War in 2017?

SUMMARY – Will the United States find itself at war during the final calendar quarter of 2017? Probably not – although it does remain a realistic possibility. Expect more ‘fighting words’ from both the US and North Korea. Nothing new there. What is new, however, is that even if North Korea is keen to soon be at war, it is likely to suffer some internal political or economic set-back that puts an end to such aspirations.

For information on the techniques used please see – Mundane Astrology – An Introduction to the astrology of nations and groups – by Baigent, Campion, and Harvey (London; 1995).th

DISCUSSION – The Berlin astrologer, EH Troinski, has worked comprehensively using ingress charts to predict war. Using the Placidus house system, he concentrates on charts set for the time of the Sun’s ingress into the four cardinal signs at the location of capital cities of the countries in question. In his research, key planetary patterns recurred that predicted war.

Given recent concerns that the United States and North Korea could be heading toward war, I’ve set a chart of the Sun’s ingress into Libra for 2017 at Washington, DC. Given that this is the exact moment of autumnal equinox, it should give clues as the planetary dynamics in play for the United States through to the 2017 winter solstice.

I will also consider the ingress chart set for Pyongyang, North Korea.


One of the first things that Troinski looked for was a ‘heavy’ concentration of planets in the 8th house. He considered one particular planetary configuration to be the ‘pure war-combination’. This involved the Sun, Mars, and Jupiter all in the 8th house. He provided twenty-four examples supporting his case.US ingress LI 2017.jpg

In regards to the ‘pure war-combination’, this chart for the US has both the Sun and Mars in the 8th but not Jupiter (although Jupiter isn’t too far away). But Mercury is in the 8th house – so perhaps after all, there is a ‘heavy’ concentration? Before making any overall assessment of the US being at war during this period, best to take a look at other considerations; there aren’t any, at least according to Troinski’s work.

From what I can see, Troinski did not use either Pluto or Neptune in his work; if anyone knows this to be otherwise, please tell me! But to me, it seems dangerous that in this chart Mercury (in the 8th) forms a tight trine to Pluto. ‘Fighting words’ seems to be a decent interpretation of these two planets together and by trine, it could be the ‘slippery slope’. We’ve already heard plenty of ‘fighting words’ from both sides.

Nothing new there, so moving on to consider a close opposition between Mars (in that dangerous 8th house) and Neptune. This is suggestive of the US being irritable and moody – but not enough to be prodded to action. Equally, it is suggestive of a fascination with the whole idea of war. Given that in mundane charts the Moon symbolises the common people and this Moon is in Scorpio, I suspect that general public are in the mood for war. But the Moon is not aspected and doesn’t ‘plug into the angles’ so the common people are unlikely to be the driver either way. However, it is important to note that Pluto (raw and deadly power) does plug into the MC by sextile; war may not be an inevitability but it remains a possibility and so we move next to consider North Korea.


North Korea LI Ingress 2017.jpgTroinski considers that Saturn in the 4th house (tick) and the Sun being angular (tick) signifies the fall or overthrow of a government. It could also suggest the death of a leader.

There is no heavy combination of planets in the 8th house – only Uranus – this suggests unexpected change. Troinski also considered a strong emphasis of planets in the 6th/12th axis (tick) as indicators of political and economic problems and/or reversals.

To me this suggests that even if so inclined to wage war, North Korea will suffer some sort of political/economic set-back before it do so.

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