Relationship Challenges for Ms ABC in 2019/20

The Solar Return (SR) chart provides a snapshot of the 12-month period, birthday-to-birthday). This is a predictive technique that is short and sweet, leaving the individual concerned as ample opportunity to fill in the details. 

In addition, from time to time, transits to the natal chart are also used in order to gain confirmation of a certain theme (or themes) and/or more information especially about specific timing. 

The following is for Ms ABC– 2019/20:

Relationships under pressure in order to get better

A challenging year lies ahead especially in regard to your closest relationships/partnerships. You must be diligent at all times to avoid having the proverbial wool pulled over your eyes.

Yet however much a hardship all this may appear, it is for good purpose. If you stick with it, then by the end of this period, you’ll have developed a more realistic way to relate to others as well as having built a more solid and constructive sense of self. 


Solar Return Chart 2019/20
  1. SR Neptune is closely conjunct the DSC (7th house cusp) suggesting confusion and anxiety in regards to your closest partnerships, both personal and business. These partnerships, both good and bad, will tend to seek their own level. It is best to let situations ripen and evolve and go with the flow.
  2. Trying to force choices during this period will not be productive not the least because misunderstandings are rife. There’s a possibility that you’re being lied to or deceived by a partner but this is more likely if you choose to allow yourself to be fooled.
  3. On a more positive note, increased sensitivity, caring, and compassion in your closest partnerships are real opportunities. This, however, is only possible if you are willing give careful consideration to your partner’s side of the story.
  4. SR Neptune is also opposite the ASC (1st house cusp) suggesting that confusion regarding your partnerships will prompt confusion over your sense of self. This could be good news. SR Saturn is making a positive aspect to the ASC/DSC axis. SR Saturn is the ultimate ‘reality principle’, providing opportunities for positive growth. The key to making this work in your best interest is to move out of your comfort zone. It no longer serves you well.
  5. That SR Saturn is also in the exact degree of the nodal axis strengthens the above. It is through Saturn (discipline and honesty) that you will find good solutions. The more creative these solutions, the better.
  6. Because SR Jupiter is closely square to the ASC/DSC axis, you might expect the proverbial little ‘bit of luck’ in your efforts. But this works only if you’re willing and able to recognise and seize opportunities that come your way. 
  7. None of this will be comfortable (SR Moon closely conjunct SR Mars). Expect contradictory feelings about which way to proceed. But hard work (and sticking up for yourself as needed) will pay off.
  8. Transiting Saturn crossing the 7th house cusp (DSC) serves to emphasise all of the above. Your partnerships are evolving and soon enough, you’ll have built new and more constructive ways to relate.

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