Relationship Challenges for Ms ABC in 2019/20

The Solar Return (SR) chart provides a snapshot of the 12-month period, birthday-to-birthday). This is a predictive technique that is short and sweet, leaving the individual concerned as ample opportunity to fill in the details. 

In addition, from time to time, transits to the natal chart are also used in order to gain confirmation of a certain theme (or themes) and/or more information especially about specific timing. 

The following is for Ms ABC– 2019/20:

Relationships under pressure in order to get better

A challenging year lies ahead especially in regard to your closest relationships/partnerships. You must be diligent at all times to avoid having the proverbial wool pulled over your eyes.

Yet however much a hardship all this may appear, it is for good purpose. If you stick with it, then by the end of this period, you’ll have developed a more realistic way to relate to others as well as having built a more solid and constructive sense of self. 


Solar Return Chart 2019/20
  1. SR Neptune is closely conjunct the DSC (7th house cusp) suggesting confusion and anxiety in regards to your closest partnerships, both personal and business. These partnerships, both good and bad, will tend to seek their own level. It is best to let situations ripen and evolve and go with the flow.
  2. Trying to force choices during this period will not be productive not the least because misunderstandings are rife. There’s a possibility that you’re being lied to or deceived by a partner but this is more likely if you choose to allow yourself to be fooled.
  3. On a more positive note, increased sensitivity, caring, and compassion in your closest partnerships are real opportunities. This, however, is only possible if you are willing give careful consideration to your partner’s side of the story.
  4. SR Neptune is also opposite the ASC (1st house cusp) suggesting that confusion regarding your partnerships will prompt confusion over your sense of self. This could be good news. SR Saturn is making a positive aspect to the ASC/DSC axis. SR Saturn is the ultimate ‘reality principle’, providing opportunities for positive growth. The key to making this work in your best interest is to move out of your comfort zone. It no longer serves you well.
  5. That SR Saturn is also in the exact degree of the nodal axis strengthens the above. It is through Saturn (discipline and honesty) that you will find good solutions. The more creative these solutions, the better.
  6. Because SR Jupiter is closely square to the ASC/DSC axis, you might expect the proverbial little ‘bit of luck’ in your efforts. But this works only if you’re willing and able to recognise and seize opportunities that come your way. 
  7. None of this will be comfortable (SR Moon closely conjunct SR Mars). Expect contradictory feelings about which way to proceed. But hard work (and sticking up for yourself as needed) will pay off.
  8. Transiting Saturn crossing the 7th house cusp (DSC) serves to emphasise all of the above. Your partnerships are evolving and soon enough, you’ll have built new and more constructive ways to relate.

An Excellent Year Ahead

The Solar Return (SR) chart provides a snapshot of the 12-month period, birthday-to-birthday). This is a predictive technique that is short and sweet, leaving the individual concerned ample opportunity to fill in the details.

In addition, from time to time, transits to the natal chart are also used in order to gain confirmation of a certain theme (or themes) and/or more information about specific timing.

An excellent year ahead with only one warning

The following is for Mr GAM – 2019/2020:

An excellent year lies ahead for personal development both on the home front and in Mr GAM’s career. Opportunities for positive change are likely to present themselves and be grasped to maximum advantage. 

Now is the time to work closely with partners (both personal and business) to polish up communication and leadership skills. 

Changes are indicated in work routines that are likely to lead to increased control and power. The only warning for Mr GAM is not to overextend himself. Changes in routine regarding personal health are also indicated so make them beneficial. 

Solar Return Chart 2019/20


  1. SR Sun is sextile/trine to the MC/IC axis (10thand 4thhouse cusps). 
  2. Because the Sun is the most significant planet in the SR chart, this suggests that a great deal of energy and effort will be expended to improve both home and career.
  3. Because the SR Sun is in the 7th house such energy and effort will not be expended alone, but in conjunction with partners, both personal and business.
  4. Major themes include cooperation/negotiation and mutual benefit. 
  5. SR Mercury is widely conjunct the SR Sun (and also in the 7th house). This emphasises that active communication will play an important part in the unfolding of this year’s themes. 
  6. SR Jupiter is also sextile/trine to the MC/IC axis and as such, implies a touch of ‘good luck’ in these endeavours. 
  7. When opportunities fall at our feet it’s still a choice whether or not to embrace them. Because SR Jupiter is also closely sextile to SR Sun, the suggestion is that such opportunities will not only be embraced but also lead to successful expansion of both personal beliefs and goals especially as relates to home life and career.
  8. SR Pluto in the 6th house is also tightly square to the MC/IC axis suggesting a growing understanding of the way in which power operates in furthering or blocking goals. Such understanding could come with some significant upheaval in daily routine. Common manifestations include changing bosses, departments at work, or being given different and new assignments. Changes in routine regarding personal health might also be expected. 
  9. The SR Jupiter/Pluto midpoint is closely conjunct SR Venus. This suggests a successful push for power that results in improved leadership skills. Greater creativity in personal self-expression is also highlighted as well as in increase in self-confidence. 
  10. Transiting Saturn will conjunct the natal Mercury on and off for the entire period. This transit occurs once in 28 ½ years and suggests increased seriousness in personal learning and development especially in regards to communication skills.
  11. The key to making this work out to maximum advantage is NOT to overextend oneself. 

All Change – Solar Return for Ms CE

The Solar Return (SR) chart gives a brief snapshot of the 12-month period (birthday-to-birthday). Such predictive techniques are necessarily short and sweet, giving ample opportunity for clients to fill in the details.

From time to time, transits to the natal chart are also used to gain more information.

The following is for Ms CE – 2019-2020:


All change.

You’re in for an exciting (if not bumpy) ride during this period. Although it’s impossible to say how things will turn out, it is more than likely to work out to your benefit as long as you resist the urge to get engaged in power struggles in regards to your partnerships (both business and personal).


  1. SR Pluto (21 Capricorn 48) is conjunct your 7th house cusp and also sextile/trine to your MC/IC (4th and 10th houses) axis.This means that as far as your next twelve months are concerned, you can anticipate a profound change in your partnerships, both personal and business (7th house). This could  result in a power struggle – but if so, you most certainly are not guaranteed to get your way.
  2. Whether or not change is instigated by you or your partner remains to be seen however, because of the aspect to your MC/IC axis, this is likely to effect both your career and home life.
  3. The most beneficial way to use this energy is to honestly face whatever is at the base of the need for change. Do not give in to the urge to fall into ‘old ways’ of relating, whatever they may be. They will not serve you well this time.
  4. Another suggestion of huge change is your SR Sun in the 8th  house. It is common with this placement for a complete life-style change – for example,  quitting work or returning to school full-time. Equally possible, is moving house. The purpose of all this is for you to gain control over your life especially so as to prevent others from (emotionally) manipulating you.
  5. Planetary transits to your natal chart also suggest a significant change in your home and personal circumstances:
    1. Transiting Uranus conjunct to your Natal Moon– home and family situations (as well as relationships with women) are likely to prove highly unstable during this period. They may change abruptly and in unexpected ways. New emotional commitments may be established and old ones terminated. Whatever happens this is bound to be an exciting (if not bumpy) ride that is more than likely to work out in your favour – This is a once-in-a-lifetime transit.
    2. Transiting Uranus opposition your natal Uranus– classic mid-life crisis transit – expect the unexpected –all change and for the better – this also a once-in-a-lifetime transit.
    3. Transiting Saturn conjunct your natal Venus– getting very serious about relationship and partnerships – light and airy will no longer do. Commitment is the name of the game, at least from your point of view. It remains to be seen if you get it.
    4. Transiting Neptune square your natal Mars– getting anything accomplished during 2019-20 may prove frustratingly difficult, at least in the sense of getting them to turn out as you’ve planned. One potential manifestation of this is men in your life being confused especially in regards to your relationship. Try to keep everything as clear and above-board as possible and do, please, take care of your health.
    5. Transiting Pluto conjunct natal Mercury – this is a unique chance to come to grips with the hidden meanings and motivations behind your own words and those of others. Travel abroad may also leave you profoundly affected. Take what you can from such circumstances and use it to your advantage.

Kavanaugh – I got it wrong – oh, well, what next then? Impeachment on the horizon?

OK, I got it wrong.

Yesterday, contrary to my prediction, Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed and sworn in as a Supreme Court judge.

Was it me or the astrology? A little bit of both, I suspect.

The chart was clear that the decision was already set in stone before I asked the horary question but it wasn’t clear which way that decision went. I filled in the details using a little bit of astrology and a whole lot of how I wanted it to turn out. I don’t know if Kavanaugh did sexually assault Ms. Ford or not and I don’t suppose that anyone other than he and she and maybe his buddy, will ever do. But I’d come to the conclusion that didn’t matter because Kavanaugh had publicly shown himself not up to the job. I wasn’t the only one who felt the way but that doesn’t matter either. What does matter is that I allowed my personal feelings to color my reading of the chart.

Can this be avoided?

Probably not but I ought to be able to compensate for such prejudice a bit better than I have done. Sorry.

So, will Kavanaugh be looking at impeachment?

I don’t know for sure but despite my wanting it to happen, I’d have to say that it is not likely to happen, at least not during his 2019/20 solar return (SR) year.

Because we don’t have a birthtime, the technique isn’t as strong as it might be but a couple of things stand strongly out:SR 2019 20

  • His SR Moon in Taurus suggests that this will be a time of emotional stability and strength and that it trines SR Saturn repeats the theme. Security will be an issue but not in any gut-wrenching sense.
  • His SR Moon is square his SR Sun which suggests that his head (rational thoughts) and heart (emotions) are not in sync. OK, maybe a little guilt-hangover about the way he got the job? Innocent or not of the assault charges levelled against him, he did not put on a good show. But this doesn’t suggest the kind of stress that his 2018/19 SR chart did.
  • His SR Mars is conjunct his SR Uranus – well, this suggests instability, impatience, unreliability – basically, a rebel without a cause. But then this is not unique to Kavanaugh because every single person born on 12 February (regardless of the year) will ‘enjoy’ this same hot-headed energy. It’s what Kavanaugh chooses to do with it that matters and all things equal, his natal chart suggests that although he’s a bit too gullible for his own good (Sun square Neptune) – not to mention having to deal with a troublesome ego, he basically has a good head on his shoulders (Mercury in Aquarius) albeit he does have a tendency to ‘stretch’ the truth (Mercury square Neptune).
  • That SR Moon trine SR Pluto/Saturn suggests some intense emotions (difficult, let’s be honest) and some sort of crisis manifesting as separation, loss, or shock. But because the aspect involved here is ‘soft’ (i.e. a trine), he’ll probably weather any storm like this pretty well.
  • Does this look like the SR chart of a man about to be impeached from public office as the result of what would surely be a highly public, gruelling (ghastly) spectacle?
  • As much as I might wish that it did, it DOES NOT.

Solar Return for Ms BK – A very good year!

Summary – You’ll remember 2017/18 as a very good year –  for ambition and social contacts. 2018-19 brings a different energy. Although in 2017/18, you’ve been struggling – probably sickness – in 2018-19 you’ll struggle even harder. That won’t stop you though and so 2018/19  is set to be another good year – indeed, this is the period when you establish yourself unequivocally as an authority figure to be admired.Unknown.jpeg

  1. With the nodal axis conjunct your solar return MC, for you 2017/18 will feel like a ‘fated year’.
  2. This should not be taken in a negative sense.
  3. Indeed, it is overall, very positive!
  4. You will spend a good deal of time during this period seeking out others like yourself and initiating with them mutually stimulating correspondence and/or conversation.
  5. Not only that, but with your solar return Sun sextile/trine the Ascendant/Descendant axis, during 2017/18 your confidence is high and your need to gain self-esteem from your environment is strong. Let’s face it – now is a time during which you’re striving for public recognition and there’s every indication that you’ll get it. With solar return Venus also involved, your efforts will be done with elegance and grace. Harmony abounds in your universe. Very nice, indeed.SR Karen 2017.jpg
  6. Unfortunately, because solar return Saturn is also involved, you’re feeling inhibited or restricted despite your great success. Chances are that this has to do with illness or similar ‘struggles’ within your every-day environment. Because transiting Neptune is conjunct your natal Saturn during this period, ill health is highlighted as well as the suggestion that you’ve been sacrificing too much for whatever you’ve achieved.
  7. Your solar return Mercury is trine to your solar return MC suggesting that during 2017/18, you’ve been thinking a lot about life in general as well as gaining a clearer picture of your objectives. solar return karen 2018.jpg
  8. With solar return 2018/19 (starting pretty much with your next birthday), the energy is much different. If you were feeling restricted last year, then you’ll feel even more so this year. With solar return Saturn on your solar return Ascendant, Frustration is the by-word.
  9. But this won’t stop you.
  10. Indeed, there is every indication that you’ll continue being as kind and benevolent as ever. Solar return Venus (a beautiful energy) is right on your solar return MC. More lovely energy.
  11. With solar return Pluto weighing in to the picture by sextile to your solar return MC, you might even find yourself involved in a passionate new love affair. Even if things don’t change much on your relationship front, you’ll absolutely be seen by others as powerfully attractive especially in regards to being a strong authority figure.
  12. Transiting Saturn conjunct your natal MC emphasizes consolidation of your position as a competent authority and although all the hard work that you have to do to achieve this position may take its toll you, with transiting Saturn conjunct your natal Sun, you’ll be more determined than ever.



Solar Return for Ms K 2016-17 / Be Careful!

The Solar Return chart gives a brief snapshot of a 12 month period (birthday-to-birthday).  Such predictive techniques are necessarily short and sweet giving you, the client, the chance to fill in the details for yourself.

The following is for Ms K’s –  2016-2017:

You’ve been busy thinking not only about others but also how your life fits with theirs. But please be careful what actions you take based on conclusions that you may have drawn. Failure to exercise due caution could land you in big trouble. You’re in a period of testing as to your ability to exercise self restraint and, based on your natal chart, this may not be easy. Ms K SR 2016 17.jpg



  1. Solar Return  (SR) Mercury (28 Scorpio 50) is trine the SR Ascendant (28 Cancer 50). This suggests that since your last birthday, you’ve been busy forming ideas about others as well as determining your own position in regards to them. Although chances are that you’ve not been sharing your thoughts or conclusions (Mercury is secretive in Scorpio), you’ve undoubtedly drawn up a good list. But please be careful about whatever it is that you might plan to do as the result of these conclusions. The trine aspect is oft described as a slippery slope – one step in that direction and whoosh, down in the mud you go!
  2. Needless to say that during 2016-17, actions taken without careful forethought could land you in big trouble – perhaps, even causing serious damage to your status and/or social position.
  3. SR Mars (1 Aquarius 55) is also making a sextile your SR Mid-heaven (MC) at 2 Aires 19:
    • According to classical astrology, Mars in Aquarius ‘is inclined more easily towards doing evil’ and can be ‘rash and reckless’ with ‘little concern for planning.’
    • Because the MC symbolises, amongst other things, your position in the community, your reputation is on the line.
    • Luckily, the sextile gives plenty of room to manoeuvre: you can either take up what it offers or walk away. By taking one approach, this SR MC in Aries could manifest as the successful, confident establishment of your individuality. Equally, a different approach will lead to rash, covetous behaviour.
  4. Using the classical technique known as Directing by Triplicity, we again see the need for careful consideration. You are moving from a period governed by your natal Sun in Scorpio to that governed by your Saturn in Capricorn. This is a huge and significant shift:
Key words for Sun in Scorpio Struggle, will power, succeed at any cost –  prone to overestimation of ‘self’ which in turn leads to arguments/difficulties.
Key words for Saturn in Capricorn Self-restraint, diplomacy, endurance, industry, a strong will to succeed through slow but sure advancement.
  1. Interestingly, both your natal Sun and Saturn make close (but different) aspects to your natal Mars in Cancer:
Key words for Mars in Cancer Intense emotional life, moodiness, impulsivity marked by little perseverance.

Ms K natalWhat this means is that both the periods governed by your Sun and now, by Saturn are infused with this Martian energy – whereby your actions are governed not so much by rational thought but by emotions and instinct. But there is a difference. While your Sun and Mars have much in common (including perhaps a taste ’emotional blackmail’), your Mars and Saturn do not and herein, is the problem.

  1. Since February 2015, transiting Pluto (deep, and often painful, change) has been making a prolonged ‘hit’ to both your natal Sun/Mars and Saturn/Mars . This will continue until well into 2019.
  2. Whilst Pluto and Mars get on well enough (they are joint rules of Scorpio), Pluto and Saturn are natural enemies; Saturn builds things and Pluto tears them down. Obviously, this is not a ‘feel good’ time. But it is a time during which you can get grips with where your prior approach has let your down.
  3.  Throughout all of calendar 2019, you will enjoy your second Transits Report.jpgSaturn Return (the first one having occurred around age 29-30). This period will not only help you to consolidate your Saturn but also to integrate its constructive (building) energy into your  life. Even better, is that during most of 2018, you are due for a huge boost of in your patience (transiting Saturn conjunct natal Jupiter).
  4. All of this bodes well for your future whilst at the same time all the more difficult to achieve if, during 2016-17, you land yourself in big trouble with ill-considered actions based on ill-considered conclusions/ideas.




Where might Trump stand for the 2020 presidential elections?

Some believe it’s smooth sailing for Mr Trump through the 2020 presidential elections.

But based on his 2019 and 2020 Solar Return (SR) charts (both suggesting lack of energy), I suggest that he won’t get that far. Trump SR 2019

Although in his 2019 SR chart, Mr Trump  has no angular planets (or planets making tight Ptolemaic aspects to the angles), he does have Saturn, Mars, and Neptune in his (exact) nodal degree. The combination of these planets is not favourable. According to Ebertin, Saturn/Neptune suggests suffering, insecurity and renunciation. Add Mars (chart ruler) to the equation and we have ‘inactivity through emotional depression’.

This theme is echoed with Moon/Pluto to Neptune – the only tight 2019 SR midpoint. According to Ebertin, this combination suggests hypersensitivity, depression, and lack of will-power. Not  good for the period coming up to a presidential election, I would imagine.

imagesThe 2019 SR Moon conjunct the fixed star Zuben Elgenubi (now in Scorpio) also suggests trouble. Associations with this star include malevolence, violence, disease, lying, and ill-health. Ptolemy stated that because this star is in the ‘middle of the claws’ (of Scorpio), it functions much like Saturn with a bit of Mars – and the principle behind this combination is one of harmful or destructive energy as well as inhibited vitality.

Trump SR 2016When Mr Trump won the 2016 election, his SR Pluto was not only in the nodal degree but also square to the SR Midheaven. Ebertin suggests the combination of Pluto/MC/Nodes is the ‘desire to gain leadership by force’ and ‘power of influence over others’.

But his SR for 2020 (operative during the period of the electionTrump SR 2020) doesn’t carry the same energy. Whilst it is true that Pluto is operative (being conjunct the 7th house cusp) and that Jupiter is also involved (suggesting the desire for power – plutocracy), no aspect is made to the MC. Without something plugging into the MC, it’s unlikely Trump’s desire for power will manifest, at least not in regards to his career/public status. However, because SR Pluto opposes the SR Ascendant, we might expect (as Ebertin suggests)  a ‘drastic or radical change’ of his life circumstances. This theme is echoed by Midpoints activated in 2020 SR chart – Sun/Uranus to Saturn (sudden separations/loss) and Sun/Moon to Uranus (sudden conflicts, separations and divorce).

As promised, solar return/predictive work for MC – chin up!

– Haven’t been feeling yourself? Gloom and doom got you down? Has someone you thought you could trust deceived you? The dark cloud under which you’ve been living these past nine months will soon lift but you’ll still need to remain vigilant to avoid being deluded. Keep your spirits up! Although your skies may stay grey awhile longer, you actually are in the midst of a fantastic period of your life. How about developing your artistic abilities?

CM 2016 17.jpgDetails 2016-17:

  1. With Solar Return (SR) Saturn on the SR Midheaven (MC) –  expect a long, hard slog re: career aspirations; expect to be tired and, quite possibly, fed up. With the SR Moon also square your SR MC (and also Saturn), moodiness is magnified.
  2. But whenever Saturn is involved there’s  real opportunity for achievement – it’s like the race between the tortoise and the hare – the tortoise (Saturn) always wins not only because he never gives up, but he also knows how to pace himself.
  3. With the fixed star, Ras algethi (Stars of Hercules), conjunct this SR Saturn, there are added elements of boldness, courage, and leadership. How about channelling some energy into a project other than your day job – perhaps a charity or political cause that would give your life more purpose?
  4. Granted, positive action is difficult now not the least because Neptune is in the same degree as the nodal axis. Have you been expecting more from people than they were able to give even whilst your own sense of team/community spirit is lagging? If so, there’s good reason and with this configuration, it probably involves having been on the receiving end of some deceit/untruthfulness undertaken by someone whom you felt you could trust. It’s always worth considering, however, whether it might not have been so much that he/she told lies but that you weren’t able (or willing) to see the truth?
  5. Good news. This black cloud over your head is active only from around the time of your birthday in 2016 until the same time in 2017. Better news. This period is ¾ over!
  6. Two midpoints activated in this 2016-17 SR chart:
    • Moon/Neptune – Saturn:  this underlines pessimistic moods – this isn’t avoidable but it is temporary.
    • Sun/Pluto – Neptune: lack of energy and potential health issues – avoid becoming a martyr under any


Details 2017-18:

  1. SR Neptune is conjunct the SR MC and because it also rules the MC, it’s doubly important. Keywords for Neptune = impressionable, sympathetic, spiritual. Sounds good – but beware! With Neptune, there are always possibilities of being tricked, deceived, or otherwise deluded and with the MC, this is likely to manifest  in your career. The best defence is a good offense and so dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘t’ when it comes to your job. Don’t take chances. It also couldn’t hurt to take periodic advice from someone who has proven trustworthy in the past. Not everything that glitters is gold and during this period, you’ll have trouble telling the difference.
  2. No other planets are making (Ptolemaic) aspects to the angles and no planets are in the same degree as the nodal axis. Likewise, there are no midpoints we need to consider. So, let’s take a look at a few other predictive techniques to help get a better flavour for this period.
  3. Directing by triplicity is a simple but powerful tool involving the triplicity rulers of the main luminary in your natal chart (born at night=the Moon).
    • Because your natal moon is in Taurus, we look to the triplicity rulers for earth. Whilst your Moon in Taurus ruled the first 1/3 of your life, Venus in Libra is now running the show. This is a lovely, positive energy – life at its best and fully enjoyed! Keywords = friendly and obliging manner, fabulous social contacts, excellent taste, and nascent artistic skills.
    • Because of the sextile between your natal Venus and natal Neptune, all this is doubly highlighted. Maybe you’re a romantic with very high ideals? You certainly know how to get the most out of life as long as you avoid giving into chronic indecision and/or uncertainty.
    • Pluto is also tied in with your Venus (by conjunction) suggesting that when it comes to romance, you may be somewhat fanatical. It’s perfectly OK to look for intensity in relationships but, please, do try to avoid power plays.
  4. Key transits  (hard aspects only – they are most likely to materialise):
    • Transiting Saturn opposing your natal Jupiter (February 2018, June 2018, and November 2018) – testing not only your patience but also your self-confidence. With natal Jupiter in your 10th house, this is likely to felt most in your profession/career. Because transiting Saturn is in your 4th house, you may be confronted with dividing your loyalties between your job and home. Where is your sense of duty?
    • Transiting Uranus will make a square to natal your Mars (May 2018, and October/November 2018) – you’ll likely feel more argumentative than usual. This isn’t necessarily bad, however, as long as you direct your energy toward achieving things of real importance. Because your Mars is also in your 10th house, this too is most likely to manifest as the result of your job.

Solar Return 2017-18 – Happy Birthday SH

The solar return chart constructed for the place in which you currently live, gives a snapshot of your next 12 months. In reading this chart, we look only to the tightest (2-3 degrees at most) Ptolemaic aspects (i.e. trine, square, sextile, conjunction, and opposition).

Naturally, we’re looking for angular planets – to the extent there are any, they will pretty much direct the show. Not only this but we’re looking to see if any planets make aspects to the angles or fall in the exact degree of the nodal axis. After that, we will look to the tightest (> 5 minutes of arc) aspects of planets to mid/points.

In predictive work, it’s best to keep it short and sweet – a sketch of sorts – the objective is to give the client every opportunity to fill in the details for him or herself.SR for SH 2017.jpg

The following is for SH – hope you’re having a great birthday and an even better 2017-18 year:

Summary – some hard work ahead but there’s plenty of opportunity for pleasant sociability (perhaps romance) as well as significant personal benefit as long as you keep things light and sunny and avoid being argumentative or competitive. Just don’t make any promises or binding decisions regarding relationships until next year because the reality of the situation may not be what it seems.

Details for 2017-18:

  1. There are no planets conjunct the four angles. However, Saturn (21 Sag) is making a trine aspect to the ASC/DSC axis. This suggests that fortitude and hard work will improve your both self-esteem and your relationships. It might not be easy, but it will be rewarding – a mature outlook (based on years of experience) will help ease any feelings of frustration. You also have Neptune making a sextile to your MC (Mid-heaven). This may generate some confusion as to career path and/or your status in the world. However, this energy may easily be positively channelled – how about using it to get to grips with your spirituality?
  2. Whilst no planets conjunct the angles, your nodal axis (25 AQ/LE) does. This puts the focus on harmonious conduct within your family circle – and indeed within your entire field of associates/acquaintances. The more social you are, the more sociable you’ll feel. With this placement (along with Leo rising) the sunnier your personality, the better – and because the Sun, the chart ruler, is in a tight conjunction with Mars, expect an energetic year – full of promise as long as you avoid the temptation to be argumentative or overly competitive.
  3. This theme is echoed with Venus (25 Gemini) in the same degree as the nodal axis. Venus is in the 11th house of dreams, hopes, and wishes as well as that of the groups that can help those dreams to become reality. Keep it light and friendly and you will benefit from these groups. Indeed, the more that you can ensure that everyone in the group benefits, the better. Mutuality is highlighted – key words: adaptability, pleasant, engaging personality.
  4. The only midpoints under consideration are Venus/Neptune to both the Sun and Mars – this could lead to romanceenjoy !  Although (please) avoid making any promises/decisions in this regard until next year – health warning – the reality of the situation may not be what it seems.midpoint tree SH

Solar Returns – a clever way to snapshot your upcoming year – thanks Bernadette & Darrelyn!

According to Bernadette Brady and Darrelyn Gunzburg (AstroLogos), when looking at Solar Return (SR) charts, look only to the tightest (Ptolemaic) aspects (2-3 degrees at most) made by your SR planets to the four SR angles as well as any SR planets falling in the exact degree of the SR nodal axis.kk

Not only that, but look at the tightest (hard) aspects made by mid/points and the planets they aspect –  TIGHT =< 5 minutes of arc.  Note – Solar Fire and IO Edition both do Mid-Point Trees reports but if using IO Edition, you’ll also need to use Midpoint & Orb report to get the degree of the midpoint.

Set your SR chart for the location where you are currently living. Avoid the temptation to use ‘holiday locations’ – this won’t give as reliable a result.

One last thing to remember – the SR return chart is a snapshot of a 12 month period – this energy is not going to last forever. That doesn’t mean that things that may seriously impact the rest of your life won’t happen during the period. It does mean that you can’t dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘t’. Predictive work like this is meant to provide a sketch not a fully finished picture. Besides, if you pay close attention to the direction in which things look headed, you might be able to significantly alter/control how it all turns out.

DDM SR 2017 18How might this work out for me for my upcoming SR chart 2017-18 (Bernadette and Darrelyn already did an amazing job at call the shots for my SR return 2016-17 which will be ending in the next couple of months).

In Summary –  it will be a confusing yet potentially very creative and inspiring year during which I’ll be overhauling not only who I am but how I relate to others – both those with whom I have a closer relationship (personal and business) and the whole of mankind. If that sounds like a tall order, it is and I need to make certain I don’t get lost in the excitement of it – there’s real possibility as well as some not so realistic stuff too. Perfect for my starting my new career as a life coach and embarking on my formal coaching program at the University of Cambridge.

  1. There are no planets on (conjunct) the angles (Ascendant/Descendant and MC/IC).
  2. There are no planets in the exact degree of the nodal axis (23) – although Saturn is close at 22, no cigar.
  3. Neptune (12 Pisces) makes a square to the MC (13 Sag) – suggesting confusion about status and career. Because Neptune is in the 1st house in this SR chart, the confusion is coming not from outside, but within me. The 1st house suggests that whilst I’m proactive with my status/career, it’s all a bit of a fog. It also suggests a personal commitment to becoming a synergistic part of the ‘larger whole’ – this is potentially a very creative place to be and it makes sense. I’m starting my new career as a life coach (having just retired from 30 years as a lawyer) and attending my first year in the Coaching program at the University of Cambridge. I don’t yet have a good grasp on my talents and abilities in this new career. I also don’t have a good idea what will be required of me. The good news is that Saturn (22 Sag) is also making a sextile to my Ascendant (19 Aquarius) and so at least I’ve got a good container or foundation in place to help with this career transition and I’m willing to make the commitment (Saturn is the SR chart ruler and in the 10th house of career) to hard work.DM SR MIDPOINT tree 2
  4. The (tightest) midpoints that I need to consider (don’t use those involving something itself involving an angle like, for example, the Part of Fortune) are:
    • midpoint tableSun/Venus (22 Virgo 03) to my Saturn (22 Sag 04) – suggesting seriousness and loyalty in relationships. This might be a heavy (yet profitable) year for my marriage and also my business (client) relationships. I need to make certain that I don’t feel too self-conscious when things might go wrong – it won’t help if I end up focusing on others at the expense of my own self-esteem.
    • Uranus/Neptune (4 Aries 49) to my Sun (4 Libra 45) – suggesting that I will develop a unique and original understanding of, and sympathy with, what it means to be human. This in turn requires refinement of my own special talents in a way encourages greater consciousness and brings hidden truths to light (good for coaching!)
    • Jupiter/Neptune (4 Capricorn 46) to my Sun (4 Libra 45) – suggesting a rich imagination and enthusiasm for all possibilities for the future (good for starting a new career and also in developing a new and inspired approach to coaching) – just don’t get carried away and spend too much time and energy on that which is unrealistic and/or unattainable. Good advice! Now just make sure that I follow it.