An Excellent Year Ahead

The Solar Return (SR) chart provides a snapshot of the 12-month period, birthday-to-birthday). This is a predictive technique that is short and sweet, leaving the individual concerned ample opportunity to fill in the details.

In addition, from time to time, transits to the natal chart are also used in order to gain confirmation of a certain theme (or themes) and/or more information about specific timing.

An excellent year ahead with only one warning

The following is for Mr GAM – 2019/2020:

An excellent year lies ahead for personal development both on the home front and in Mr GAM’s career. Opportunities for positive change are likely to present themselves and be grasped to maximum advantage. 

Now is the time to work closely with partners (both personal and business) to polish up communication and leadership skills. 

Changes are indicated in work routines that are likely to lead to increased control and power. The only warning for Mr GAM is not to overextend himself. Changes in routine regarding personal health are also indicated so make them beneficial. 

Solar Return Chart 2019/20


  1. SR Sun is sextile/trine to the MC/IC axis (10thand 4thhouse cusps). 
  2. Because the Sun is the most significant planet in the SR chart, this suggests that a great deal of energy and effort will be expended to improve both home and career.
  3. Because the SR Sun is in the 7th house such energy and effort will not be expended alone, but in conjunction with partners, both personal and business.
  4. Major themes include cooperation/negotiation and mutual benefit. 
  5. SR Mercury is widely conjunct the SR Sun (and also in the 7th house). This emphasises that active communication will play an important part in the unfolding of this year’s themes. 
  6. SR Jupiter is also sextile/trine to the MC/IC axis and as such, implies a touch of ‘good luck’ in these endeavours. 
  7. When opportunities fall at our feet it’s still a choice whether or not to embrace them. Because SR Jupiter is also closely sextile to SR Sun, the suggestion is that such opportunities will not only be embraced but also lead to successful expansion of both personal beliefs and goals especially as relates to home life and career.
  8. SR Pluto in the 6th house is also tightly square to the MC/IC axis suggesting a growing understanding of the way in which power operates in furthering or blocking goals. Such understanding could come with some significant upheaval in daily routine. Common manifestations include changing bosses, departments at work, or being given different and new assignments. Changes in routine regarding personal health might also be expected. 
  9. The SR Jupiter/Pluto midpoint is closely conjunct SR Venus. This suggests a successful push for power that results in improved leadership skills. Greater creativity in personal self-expression is also highlighted as well as in increase in self-confidence. 
  10. Transiting Saturn will conjunct the natal Mercury on and off for the entire period. This transit occurs once in 28 ½ years and suggests increased seriousness in personal learning and development especially in regards to communication skills.
  11. The key to making this work out to maximum advantage is NOT to overextend oneself. 

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