Today and Tomorrow are 3 of Swords Days

With the Sun in Virgo (critical) and the Moon in Aquarius (wilful), today and tomorrow are Three of Swords days.

  • Three stands for past, present, and future,
  • Three is behind manifestation,
  • Things do come in threes.

With the Three of Swords, that which has been set in motion in the past has come to fruition in the present and, as is clear in this card, the result is not pleasant. This is the stuff of which curses are made – hurtful words hurled willy-nilly – come to roost later in unexpected and painful ways.

Your work does not succeed in filing our expectations. You are beset by family quarrels. Ill health and/or physical harm might loom large. This is a card of trial, trouble, and tears. Do you feel unloved, misunderstood, and/or deliberately targeted?ThreeSwords


The good news  is that the poison is out. This is as bad as it will get. The past may have impinged on the present but it’s up to you to decide about the future. You may feel resentful, but that doesn’t mean you need to act on it?

The following card, the Four of Swords, advises seclusion. Retreat to a safe place with a nice cup of tea. Think long and hard about how this came to happen. Avoid blame and fault. Contemplate. Meditate. Rebuild your strength and stamina. When the Moon moves in Pisces in a couple  days time, you’ll feel more like forgiving and forgetting. By the time the Moon moves into Aries, at the end of the week, you’ll feel like getting up and out – back on  the road to adventure.

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