Solar Return for Ms BK – A very good year!

Summary – You’ll remember 2017/18 as a very good year –  for ambition and social contacts. 2018-19 brings a different energy. Although in 2017/18, you’ve been struggling – probably sickness – in 2018-19 you’ll struggle even harder. That won’t stop you though and so 2018/19  is set to be another good year – indeed, this is the period when you establish yourself unequivocally as an authority figure to be admired.Unknown.jpeg

  1. With the nodal axis conjunct your solar return MC, for you 2017/18 will feel like a ‘fated year’.
  2. This should not be taken in a negative sense.
  3. Indeed, it is overall, very positive!
  4. You will spend a good deal of time during this period seeking out others like yourself and initiating with them mutually stimulating correspondence and/or conversation.
  5. Not only that, but with your solar return Sun sextile/trine the Ascendant/Descendant axis, during 2017/18 your confidence is high and your need to gain self-esteem from your environment is strong. Let’s face it – now is a time during which you’re striving for public recognition and there’s every indication that you’ll get it. With solar return Venus also involved, your efforts will be done with elegance and grace. Harmony abounds in your universe. Very nice, indeed.SR Karen 2017.jpg
  6. Unfortunately, because solar return Saturn is also involved, you’re feeling inhibited or restricted despite your great success. Chances are that this has to do with illness or similar ‘struggles’ within your every-day environment. Because transiting Neptune is conjunct your natal Saturn during this period, ill health is highlighted as well as the suggestion that you’ve been sacrificing too much for whatever you’ve achieved.
  7. Your solar return Mercury is trine to your solar return MC suggesting that during 2017/18, you’ve been thinking a lot about life in general as well as gaining a clearer picture of your objectives. solar return karen 2018.jpg
  8. With solar return 2018/19 (starting pretty much with your next birthday), the energy is much different. If you were feeling restricted last year, then you’ll feel even more so this year. With solar return Saturn on your solar return Ascendant, Frustration is the by-word.
  9. But this won’t stop you.
  10. Indeed, there is every indication that you’ll continue being as kind and benevolent as ever. Solar return Venus (a beautiful energy) is right on your solar return MC. More lovely energy.
  11. With solar return Pluto weighing in to the picture by sextile to your solar return MC, you might even find yourself involved in a passionate new love affair. Even if things don’t change much on your relationship front, you’ll absolutely be seen by others as powerfully attractive especially in regards to being a strong authority figure.
  12. Transiting Saturn conjunct your natal MC emphasizes consolidation of your position as a competent authority and although all the hard work that you have to do to achieve this position may take its toll you, with transiting Saturn conjunct your natal Sun, you’ll be more determined than ever.



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