Category: Propaganda

  • Spies in the Workplace

    Apparently, these employers are under little, if any obligation, to share their tactics or gathered information with their employees and there is almost nothing that the employees can do about it.

  • The Art of Persuasion

    For success in any meeting or information exchange, the following four steps are essential: Build trust and rapport with your audience and thus set the scene to your advantage. The quickest and easiest way to build rapport is to assume that you already have it. Simply imagine that the persons with whom you’re speaking are […]

  • Pie in the Sky Propaganda

    Politics in the UK for the next quarter will the pie in the sky propaganda.

  • PUTIN and TRUMP – Astro basics lovers of ‘truth’ ought not to ignore

    Some have suggested that Putin and Trump are two peas in a pod – and on the surface, it might look as if this is true. But astrologically, you couldn’t ask for two different men, at least in regards to ‘truth’: Both men share close contacts between Mercury and Neptune – hence the construction and […]

  • Post Truth = Propaganda

      Post truth = the OED word of the year = objective facts less important to forming public opinion than appeals to emotions and personal belief. According to OED, post-truth has come about as the result of ‘truth’ having become devalued – life as we have known it is finished, or is it? Let’s take a closer […]

  • Power and Promise – Utopian Propaganda & Orwell’s Animal Farm

    In the preface to his Ukrainian Edition of Animal Farm, George Orwell says that his reason for writing the novel was to reveal what he believed to be the Soviet myth underlying Socialism – the political and economic model that he wholeheartedly embraced. According to Orwell, nothing had caused greater harm to the Socialist movement […]

  • The Birth of Tragedy and other Cultural Lies

    For Nietzsche, transformation was not simply a matter suspending audience disbelief, but instead allowing the audience to actually enter the world of the Greek god Dionysus, in whose realm lies all primordial truths and with it, the tragic suffering inherent in comprehending these truths.