Discuss, Debate, Decide – the Air Houses

Tomorrow’s client chart has key planets in the 7th house.

So, in preparation, why not revisit the ‘air houses’ (3rd, 7th, 11th)?

The following comes from a lecture given by Liz Greene for the CPA in March 2003.

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  • Astrological air is about discerning patterns.
  • Astrological Air is about words and ideas.
  • With the ‘word’ of God, the universe was created in line with the divine idea or pattern. With words, both spoken and unspoken, we organize our experience of  reality.
  • Words have power, as every good magician knows.
3rd house Discuss Our first encounter with air is in the 3rd house, the natural ruler of which is Mercury – wearing his Gemini hat. Little surprise, then, that it is here in the 3rd house that we explore, gather, and learn about our experiences which in turn, we use to distill our own personal ideas of the world. I have a Venus (in Virgo) in the 3rd house. So how ought she work to facilitate forming my ideas? First, Venus must detach from the person/thing to which it is relating (Venus is all about relating) in order to gain the necessary distance/perspective to observe, distil, and format. This shouldn’t be difficult for my Venus because Virgo loves nothing more than to distinguish and discriminate – sorting the wheat from the chaff comes to mind. Perfect! But if I had Venus in Pisces, she might struggle. If Virgo can’t see the forest for the trees, then Pisces can’t see the trees for the forest. Planets in the 3rd house need education and exposure to many different ways to looking at things to accomplish their task. It is in the 3rd house that we communicate and discuss the ‘word’ (pattern).
7th house Debate Our second encounter with air is in the 7th house where we meet the ‘other’ or that which is opposite from us. If the 1st house is ‘me’, then the 7th house is ‘you’ – and ‘you’ are bound to have different ideas about life than ‘me’. As with any opposition, conflict is a given in the 7th house – this is the place of debate. I don’t have any 7th planets but I do have Capricorn on the cusp of this house. Saturn, then, is the ruler my 7th and my Saturn is in Libra next to Neptune and Mercury. Little wonder that I love to debate (I’m a lawyer by training) and I especially like my own (more colourful) version of the ‘facts’.
11th house Decide Our final encounter with air is in the 11th house where we come together with others in groups based on shared ideas. In the 11th house we compromise after initial discussion and debate. Because Saturn is the natural, classical ruler of the 11th house, law is the concept at work here. In this sense, law is nothing more than a communal contract –i.e. how we’ve agreed to interact with others in our society. But because Uranus is the co-ruler (new) of this house, the shared ideas must carry some vision for the future. I don’t have any planets in this house and with Taurus on the cusp, that brings us back to my Venus (ruler of Taurus) – the one who can’t see the forest for the trees. I don’t consider myself a visionary but I do love the law. Makes sense, I suppose, with my Venus involved.


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  1. Sagittarius Rising. Pluto in Sagittarius impact on marriage and other partnerships – whew!

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