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  • Are we headed for a Black Hole?

    During the period between June-September 2018, expect the United States to set the foundations (with or without help from others) for serious global financial fallout in 2020/2021. We’ve been here before – this has a fated quality. What you see is not what you get especially in regards to very public and very inspirational governmental […]

  • Aries Ingress spells trouble for international trade

    During the period between April-June 2018, expect the United States to lead the way on international agreements/treaties – probably in regards to manufacturing – that are both regressive and aggressive. Although outright war is not likely to break out, military action of some sort to enforce such agreements/treaties is a possibility. The key here is […]

  • War in 2018?

    Summary – back in September, I looked at the ingress chart for the United States covering the last quarter of calendar 2017 in regards to whether it would find itself at war during that period. At that time, the answer was probably not although it remained a realistic possibility. Now, for the next calendar quarter, […]

  • War in 2017?

    SUMMARY – Will the United States find itself at war during the final calendar quarter of 2017? Probably not – although it does remain a realistic possibility. Expect more ‘fighting words’ from both the US and North Korea. Nothing new there. What is new, however, is that even if North Korea is keen to soon […]

  • Will Obama-Care (Affordable Care Act) be repealed or significantly overhauled during 2017?

    The short answer is no – ACA is strong and Congress is not – disharmony is the order of the day. 6th house = all matters of public health therefore with Gemini on the 6th house cusp, Mercury (at 0 Virgo 50 and in the 8th house) is the ruler of the Affordable Care Act […]

  • Star lore confirms trouble for Mr Trump as the result of the up-coming total solar eclipse

    Yesterday I blogged about the effects of the upcoming solar eclipse using the Leo ingress chart set for Washington, DC. I would like to add two points based on associated star lore. Might you recall that flashy, dramatic Mercury that was too close for comfort with Mr Trump’s natal Mars? Well, the fixed stars associated with […]

  • Leo Ingress spells ‘communication’ problems for the USA?

    Summary – During the next few weeks expect a flashy, hostile communication involving (or instigated by) Mr Trump which will cause serious concern to the US court system and/or Congress. Could this mean war? Astrologers love making predictions about how the upcoming total solar eclipse will affect the USA. There are many ways to look […]

  • UK General Election – Part II

        Yesterday, I posted a horary chart suggesting that Jeremy Corbyn will not be the Prime Minister of the UK in 2017. Today, I look at the chart of the election itself and reach the same conclusion. CHART TWO – CLOSE OF POLLS ON ELECTION DAY SUMMARY – The key theme in play for […]

  • UK General Election – YIKES! Could Corbyn actually win?

    With the UK general election coming up next week, folks are getting a bit nervous. Given the surprise results of both the BREXIT referendum and the US presidential elections, they are worrying that ‘anything’ could happen and so they should. Little wonder that I was asked to take a look at the astrology of the […]

  • Will his Russian Intrigue bring Trump Down?

    Will the current ‘intrigue’ regarding Trump and Russia ‘bring him down’? _____________________ SUMMARY YES & NO – although clearly Mr Trump has ‘enemies’ (secret or otherwise) in regards to this ‘intrigue’ –  enemies who are far stronger than is he – it remains unclear whether they will (or even whether they will try to) damage […]