Category: Economics

  • Spies in the Workplace

    Apparently, these employers are under little, if any obligation, to share their tactics or gathered information with their employees and there is almost nothing that the employees can do about it.

  • Are we headed for a Black Hole?

    During the period between June-September 2018, expect the United States to set the foundations (with or without help from others) for serious global financial fallout in 2020/2021. We’ve been here before – this has a fated quality. What you see is not what you get especially in regards to very public and very inspirational governmental […]

  • Power and Promise – Utopian Propaganda & Orwell’s Animal Farm

    In the preface to his Ukrainian Edition of Animal Farm, George Orwell says that his reason for writing the novel was to reveal what he believed to be the Soviet myth underlying Socialism – the political and economic model that he wholeheartedly embraced. According to Orwell, nothing had caused greater harm to the Socialist movement […]

  • Pluto’s 21st Century Trek Thru Capricorn Spells an End to 20th Century Economics

    In a recent essay, philosopher John Gray suggests that John Maynard Keynes, one of the most influential economists of the 20th Century, would not have supported the ‘simple minded’ view that the only way forward is through government stimulation of the economy to facilitate a return to growth. The problem, Gray notes, isn’t just a […]