Tag: Fixed Stars

  • Where might Trump stand for the 2020 presidential elections?

    Some believe it’s smooth sailing for Mr Trump through the 2020 presidential elections. But based on his 2019 and 2020 Solar Return (SR) charts (both suggesting lack of energy), I suggest that he won’t get that far.  Although in his 2019 SR chart, Mr Trump  has no angular planets (or planets making tight Ptolemaic aspects to […]

  • As promised, solar return/predictive work for MC – chin up!

    Summary – Haven’t been feeling yourself? Gloom and doom got you down? Has someone you thought you could trust deceived you? The dark cloud under which you’ve been living these past nine months will soon lift but you’ll still need to remain vigilant to avoid being deluded. Keep your spirits up! Although your skies may […]

  • Star lore confirms trouble for Mr Trump as the result of the up-coming total solar eclipse

    Yesterday I blogged about the effects of the upcoming solar eclipse using the Leo ingress chart set for Washington, DC. I would like to add two points based on associated star lore. Might you recall that flashy, dramatic Mercury that was too close for comfort with Mr Trump’s natal Mars? Well, the fixed stars associated with […]