both Ms A and the marriage are in a slightly weaker position than that of the lover and his job is already in a debilitated condition. Spilling the beans, so to speak, may not only cause him to lose his job (which may happen anyway), but it will be highly disruptive and do nothing to strengthen her marriage.

Today and Tomorrow are Phlegmatic/Choleric Days

Often we experience various combinations of the four humours resulting in mixed temperaments – the more balanced between the four humours – the better and this one, although not the easiest to balance – can actually be quite beneficial.

Want to know your astrological life expectancy?

Clearly someone with lots of battery could die young due to an accident. Likewise someone with not so much battery could, with the help of modern science, live to a ripe old age.

Today and Tomorrow are Days of ‘The Fool’

The Fool isn’t a fool in the ordinary sense. Indeed, he represents the most enlightened card in the deck.

The Wounded Healer – A Classic Sagittarian Myth

Sagittarius is the archetype of the philosopher who through expansion of his physical, intellectual, and geographical boundaries seeks something greater than himself.

If you Play with Fire – You’ll Almost Certainly Get Burned

Yet being larger than life doesn’t always make one happy – despite his or her cheery smile.

What’s your ‘astrological’ fate?

Until you devise a conscious, constructive outlet for the energy you’re missing, it will operate unconsciously through the collective – in what is often referred to as ‘fate’.

Follow your Bliss – Today is an Eight of Coins Day

Yet it’s impossible to fully embrace the passion offered by the eight of coins without also sensing the discipline the nine of coins will require in order to enjoy it.

Today and Tomorrow are Five of Wands Days – Hang on in there – it’ll get better

With the sun in Sagittarius (truth, justice, ethics) and the moon in Pisces (transcendence, sacrifice, and victim mentality) today and tomorrow are Five of Wands days. The Five of Wands always bring conflict and tension – but it’s not the kind we can directly address through positive action.  The Five of Wands tension is more like a low-grade fever that – resistant to antibiotics … Read More Today and Tomorrow are Five of Wands Days – Hang on in there – it’ll get better

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