Redundancy to Promotion?

Last weekend, a friend was stressing about the possibility of being made redundant. His company is soon undergoing some cost-cutting and a number of jobs are to be axed. The horary chart drawn up to address his concerns showed that while his current position was no longer safe, he was on course to gain an even better situation either outside his company or possibly, as the result of restructuring, within.

My friend has now updated his situation. Something has come to his attention suggesting that due to a variety of circumstances (mostly outside his control) he might now be up for a significant promotion.


At the moment everything is up in the air although there is probably a good deal of discussion on the subject. All key events to determine the outcome remain in the future. Something is not quite right, however, and in order for the promotion to go through as my friend suspects, something will need to change. Whether or not that change is within his control is questionable however, overall, things look reasonably good especially for his personal finances.


The following chart was drawn up this morning to address this new situation. Is he up for a promotion in line with his suspicions?

JWM promo as suspects


  • Because I am the querent, my friend = the 7th house cusp = Scorpio and so he is presented by Mars (traditional ruler of Scorpio).
  • Mars is strong (exaltation) in Capricorn in his 2nd house – could be good for a salary increase.
  • Mars is moving ever closer to a conjunction with Saturn and that may or may not be good. It could just mean lots of hard work, which my friend expects anyway or, because Saturn is the traditional malefic, it might suggest something more strenuous.
  • His career prospects = 4th house cusp (his 10th house) = Cancer and so with the Moon as the ruler of Cancer, the Moon rules the career of my friend.
  • The Moon is in Gemini in my friend’s 7th house. This suggests that there is a good deal of communication going on in regards to his career – but because the Moon (his career) is in quincunx aspect with Mars (my friend) he is not privy to it. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going on behind his back, but that at this point, such communication will not include him. Indeed, such communication may be currently in such flux (Gemini is flighty) that no one is certain what’s going on.
  • In regards to my friend (Mars) and his career (Moon) something is not quite right. The Quincunx aspect (when used at all in horary) represents something that is out of joint – something that requires fixing or adjustment before the question is decided. The Moon is neither strong nor weak in Gemini but the fact that Mercury, the ruler of this Moon in Gemini is about to form a favourable conjunction with Venus, is helpful. Because many astrologers view the quincunx to be Uranian in nature I.e. it brings about sudden, unpredictable, and/or fateful change), my friend can use all the help that he can get.
  • Because the Moon is the overall indicator of how events play out (past, present, future), we look to the Moon at 1 Gemini and because it has get to make any (Platonic) aspects with other planets since entering Gemini, we need to treat this question is a fresh sheet of paper – i.e. resolution lies completely in the future.
    • The first aspect the Moon will make is a favourable sextile to the Sun, which is good for seeking favours from influential people, new friendships, and also for advancement.
    • The next aspect the Moon will make is a favourable sextile to Mercury, which is good for dealing with clever people as well as for business and entering into contracts and agreements.
    • The next aspect to be made by the Moon is a favourable sextile to Venus, which is good for financial matters.
    • The final aspect to be made by the Moon before it changes sign, is a sextile to Uranus. Now, it is true that Uranus is not generally considered in horary but given (1) the nature of the quincunx aspect between my friend and his career and (2) that this question is about significant change, it is tempting to suggest that the end of the matter will result in huge (disruptive) change in my friend’s career and because of the sextile, aspect, it ought to be for the good.


A friend is concerned that he will soon be made redundant. His company is very soon to undergo some serious cost-cutting.


The following horary chart suggests that his current job is no longer safe – in the last few days (or hours) there has been some treachery behind the scenes that has been a game-changer. Within a month my friend will separate from this employment and go on to bigger and better things. It is vital that at no time during the coming weeks of months, however, that he  overestimates his strength and abilities or takes rash and/or angry actions.



  • Because I am the querent, my friend = the 7th house cusp = Aquarius and so he is represented by Saturn, the ruler of Aquarius.
  • Saturn is very strong in Capricorn, its sign of rulership.
  • Saturn is however, not well placed in my friend’s 12th house, the place of unknown enemies as well as that which is secret and/or in a premature state of development that is not yet able to be consciously recognised. This suggests that something treacherous is going on behind the scenes which will likely not be to his immediate benefit.
  • His job = 4th house cusp (his 10th house) = Libra and so his job is represented by Venus, the ruler of Libra.
  • Libra is in Aries, where it is in detriment – or weak – i.e. damaged or harmed in some way.
  • Venus (14 Aries) has recently formed a square to Saturn (8 Capricorn) which suggest my friend and his job are no longer on the best of terms.
  • As the Moon is the overall symbol – of how events play out (past, present, future), we look to the Moon (9 Aries) and all the aspects that it has and will make:
    • The first aspect the Moon made was a square with Mars (0 Aries) – this aspect is generally unfavourable and quite possibility represents an ‘on-point’ argument of some sort – either within the last 9 days or 9 hours. Because Mars has just entered the 12th house, it is quite possible a previously unknown enemy has surfaced.
    • The next aspect the Moon made was a square to Saturn (8 Capricorn) – this is also generally an unfavourable aspect and suggests that within the last day or hour, the tide has turned negative in regards to my friend and his job.
    • The next aspect the Moon will make is a conjunction with Venus (14 Aries). This is a highly favourable aspect and because Venus represents my friend’s job, it could be good news financially which could manifest as early as in 5 days or (less likely) 5 hours.
    • The next aspect the Moon will make is a conjunction with Mercury – excellent for signing contracts and commercial transactions.
    • Although horary does not generally consider the newer planets, it is tempting in this situation to consider what it might mean for the Moon to next make a square with Pluto (20 Capricorn). Not only does this suggest behind-the-scenes power play of some sort, but a strong emotional upheaval.
    • The final aspect the Moon will make before changing signs is a conjunction to Uranus (26 Aries). Again, horary does not usually consider this planet but it looks as if this could be the separation of my friend from his job within 15 or so days.
    • Because all of this lunar activity takes place in the 4th house of my friend, it could suggest a domestic move as the result and with Uranus involved in the final play, the unexpected is all that can be expected. However with Moon/Venus involved, and Venus ruling not just my friend’s job, but also his entire career, this will all likely soon enough be a cause of some celebration.
    • This is further suggested because the Moon at 9 Aries is conjunct the fixed star, Algenib (otherwise known as Mirfak), which is connected to the young warrior, proud of his strength and hunting/fighting abilities. This is associated with drive and ambition. The only warning here is a tendency to overestimate strength and abilities. It is a brilliant vital energy – ready to engage and prevail – albeit with a tendency toward taking rash action.

Will his Russian Intrigue bring Trump Down?

Will the current ‘intrigue’ regarding Trump and Russia ‘bring him down’?



YES & NO – although clearly Mr Trump has ‘enemies’ (secret or otherwise) in regards to this ‘intrigue’ –  enemies who are far stronger than is he – it remains unclear whether they will (or even whether they will try to) damage his reputation enough to ‘bring him down’.

Having said that, Mr Trump is most definitely on a collision course of some sort vis a vis his relationship with Russia. Expect ‘conflict’ (could even be an outright war) within approximately five months and that such conflict could lead to Trump’s ‘self-undoing’ and/or resignation.

Despite not being a fan of Mr Trump, after working with this chart I believe that in regards to his dealings with Russia, Trump is probably acting from strong personal conviction that he is doing the right thing. This is the case regardless whether his behaviour in the matter is appropriate, much less moral. Trump feels that he has the ‘divine’ right to ‘reform’ or ‘correct’ certain situations.

In addition, as unsavoury as some of the reports have suggested might be this ‘intrigue’, it is difficult to argue that somehow it will not turn out for the best (albeit whether or not it all turns out well for Trump, personally, remains to be seen).

Finally, expect that when all is said and done, Trump’s Russian intrigue will have had something to do with women.images



  1. 10th house represents the president – and because Taurus is on the cusp, its ruler, russian-intrigueVenus, represents Trump.
  2. 9th house is Trump’s 12th house of ‘undoing’, ‘secret enemies’, and ‘resignation’. It is also the chart’s house representing foreign lands and their affairs. Because Aries is on the cusp of this house, its ruler, Mars, represents not only Russia, but also all matters of serious affliction for Trump.
  3. NOTE also that because Trump’s 7th house (the 4th house of this chart) has Scorpio on its cusp, Mars also represents Trump’s ‘open’ enemies.
  4. Venus (Trump) is quite weak in detriment (Aries), cadent, and out of SECT.
  5. Mars is stronger in its sign of ruler-ship, Aries, although it too is cadent and out of SECT.
  6. Not only is Venus (Trump) already in the 12th house of ‘undoing’ (and also in Russia’s back pocket), but it is make an applying (5 degree) aspect to conjunct with Mars. This conjunction brings Trump and the path of his ‘undoing’ together in such a way that suggests complete cooperation (whether for ill or gain).
  7. Russia, Trump, and and Trump’s enemies (secret or not) are hence coming together in what promises to be an explosive and fiery ‘conflict’ – Aries (cardinal fire) is a most martial sign. However, based on the movements of the Moon (see point 11, below), it is likely this conflict will somehow all work out for the best in the end (the final aspect made by the Moon is a comfortable Trine with the Sun).
  8. Several fixed stars making close aspect to this chart’s Venus (Trump) reinforce this martial theme:
    • Facies (constellation of Sagittarius) – is the ‘eye of the archer’ and itself associated with warriors, wars, and violent death. It also suggests that Trump is so driven in regards to this situation that he is ‘blind’ to its dangers. Note that in his natal chart, Trump’s Mercury is also in opposition with Facies. A near-sighted archer is not good news.
    • Mirzam (constellation of Canis Major) – carries an important message of some sort. Note that in his natal chart, Trump’s Mercury is also conjunct Mirzam. This message is of great personal importance to Trump.
    • Alhena (constellation of Gemini) – is associated with winning at all costs (arrogance implied) – Trump feels that he has the ‘divine’ right to ‘reform’ or ‘correct’ a certain situation.
    • North & South Asellus (constellation of Cancer) – again associations with ‘blindness’ as well as piled up corpses and wars.
    • Aldebaran (constellation of Taurus) – a great royal star connected with warrior kings (MARS) greatness is a real possibility but only if certain moral challenges are met re: integrity and purity of thoughts and dealings. HONOUR that can’t last.
  9. Several Arabic Parts also make close aspects to this chart’s Venus (Trump) that reinforce this theme of conflict leading to danger & destruction.
    • Ability, Abundance, Commerce, Danger, Debt, Fate, Divorce, Destruction, Genius, Fascination, Imprisonment, Luck, Secret Enemies, and Victory.
  10. Several Arabic Parts also make close aspect to Trump’s natal planets further reinforcing this theme:
    • Mars – Bad Luck, Catastrophe, Destiny, Fortune, Unusual Events
    • Venus – Secret Enemies, Accidents, Armies, Catastrophe, Destiny, Divorce
    • Sun – Lovers, Fame, Eccentricity, Beneficial Change
    • Mercury – Benevolence, Corruptness, Damage, Fascination
    • Moon – Beneficial Change, Controversy, Eccentricity, Lovers
    • Jupiter – Action, Administrators, Bankruptcy, Success, Suicide, Victory
    • Saturn – Catastrophe, Divorce
  11. As the Moon is the overall symbol of how events play out (past, present, future), we look to the Moon (10 Libra) in this chart and the aspects that it has and will make:
    • Last aspect made – opposition to Venus – unfavourable – all women/love concerns s/b approached with caution
    • Next – Quincunx to Neptune – confusion and unrealistic dreams
    • Next – Trine to Mercury – messages and communication – good for business but NOT for signing contracts/agreements
    • Next aspect – Opposition to Mars – unfavourable for all new ventures including friendships and dealings with women.
    • Next – Square with Pluto – dirty dealings, manipulation.
    • Next – Conjunction with Jupiter – lawyers and professionals – a little bit of luck especially with foreign persons?!
    • Next – Opposition with Uranus – emotional anxiety – breaks, accidents, separations, sudden/unpredictable awakenings – possible divorce.
    • Next – Sextile with Saturn – bad for love affairs and friendships with women, obstacles, limitations, loss, and restrictions.
    • FINAL – Trine with Sun – good for new ventures, influencing important people and seeking advancement, life force, health, and last but not least, success.

Happily ever after for Mr and Mrs W?

imagesFor some months, Mr and Mrs W have been suffering some marital problems. However, they have been working fervently toward a mutually-agreeable solution. In the face of what would appear to be a very recent and serious set-back towards that goal, Mrs W has asked whether she and Mr W will stay together and eventually find happiness?

HappilyYES – this happy result should become clear in either 5 days, 5 weeks, or even possibly, 5 months. However, until then, expect further testing times (and manipulative power-plays).


  1. Because Mrs W is the querent, she is represented by Venus – ruler of the chart’s Taurus ascendant.
  2. Because Mr W is her husband, he is represented by Mars – ruler of the chart’s 7th house cusp (Scorpio).
  3. Venus (Mrs W) would be quite powerful in Pisces (where she is exalted) – but she is much weakened by being cadent (12th house) and square to the malefic, Saturn (in the 8th house of joint finances). She is also retrograde (back-pedalling). Doubtless, feeling constrained by her overall situation (most likely financial), Mrs W is reconsidering her options.
  4. Mars (Mr W) would be quite weak by being in detriment in Taurus – however he regains much power by being conjunct the chart’s Ascendant (i.e. he is both cadent and angular )- where he is in a much better position than Venus (Mrs W) to  influence the outcome of the situation. Although modern planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) are not usually used in horary, it is tempting to suggest that because Mars (Mr W) is in trine aspect to Pluto, he has been manoeuvring behind the scenes to pull off a covert power-play. This somewhat malevolent game is also suggested by Mars conjunct the fixed star, Algol, which is associated with intensity and ruthlessness. If that were not enough to confirm suspicions, Mars is also conjunct the fixed star, Capulus, which is linked with aggressive, male energy.
  5. Be that as it may, in order to predict a happy ending for Mr and Mrs W, we need for Venus (Mrs W) and Mars (Mr W) to have an applying trine or sextile aspect between them. While these two are indeed in sextile aspect, it would appear (at first-blush) that they are separating (with Venus leading the way) rather than applying; this would not be good. However, Venus is currently in retrograde (back-pedalling) and after she turns direct (15th April), Mars will chase after and catch up with her on the 17th April at 2AM GMT- when the (now applying) sextile will be perfected.
  6. This is good news for Mr and Mrs W –  and this should become clear in 5 days, 5 weeks, or perhaps even 5 months.
  7. In horary, the Moon is the overall symbol of how events play out (past, present, and future) and so before we give our final verdict here, we must also look to the Moon (3 Scorpio) and all aspects that it will make before it changes sign.
    • Next aspect – Moon opposition Mercury – suggesting a favourable time for working out that mutually-agreeable solution.
    • Next – Moon opposition Mars – suggesting a testing time for the couple – perhaps some teething problems with implementing that solution?
    • Final – Moon trine Venus – good for marriage and love affairs, suggesting Mr and Mrs W will finally find that marital happiness they so desire – as this result confirms the initial analysis, we can now safely sat that this is the end of the matter.

The Future of Ms P’s Unconventional Marriage

Out of the blue, Ms P has announced her intention marry another woman in June of this year.

Her family have asked whether this ‘unconventional’ marriage is in Ms P’s best interest?

SUMMARY – In the shorter term, perhaps not – at least in the sense that for the next couple of years, this relationship is likely to be a source of considerable tension for Ms P both domestically and economically. However, if Ms P rises to the occasion during her upcoming Saturn return and addresses her priorities in a realistic and adult manner, she has the opportunity to redefine her life in such a way that will be supportive both of her own future as well as that of her unconventional marriage.


transitsANALYSIS – Undoubtedly Ms P is a clever lass. She has a quick mind and is highly intuitive (natal Mercury in Gemini in opposition to Uranus). Even though her flashes of brilliance might be interspersed with periods of dreaminess and/or, to be frank, just plain laziness, at the end of the day, Ms P is generally a sensible person.

The problem is that when it comes to love – Ms P is NOT always sensible.

With her Moon (Pisces) conjunct Mars, on all matters emotional Ms P has the tendency to be hot-blooded, easily excitable and self-absorbed. Not only that, but Ms P has an inherent need to break relationship ‘rules’ just for show (natal Venus opposition Uranus). At a minimum, because she has such a pressing need to remain spontaneous and ‘free’, her relationships will have tended to be ‘off and on’, characterised by abrupt beginnings and endings.

A more serious problem, however, is her Mars in Pisces. As the agent for action and drive,  Mars should actively assert itself to get what it wants/needs. But in Pisces, Mars can rarely – if ever – do that. Instead, Mars in Pisces seethes in silence while on the surface it ‘goes with the flow’. This leaves Ms P often feeling not only frustrated, but also guilty. With Pluto trine her Mars, however, Ms does eventually get what she wants. Mars trine Pluto is not only highly strategic but also perfectly happy out-waiting and outwitting others. The only problem is that with this aspect, covert manipulation runs both ways.

RE: her upcoming marriage, Ms P’s immediate future is challenging:2016-sr

  • Her solar return (SR) for 2016/17 features Mercury (1st house) opposition Mars (7th house) suggesting at best, a clouded understanding of her real situation. Not only that but with her SR Sun conjunct SR Venus in the 2nd house opposing her SR Saturn in the 8th, she can expect testing times regarding shared finances/debts as well as perhaps even problems with an inheritance. SR Moon (3rd house) sextile SR Uranus (12th house) suggests ‘mixed messages’ and/or even perhaps that she is ‘of two minds’ in regards to her upcoming marriage.
  • Solar return (SR) 2017/18 doesn’t look much better. Although SR Sun (11th house) trine SR Jupiter (4th house) indicates a happy expansion of Ms P’s future hopes and dreams, that SR Jupiter is in difficult quincunx aspect to Neptune (9th house)– suggesting her hopes/dreams regarding her domestic situation (4th house) is out of sync with reality. Finally, her SR Venus conjunct SR Uranus in her very public 10th house suggests that in large part, she will in large part define herself by her unconventional marriage.2017-sr

RE: in the longer term – we can only hope that Ms P will take advantage of her first Saturn return during 2017-18 to consolidate her life in a way that allows for her new relationship to flourish. Saturn is all about what we are building in our lives and this first Saturn return is a big test as to whether what she’s building will fly in the real  world.

  • Earlier in 2017, prior to her Saturn, Ms P will undergo transiting Saturn (1) in opposition to her Venus (relationship tested and finances under stress) and (2) in opposition to her Mercury (feeling pessimistic and misunderstood). During this time (May – Nov 2017), these two transits will highlight Ms P’s unrealistic plans re: relationship, finances, and all forms of communication.41wejl7knl-_sy344_bo1204203200_
  • Also prior to her Saturn return,  Ms P will undergo transiting Jupiter square her Ascendant – during which time both her career and her new family will highlight new pressures that she won’t have expected.
  • However uncomfortable, these three transits are good preparation for that upcoming Saturn return – which, because it falls in her 6th house, suggests that Ms P must not only rearrange her priorities but also better organise both her time and energy else health issues could well become a problem in the future. Luckily, because Ms P’s natal Moon is sextile Saturn, if she puts her mind to it she should have no real trouble becoming more orderly, disciplined, and grounded in a way that well supports her emotional attachments.

Determination of the constitutionality of Trump’s Travel Ban

Will Trump’s executive order re: recent travel ban be declared (by the courts) as unconstitutional?

unknownNO – although clearly the constitution is in serious conflict with the President and his executive order, some readjustment between the order and the constitution will occur (within 17 hours or possibly 17 days) that will prevent the courts from deciding on the issue. In the meantime, expect some high voltage conflict.




  1. 4th house represents the constitution – it is the house of our forefathers – their patriotism, their ‘law of the land’.
  2. Because Cancer is on the 4th house cusp, the Moon (ruler of Cancer) represents the constitution. It is very strong in this chart – not only in Cancer (sign of ruler-ship) itself, but also angular (on the 4th house cusp itself). In other words, in regards to this issue, the Constitution is astrologically in a ‘seat of power’.
  3. 10th house represents the president and his executive order – this is traditionally the house of leadership and authority.
  4. Because Capricorn is on the 10th house cusp, then Saturn represents both President Trump and his executive order. This Saturn (in Sagittarius) is not particularly powerful – certainly much less so than the Constitution. Although dignified by face, term, and triplicity, this Saturn is cadent (in the 9th house) and as such is as if one fallen from a position in power to one of weakness – i.e. weakened – fallen from grace.
  5. The Moon and Saturn make no applying major aspects within orb – this suggests that the president’s executive order will never meet up with the constitution in the courts – i.e. there is no action between the two. If anything, such action has already occurred because the Moon has formed an opposition aspect to Saturn within the last 5-6 days. But because this is a separating (and not applying) aspect, it can tell us nothing about the future of the president and his executive order vis a vis the constitution.
  6. As the Moon is the overall symbol of how events play out – past, present, and future – we look to the Moon in this chart, which we know is on the 4th house cusp in Cancer.
  7. As noted above, this Moon has already formed an opposition to the President and his executive order. Note that it has already just formed an opposition to the MC or midheaven of this chart – the constitutional challenge has been highly visible – the MC representing this highest and most visible point in the chart. These (now separating ) aspects tell us much about how our current situation came to be but as noted above, tell us nothing about how it will play out in the future.
  8. The next aspect to be made by the Moon will be to square Venus. Venus – quite possibly signifying attempts at a diplomatic solution – is damaged in dignity ( in detriment) but strong by placement (cardinal/angular) suggesting that key attempts at a diplomatic solution to this clash between the constitution and the president and his executive order will fail – spectacularly – within one hour or one day. I use the term spectacularly because shortly after (within 5 hours or  possibly 5 days) its square with Venus, the Moon makes another square (more conflict) with a very, very strong Mars (dignified by ruler-ship, face, and triplicity and cadent) – expect HUGE (and highly publicised) FALLOUT.
  9. The next aspect the Moon makes is a Quincunx with the Sun – representing President Trump and his Cabinet. This Sun is in Aquarius – neither weak nor strong – and succedent (i.e. in the 11th house). Although the Sun is not damaged per se, the Constitution clearly has the upper hand. But the Quincunx aspect is at best a highly uncomfortable one – suggesting some rearrangement or significant change to the president’s position (and his executive order). This will occur within either 17 hours or 17 days.
  10. The Moon next makes a square aspect with Jupiter, representing the judiciary. Certainly the square suggests conflict and because Jupiter is in retrograde (going backwards) there is the suggestion that judiciary is not fully functional in regards to this issue. To my mind, Jupiter’s comfortable sextile with Saturn and trine with the Sun (both Saturn and the Sun represent the president and his executive order) is troubling. This suggests that the judiciary may well be in the president’s back pocket (so to speak). Note that Jupiter (judiciary) is not strong in this chart. It is dignified only by face, which basically is considered worse than no dignity at all – indeed this suggests that while once the judiciary had dignity in regards to this issue, it is about to loose it.
  11. Finally, the Moon makes an opposition to Mercury – which might be taken to represent trade and commerce. This suggests that American (indeed global) businesses may be left with a bad taste in their mouth regarding this issue – indeed it is also likely that news and other communication networks will have similar (unpleasant/conflicting) experiences. On a positive note, however, it also suggests that this might all force the ‘truth’ out into the public domain. Expect this within 28 hours or 28
  12. That is the end of the matter.

Will Mr A be tempted again?

Will Mr A be ‘tempted’ back to his former lover, Ms C?images

No – something has happened within the last 20 or so days that has caused Mr A to adopt a complete ‘change of heart’ – whether he is completely comfortable with this new position is a different matter – suggestions are that he is not. But what it is clear is that he’s chosen to take a ‘holier than though’ attitude re: his family vs. his extramarital affair – and that this likely has  much with his finances and business prospects. The affair with Mc C is now ended and will not be revived.

SITUATION – Mrs A has not been best pleased with Mr A for some months. Even though she’s had host of serious health issues during most of that time, Mr A carried on seeing his lover, Ms C – (see The Curious Case of Ms C for some more details). In doing so, Mr A risked everything – his job, his house, his family – it was as if he was caught up in some kind of Neptunian glamour – no matter how precarious his situation became, he wouldn’t let go of Ms C and whatever it was that she meant to him. Then Ms C started loudly and publicly showing her true colours and we can only imagine he thought them less than pretty and, of course, Mrs A had finally had enough and put her ‘financial’ foot down. Life for Mr A had pretty much overnight become quite grim. He backed off from Ms C, or so it would appear – but then we all known things aren’t always what they appear.

ANALYSIS – Everything now seems quiet – Mr A has lately become more or less a ‘model husband’. Should Mrs A trust this – she wonders – and so asks the horary question – ‘what likelihood now that Mr A will be ‘tempted back’ to Ms C?’tempted

  • Mrs A is the querent and so because Aries is rising, she is symbolised by Mars in at 23 PI, which is not particularly weak or strong. Hence even though because Mars is associated with ‘Strength’ (i.e. she remains a force with which to be reckoned), there’s actually not much she personally can do to affect this situation.
  • Mr A is the partner of Mrs A hence because Libra is on the 7th house cusp, he is symbolised by Venus – which is exalted in PI in his 6th Planets in exaltation assume more than their due – undoubtedly they are strong in the sense that they can make things happen – but in exaltation (as opposed to rulership), they tend to act arrogantly. This Venus is in the terms of Jupiter – i.e. officially ‘marries from their own blood and have many children who will become wealthy’. This suggests (along being conjunct also with Neptune) that Mr A has done some ‘internal’ about face – placing his family on a mystical, divine pedestal – untouchable – a pedestal that he might once have reserved for his physical desires for Ms C.
  • This is not to suggest that Mr A is thinking 100% straight re: his new attitude/approach. Nor does it mean he’s particularly happy about it either. Indeed, he probably is not. But because Jupiter conjuncts the 7th house cusp, it can also be taken to represent him and we find Jupiter is in a difficult QNX aspect with Mars (i.e. Mrs A). This suggests something is still ‘out of joint’ (so to speak) between the couple – but with some sort of change between them personally, things could get brighter.
  • More likely than not, Mr A is however at the end of the day feeling quite ‘elevated’ about his attitude/approach – and this most certainly has more to do with him personally than with either his marriage, family, or Ms C. See below, re: movements of the Moon for more possibilities as to what this might be about.
  • Ms C, being the (former) love interest of Mr A is represented by Saturn, ruler of his 5th (the chart’s 11th) house. Saturn is at 23 Sagittarius – neither strong nor weak. However, it is dignified by face – and although that may sound good, actually it is not because it suggests that although Ms C has been dignified in the past, she is about to lose her dignity. In other words, Ms C is on the way out.
  • Regarding the question as to whether Mr A will again be tempted by Ms C, we look to the aspect formed (if any) between Saturn (Ms C) and Venus (Mr A) – and in this case we find an applying SQUARE –this suggests that within 7 weeks (perhaps 7 months), the relationship will come to a crashing and permanent end. With the SQUARE, there is no possibility of Mr A being ‘tempted back’ now.
  • As the Moon is the overall symbol of how events will play out – both past, present, and future – we look to the Moon in this chart which is found at 24 Libra in the house of Mr A.
  • The first aspect made by this moon (about 20 days ago) was a SQUARE with Mercury in Capricorn – suggesting a difficult conversation perhaps business-related. It could also have coincided with a (business) trip of some sort – an important trip – as this aspect is considered good for dealing with influential people.
  • The next aspect made by this moon was a QNX aspect with Venus in Pisces which of course represents Mr A himself. It might well suggest that the message he took in from this difficult conversation was that all his Venusian affairs must be approached with caution – and this includes both personal finances and love affairs.
  • Although we usually do not use new planets such as Uranus in horary, it is tempting to suggest that the opposition that the Moon next formed to Uranus symbolised something both out of the blue and earth-shattering – and in regards to his marriage (Uranus on his 7th house cusp). Whatever it was, it forced him to change his approach/attitude.
  • The next aspects formed by this Moon were (1) a conjunction with Jupiter followed quickly by (2) a sextile to Saturn and (3) a QNX to Mars – suggesting that Mr A has just recently (last 2 days or weeks) realised the true amount of damage his love affair could cause him professionally (possibility even the threat of legal action by his employer if he carries on). Because in horary, Moon Sextile Saturn is traditionally BAD for both love affairs and friendships with women, it is likely that Mr A made this situation clear to Ms C. Shortly afterwards (2 minutes of arc), Mr A turns to his wife, Mrs A, who is represented by Mars in PI. This suggests that although he may not be certain why, he has definitely turned the tide back to those Piscean values noted above – i.e. placing his wife and family on some sort of mystical, divine (i.e. sacrosanct and untouchable) which is where they will remain.
  • The final aspect made by this Moon before it changes sign is a resounding SQUARE to the Sun at 29 Capricorn – unfavourable for new undertakings – dealing with influential people – suggesting again that any temptation he might have harboured to return to Ms C have been squashed by ‘greater concerns’. Because the Sun is conjunct this 5th/11th house cusp which represents Ms C (i.e. the ruler of this cusp in Saturn) it can also be taken as a symbol for Ms C – the square aspect between the Moon and the Sun reinforces that their relationship is now well and truly over. This is the end of the matter.

Should I establish an astrology practice?1465599578346


YES – all signs are ‘go’ for a new astrology practice. It is likely not only to be profitable but also to be of measurable help to clients – as Liz Greene has oft reminded us, the earliest role of the astrology was that of a priest – the maker of bridges between cosmic and human realities; in regards to my astrological studies, this is and always has been my goal. I can expect the first positive communications regarding my plans to manifest within a very short time.


  • I am the querent and because Pisces is rising, I am symbolised by Jupiter at 17 Libra which, although not in ruler-ship or exaltation, is comfortable (1) in its own (Egyptian) terms (suggesting ‘exaltation and glorification’ and (2) (mixed) Dorethean triplicity. Jupiter in sect (above the horizon with the Sun) in Libra brings ‘riches and happiness linked with glory’ It is also suggestive of being the ‘adviser of kings and princes’ and/or a ‘priest’.
  • Although Jupiter is not on, or in direct contact, with an angle, it in an angular house and hence in a reasonably strong position to accomplish its goals.
  • The 10th house (MC) cusp is considered dispositive of career and in this case with Sagittarius there (also ruled by Jupiter), it can be taken as another positive sign for my nascent astrology practice.
  • In a horary chart, the Moon functions as a general signficator of the situation, describing the surrounding circumstances as well as the forward and movements of events.
  • The Moon in this chart is at 4 Pisces (with Jupiter as its ruler) and will very soon first make a favourable sextile with Mercury – comfortable in its own (Egyptian) terms in the 10th house – highlighting favourable communication regarding ‘secret knowledge’ (which astrology undoubtedly is) in terms of career (10th house). In horary, the Moon in sextile to Mercury is ‘good for business’ as well as ‘for entering into contracts and agreements’. Because the Moon will perfect this aspect within a very short period of time (seconds of arc), I could expect the first positive communications regarding my new practice shortly. Very good.
  • The next aspect made by the Moon will be a sextile to the Sun in Sagittarius – and in a diurnal chart, this suggests ‘glory and prosper’ in wealth and power. Of note is that the Sun is in the 9th house which governs wisdom (i.e. journeys in faith bring wisdom). More good stuff.
  • The next aspect made by the Moon will be a sextile to Saturn – this is ‘bad for love affairs and friendship with women’ but favourable in building and excavation (consider astrology a delving into personality foundations and building from there). Good enough.
  • The next aspect will be a trine to Jupiter – this is more good stuff – as it is considered ‘favourable for starting new ventures and dealing with influential people’.
  • The final aspect to be made by this moon before it changes signs is a sextile to Venus – considered to be good for financial affairs (as well as for other things).Brilliant.
  • This is the end of the matter.

Ms A to spill beans about hubby’s lover?

Should Ms A spill the ‘proverbial’ beans regarding her husband’s lover?

No – In the eyes of her husband, both Ms A and the marriage are in a slightly weaker position than that of the lover. Spilling the beans, so to speak, may not only cause him to lose his job (which may happen anyway), but it will be highly disruptive and do nothing to strengthen her marriage.

Situation – Ms A is not pleased with Mr A. He has been seeing Ms C on the side for several years. As we’ve seen from earlier posts, Ms C has a fiery temper, certainly hot enough to get her into trouble. Ms C has the option during 2016-17 to keep her cool and if she can ‘play nice’, she might achieve her objectives, but she hasn’t. Instead she’s chosen to harass Ms A publicly and Ms A wishes to know whether by telling various authorities about the poor behaviour of Ms C, she might permanently sideline Ms C and hence get on with her marriage.


Ms A sideline Ms C

  • Ms A is the querent, hence because Capricorn is rising, she is symbolized by Saturn at 9 Sag, which is not particularly weak or strong. Hence although Ms A is holding all the action cards in this chart (i.e.stellium in  the 8th house, the house representing injuries, probing, investigation, penetration), she is not personally in a great position.
  • Mr A is the partner of Ms A and hence because Cancer is on the 7th house cusp, both he and their marriage, are represented by the Moon in Pisces. Although not particularly weak or strong, the Moon is slightly elevated being in its (mixed) Dorothean Triplicity (water).
  • Ms C, being the love interest of Mr A is represented by his 5th house (or the 11th house of the chart) with Scorpio on the cusp. Hence Ms C is symbolized by Mars in Sagittarius. Ms C is equally neither weak or strong, being neither in fall, exaltation, rulership, triplicity, term, nor face.
  • Interestingly, the last aspect made by the Moon (Mr A and the marriage) is a conjunction with Neptune. Although it is not technically accurate to use modern planets in horary considerations, it does give some indication of the degree of Mr A’s overall illusion and confusion. He is definitely not coming to any of this from a position of strength.
  • The first aspect of the Moon  in this chart was to form a square to Mars suggesting that initial, Mr A was at odds – fed up – with Ms C. But then the next aspect made by the Moon is a square with Saturn, suggesting that Mr A has recently become equally at odds with Ms A and his marriage.
  • Again using the modern planets, there is a hint that at the time this question was asked, Mr A is leaning towards Ms C. This is because she is represented by Scorpio (his 5th house cusp) and Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio. The Moon and Pluto are about to make a harmonious sextile.
  •  Ms A is holding all the cards in this chart –  i.e. as noted above, her 8th house is choker-block with potential action; Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter. But such action  will play out as (confrontational) oppositions to the Moon (Mr A). This is not likely to endear him to his wife if in any way he is able to blame her for these difficulties.
  • After the Moon perfects its sextile with Pluto, it goes on to make it’s first opposition – i.e. with Venus. Because Taurus is on the cusp of Mr A’s 10th house (4th house in this chart), Venus represents his job and professional status. Venus in Virgo is in fall, and hence is in damaged, debilitated condition. In other words, Mr A is already not in a strong position vis a vis his job and it is possible that within 3 weeks (or 3 months) = i.e. 3 degrees to perfection of the opposition – he might separate from it regardless.
  • But because Uranus (apologies for using yet another modern planet) is in a very tight quincunx aspect to Mercury (communication), such revelation such as Ms A is considering (i.e. a change of to the status quo can engage action by quincunx) could cause Mr A to separate from his job in a highly disruptive way (Uranus suggesting the disruption). At the very least, such communication as anticipated by Ms A could prove much more disruptive than she might otherwise have thought.
  • The final aspect to be made by the Moon is an opposition to Jupiter, suggesting some hard luck for Mr A (in 11 weeks or 11 months time). Because the  stellium of action,  falls in his 2nd house, money/finances will be the prime area hit. Although much of this will come to pass without action by Ms A, any actions taken by her can only make it all the more disruptive and unpleasant (not to mention with Uranus involved, a bit of a shock). But none of this will do anything to strengthen the marriage  or the position of Ms A – both being represented by Saturn which will make no beneficial aspects to the Moon.

This is the end of the matter.

Should Ms A move to Guernsey?

Should Ms A move to Guernsey with her husband to take up his new job?


NO – there is no current aspect between Ms A and a proposed move abroad – and although an aspect will occur (perfect) in the future, it is likely to come too late. In either 2 weeks or 2 months time, an event will occur that will hinder this anticipated move. On the other hand, the situation is ripe for the husband of Ms A to be offered a different – and perhaps even better – position (within either 8 weeks or 8 months time) which will not require a move to Guernsey.


Ms A Guernsey


  • Ms A is the querent hence, because Scorpio is rising, she is symbolised by Mars which is strong in its rulership (Scorpio) and cadent in the 1st house. Hence Ms A is  in an extremely strong position in regards to the question of whether or not this move should take place.
  • The move to Guernsey is symbolised by the Moon because Cancer, the sign of the Moons rulership, is on the 9th house cusp (house of foreign places).
  • No current aspect is formed by Mars (Ms A) and the Moon (Guernsey) even though they will form a harmonious sextile in the future. This suggests that although the circumstances under which the move might become favourable, it is likely to  be too late to suit Ms A.
  • In a horary chart, the Moon functions as a general significator of the situation, describing the surrounding circumstances as well as the forward and backwards movement of events; the past and future movements of the Moon in this chart (now at 8 Virgo 50), supports the above interpretation.
  • The last aspect made by this moon was a favourable trine to the part of fortune, supporting the view that such a move would seem to be extremely favourable.
  • However, the next aspect to be made by this Moon is a square to Saturn – one of the most damaging aspects that the Moon can suffer and in a general sense suggesting that the situation is leading to damage or loss. Because the Moon is 2 degrees away from perfection of this aspect, this damaging event will take place either within 2 weeks or 2 months.
  • The next aspect to be made by the Moon is a sextile to the Sun, often taken to symbolize the man in a horary chart. This aspect suggests that in regards to his career (Leo on MC, ruler, the Sun), the husband of Ms A will enjoy favours from titled or influential people. It also suggests short journeys, beneficial changes, new friendships and advancement. Hence it is quite possible that he will be offered an even better job that will not require moving to Guernsey.
  • The next aspect to be made by the Moon is a conjunction to Jupiter suggesting manifestation of that ‘better job offer’ and, because the Moon is 10 degrees from Jupiter, this is likely to occur within either 10 weeks or 10 months.
  • The final aspects to be made by this Moon before it changes sign are a sextile to both Mercury and Mars – suggesting some sort of communication (in either 15 weeks or 15 months), which will prove beneficial in regards to Ms A’s husband’s proposed job move to Guernsey. However, as noted earlier, this is likely to come to late to suit Ms A.
  • This is the end of the matter.