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Redundancy to Promotion?

Last weekend, a friend was stressing about the possibility of being made redundant. His company is soon undergoing some cost-cutting and a number of jobs are to be axed. The horary chart drawn up to address his concerns showed that while his current position was no longer safe, he was on course to gain an even better situation either outside his company or possibly, … Read More Redundancy to Promotion?


A friend is concerned that he will soon be made redundant. His company is very soon to undergo some serious cost-cutting. SUMMARY The following horary chart suggests that his current job is no longer safe – in the last few days (or hours) there has been some treachery behind the scenes that has been a game-changer. Within a month my friend will separate from … Read More Redundancy?

Will his Russian Intrigue bring Trump Down?

Will the current ‘intrigue’ regarding Trump and Russia ‘bring him down’? _____________________ SUMMARY YES & NO – although clearly Mr Trump has ‘enemies’ (secret or otherwise) in regards to this ‘intrigue’ –  enemies who are far stronger than is he – it remains unclear whether they will (or even whether they will try to) damage his reputation enough to ‘bring him down’. Having said … Read More Will his Russian Intrigue bring Trump Down?

Happily ever after for Mr and Mrs W?

For some months, Mr and Mrs W have been suffering some marital problems. However, they have been working fervently toward a mutually-agreeable solution. In the face of what would appear to be a very recent and serious set-back towards that goal, Mrs W has asked whether she and Mr W will stay together and eventually find happiness? YES – this happy result should become clear … Read More Happily ever after for Mr and Mrs W?

The Future of Ms P’s Unconventional Marriage

Out of the blue, Ms P has announced her intention marry another woman in June of this year. Her family have asked whether this ‘unconventional’ marriage is in Ms P’s best interest? SUMMARY – In the shorter term, perhaps not – at least in the sense that for the next couple of years, this relationship is likely to be a source of considerable tension for … Read More The Future of Ms P’s Unconventional Marriage

Determination of the constitutionality of Trump’s Travel Ban

Will Trump’s executive order re: recent travel ban be declared (by the courts) as unconstitutional? NO – although clearly the constitution is in serious conflict with the President and his executive order, some readjustment between the order and the constitution will occur (within 17 hours or possibly 17 days) that will prevent the courts from deciding on the issue. In the meantime, expect some high … Read More Determination of the constitutionality of Trump’s Travel Ban

Will Mr A be tempted again?

Will Mr A be ‘tempted’ back to his former lover, Ms C? No – something has happened within the last 20 or so days that has caused Mr A to adopt a complete ‘change of heart’ – whether he is completely comfortable with this new position is a different matter – suggestions are that he is not. But what it is clear is that he’s … Read More Will Mr A be tempted again?

Should I establish an astrology practice? SUMMARY YES – all signs are ‘go’ for a new astrology practice. It is likely not only to be profitable but also to be of measurable help to clients – as Liz Greene has oft reminded us, the earliest role of the astrology was that of a priest – the maker of bridges between cosmic and human realities; in … Read More

Ms A to spill beans about hubby’s lover?

In the eyes of her husband, Mr A, both Ms A and the marriage are in a slightly weaker position than that of the lover and his job is already in a debilitated condition. Spilling the beans, so to speak, may not only cause him to lose his job (which may happen anyway), but it will be highly disruptive and do nothing to strengthen her marriage.

Should Ms A move to Guernsey?

There is no current aspect forming between Ms A and a move abroad to Guernsey although an aspect will be made at some time in the future, it is likely to come too late.

Should Ms K divorce?

‘Something’ is wrong with this idea of divorce (indicated by the quincunx aspect) and the divorce will not proceed until it is fixed.

Will the UK leave the EU?

This is now a moot question.

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