Are we headed for a Black Hole?

During the period between June-September 2018, expect the United States to set the foundations (with or without help from others) for serious global financial fallout in 2020/2021.

  • We’ve been here before – this has a fated quality.
  • What you see is not what you get especially in regards to very public and very inspirational governmental (presidential) speeches – smokescreen is one word – but bamboozle is probably a better word – pay attention here – this is a slippery slope.
  • The solar eclipse on 13 July 2018 at 20 Capricorn sows the seeds for all this – but will they take hold and grow?
  • Watch this space and that BLACK HOLE.

June ingress USA

Detailed Points of Consideration:

  1. Rising Sign and chart ruler – key to entire situationWith Cancer rising, the Moon is the chart ruler and this Moon is not particularly comfortable in Libra – where it might be diplomatic – but also isolated – in the 4thhouse – in its own back yard of nationalism. This Moon in Libra also makes trine (slippery slope– see comments below on the nature of the trine) to Mars in Aquarius in the 8th house. Now, although Mars equates to fighting words in 8thhouse concerns (i.e. international finance and multi-national corporations) it is – oops – conjunct the South Node.  We’ve been here before – the nodes have a fated quality especially in regards to relationships – possible crisis-point.
  2. Interestingly, this Moon in Libra also makes a Sextile (facilitating aspect) to Venus in Leo in the 2nd house, which is (not surprisingly) conjunct to the North Node. While Mars symbolises manufacturing and, of course, the military, Venus seeks peace and harmony and, in mundane astrology, it signifies where society seeks its ‘joy’. Now, with Venus in Leo in the 2nd house, the American public are seeking their joy through showy materialism and financial strength (i.e. 2nd house = economy, material resources, and the nation’s GNP). Yet despite the flag-waving glory (Leo), none of these three planets (Moon, Venus, or Mars) are strong– and worse, Venus in Leo is actually in detriment – where it struggles to perform. This suggests a passionate desire of the American people to return to better financial days (nodal axis) but will their efforts in this regard be successful?
  3. Midheaven/Ascendant (MC/ASC) Midpoint – in any chart, the MC/ASC midpoint is very sensitive and, in this chart, it is at 8 Taurus with both Venus in Leo and Mars in square (difficult aspect). According to Baigent, Campion, and Harvey (p. 227) – the MC/AS midpoint is always highly sensitive to transits and often says something important about the country’s ideas and aspirations (MC) re: working in the world (ASC). In May/June 2020 – transiting Uranus (revolution, innovation, breakdown in order) will conjunct this midpoint. This suggests that the foundations laid by the US between 21 June- 21 September 2018 will come home to roost in 2020/2021(transiting Uranus makes a 2nd hit at 8 Taurus in March 2021) – when, according to financial astrology (Skinner, p. 9), we’re due for some serious global financial fallout. It might be going too far to blame these future difficulties on American diplomacy during the period of June/September 2018 but it is tempting.
  4. Neptune Conjunct the MC (Midheaven) – as noted in an earlier post – this suggests that what you see is not what you get and in the case of the American presidency (MC and cusp of 10thhouse) – ‘smokescreen’ is the word. But add to this the fact that Neptune (at 16 Pisces) is forming a grand water trine with Jupiter (13 Scorpio) and Mercury (16 Cancer) and I might even suggest that ‘bamboozle’ is the better word. According to Ebertin (p. 121) the combination of Neptune/Jupiter/Mercury is not only inspirational speaking but also misleading speeches through either outright deception or speculation (or both). As Liz Greene has often said, the trine aspect is considered ‘easy’ for good reason because it represents the proverbial ‘slippery slope’ – i.e. step too close to the edge and WHOOSH – it’s a fast-downhill ride.images
  5. One final comment– in mundane astrology Pluto is associated with corporate affairs and group activity especially when to selfish advantage – and in this chart Pluto is at 20 Capricorn in the 7thhouse (foreign relations and agreements). According to Skinner (p. 201), 22 degrees Capricorn is in alignment with a ‘Black Hole’ which equates to upheaval with regards to any planet touching it. Skinner (p. 28) suggests when the planet involved is Pluto, the upheaval is at ‘nuclear or devastating scale’. Now, it just so happens that the upcoming solar eclipse on 13 July 2018 is within seconds of 20 Capricorn suggesting that we might expect the seeds to be sown for the expected fallout during 2019 (June 2019 will be particularly interesting) and 2020 when transiting Pluto actually hits 22 Capricorn.


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