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  • Aries Ingress spells trouble for international trade

    During the period between April-June 2018, expect the United States to lead the way on international agreements/treaties – probably in regards to manufacturing – that are both regressive and aggressive. Although outright war is not likely to break out, military action of some sort to enforce such agreements/treaties is a possibility. The key here is […]

  • Uranus in Taurus – USA leads disruption in world order from 2018 – 2025

    The planet Uranus generally spends 8 or so years in a particular sign and on 15 May 2018, it will enter Taurus, where it has not been since 1934 through 1941. If Taurus is about security and stability and Uranus is about revolution (but once in power can be autocratic and totalitarian), then whilst Uranus is […]

  • USA Headed for 2nd Civil War?

    The last time Neptune entered Aries was 13 April 1861, the exact date when the fall of Fort Sumter, marked the commencement of the first Civil War. In early 2025, Neptune will enter Aries again for the first time since 1861. Does this mean America will suffer another civil war? Maybe, and maybe not. Although […]

  • Leo Ingress spells ‘communication’ problems for the USA?

    Summary – During the next few weeks expect a flashy, hostile communication involving (or instigated by) Mr Trump which will cause serious concern to the US court system and/or Congress. Could this mean war? Astrologers love making predictions about how the upcoming total solar eclipse will affect the USA. There are many ways to look […]

  • Forecast Gloomy for today’s Dutch Elections

    Outsiders rarely follow Dutch elections but this one is special. What is at stake today is nothing less than an excellent indication of the direction in which the whole of Europe is headed – re:  the battle between ‘emboldened populism’ and the ’embattled status quo’. Some say that regardless, this election benefits Mr Geert Wilders – the […]