Summary – back in September, I looked at the ingress chart for the United States covering the last quarter of calendar 2017 in regards to whether it would find itself at war during that period. At that time, the answer was probably not although it remained a realistic possibility. Now, for the next calendar quarter, the situation has changed and the chances of war have increased (astrologically) three-fold. Not only that but the chances of the present US government being ‘overthrown’ have become a probability. This could be the result of a revolution of some kind or, possibly, the death of the leader. Subterfuge is an unfortunate reality.

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Discussion – The Berlin astrologer, EH Troinski, worked extensively with ingress charts to predict war. Using the Placidus house system, he concentrated on charts set for the time of the Sun’s ingress into the four cardinal signs at the location of the capital city of the country in question. His research has indicated that several key planetary patterns recurred predicting war.

This chart is set for the United States (Washington, DC) for the Sun’s ingress into Capricorn for 2017 – the exact moment of the winter solstice. This should give clues as to the dynamics in play for the US from then through the spring equinox in 2018 (20 March).

The following indicators of war for the US during this period:

  1. Saturn in the 10th house with the Sun in an angular house (in this case the Sun is also the 10th house, which is angular). According to Troinski, this suggests the overthrow of the government either by revolution or the death of the leader. Note in this chart that Saturn is exactly conjunct (11 minutes of arc) the Sun. Saturn, seeking to restructure social order, will never be stronger than now, having just entered Capricorn, its sign of rulership. It hasn’t been here for 30 years. But Saturn in conjunction with the Sun at the winter solstice has only occurred three times in recent history: 1664, 1458, and 1105. Not only is this a momentous event, but it is occurring in America’s 10th house – house of the ‘ruling class’, national prestige, and international reputation. Not good.
  2. Saturn in the 10th house and Mars in the 8th house – danger of war and attacks on the head of state.
  3. A heavy concentration of planets in the 8th house most particularly, Mars, Jupiter, and the Sun. This is what Troinski calls the ‘pure war-combination’. In this chart, the Sun is not in the 8th but Mars and Jupiter are. Along with the other two strong indicators of war, above, this may act as a confirmation.

The single-engine, single-pilot U-2 is used for high-altitude reconnaissance and surveillance. Flying at altitudes around 70,000 feet, pilots must wear pressure suits like those worn by astronauts. The first U-2 was flown in 1955. The planes were used on missions over the Soviet Union during the Cold War, flying too high to be reached by any adversary. The Air Force has 33 U-2s in its active inventory.From what I know, Troinski did not use Neptune in his work. But it seems relevant to me that Neptune is at the end of the 12th house,  conjunct to the Ascendant (in this house system, also the cusp of the 1st house).

In mundane astrology, Neptune is linked with secret plots, fraud, and illicit dealings. It also is associated with loss. In natal astrology, Neptune is associated with delusion and illusion and in a national chart, it ought to carry pretty much the same meaning. The 12th house is associated with all that is hidden – criminals, spies, and secret enemies. The USA is in for some serious subterfuge during the next quarter – whether or not it has anything to do with war. This is all being orchestrated ‘behind the scenes’ – someplace – where at least for now, it will remain. Because the 1st house symbolises the prosperity and health of the nation as a whole, it looks even worse. Quite probably, the collective citizens of the US  will be duped with the end result being loss and misfortune.

That Mercury is involved with Neptune by square, this must have something to do with garbled or even purposeful miscommunication and because Mercury is in the 9th house, such miscommunication will cross international borders.

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  1. Okay. As intriguing as this sounds, it is also vague. We have treasonous trump and his grifter family, republicans in senate and Congress who are complicit. Many of us are hoping & praying that Mueller and team will reveal the corruption. Are you saying that it will be the people going into the streets taking control? More clarity. This is a scary time. Thanks.Linda

    • Hi Linda thank you for visiting my site and taking the time to comment. I agree with you that this is a very scary time and I also agree that my comments are vague. Unfortunately, I believe that there is the way that they must remain. Astrology gives a basic framework but never fills in details. This is because it is symbolic in nature.

      What I can say is it because of larger cycle, it is my opinion that whatever happens in the next calendar quarter will NOT put an end to the troubles that America is undergoing at the moment. I am referring to America’s Pluto return – which will not finish until 2025. Because it is the slowest moving of all the planets, Pluto is the heaviest hitter and it will be returning to this place in America is natal chart for the very first time over the next few years.You are feeling the effects now but it will intensify and as always the case with Pluto (even our personal charts) it isn’t finished until the last and final hit in 2024/2025. With any Pluto transit, everything that is wrong and cannot be fixed will be swept away so fingers crossed that the American constitution and form of government, which is being sorely tested during this period, will be strong enough to prevail.

      I fear, however, there is reason to believe the second Civil War is on the horizon and this is because another slow-moving planet Neptune will be entering into Aries in early 2025 . The very last time that tune entered into Aries commenced the start of the first American civil war – I suppose that doesn’t mean that history must repeat itself unless something changes drastically, it would appear that it might .

      I hope that helps and I encourage you to read other astrologers thoughts in this regard.



      • Unfortunately with a nation that is extremely divided–and for the most part heavily armed–civil war IS a possibility although if the polling numbers are correct the Alt Right Trump supporters who would revolt if 45 were indicted or impeached are only 30-40% of the nation?

        These are crazy times, it is difficult to know how we will find our way through.

      • Thanks again for reading my blog and I share your concern- although I’m American born and bred I’ve lived abroad for more than twenty years – one thing that I’ve learned from my years in Europe is that the borders of all countries have shifted many times – ditto their allegiances – if it’s time for America to go through that process then it’s time – instead of adding more states it may be ripe to start shedding them. In March 2025 Neptune moves into Aries and the very last time that happened to the day the US civil war started at fort sumpter – it’s a date to watch, I’m afraid. I did a blog post comparing the ingress charts for these two times – you may want to check it out. I recall that they very similar but not identical.

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