Determination of the constitutionality of Trump’s Travel Ban

Will Trump’s executive order re: recent travel ban be declared (by the courts) as unconstitutional?

unknownNO – although clearly the constitution is in serious conflict with the President and his executive order, some readjustment between the order and the constitution will occur (within 17 hours or possibly 17 days) that will prevent the courts from deciding on the issue. In the meantime, expect some high voltage conflict.




  1. 4th house represents the constitution – it is the house of our forefathers – their patriotism, their ‘law of the land’.
  2. Because Cancer is on the 4th house cusp, the Moon (ruler of Cancer) represents the constitution. It is very strong in this chart – not only in Cancer (sign of ruler-ship) itself, but also angular (on the 4th house cusp itself). In other words, in regards to this issue, the Constitution is astrologically in a ‘seat of power’.
  3. 10th house represents the president and his executive order – this is traditionally the house of leadership and authority.
  4. Because Capricorn is on the 10th house cusp, then Saturn represents both President Trump and his executive order. This Saturn (in Sagittarius) is not particularly powerful – certainly much less so than the Constitution. Although dignified by face, term, and triplicity, this Saturn is cadent (in the 9th house) and as such is as if one fallen from a position in power to one of weakness – i.e. weakened – fallen from grace.
  5. The Moon and Saturn make no applying major aspects within orb – this suggests that the president’s executive order will never meet up with the constitution in the courts – i.e. there is no action between the two. If anything, such action has already occurred because the Moon has formed an opposition aspect to Saturn within the last 5-6 days. But because this is a separating (and not applying) aspect, it can tell us nothing about the future of the president and his executive order vis a vis the constitution.
  6. As the Moon is the overall symbol of how events play out – past, present, and future – we look to the Moon in this chart, which we know is on the 4th house cusp in Cancer.
  7. As noted above, this Moon has already formed an opposition to the President and his executive order. Note that it has already just formed an opposition to the MC or midheaven of this chart – the constitutional challenge has been highly visible – the MC representing this highest and most visible point in the chart. These (now separating ) aspects tell us much about how our current situation came to be but as noted above, tell us nothing about how it will play out in the future.
  8. The next aspect to be made by the Moon will be to square Venus. Venus – quite possibly signifying attempts at a diplomatic solution – is damaged in dignity ( in detriment) but strong by placement (cardinal/angular) suggesting that key attempts at a diplomatic solution to this clash between the constitution and the president and his executive order will fail – spectacularly – within one hour or one day. I use the term spectacularly because shortly after (within 5 hours or  possibly 5 days) its square with Venus, the Moon makes another square (more conflict) with a very, very strong Mars (dignified by ruler-ship, face, and triplicity and cadent) – expect HUGE (and highly publicised) FALLOUT.
  9. The next aspect the Moon makes is a Quincunx with the Sun – representing President Trump and his Cabinet. This Sun is in Aquarius – neither weak nor strong – and succedent (i.e. in the 11th house). Although the Sun is not damaged per se, the Constitution clearly has the upper hand. But the Quincunx aspect is at best a highly uncomfortable one – suggesting some rearrangement or significant change to the president’s position (and his executive order). This will occur within either 17 hours or 17 days.
  10. The Moon next makes a square aspect with Jupiter, representing the judiciary. Certainly the square suggests conflict and because Jupiter is in retrograde (going backwards) there is the suggestion that judiciary is not fully functional in regards to this issue. To my mind, Jupiter’s comfortable sextile with Saturn and trine with the Sun (both Saturn and the Sun represent the president and his executive order) is troubling. This suggests that the judiciary may well be in the president’s back pocket (so to speak). Note that Jupiter (judiciary) is not strong in this chart. It is dignified only by face, which basically is considered worse than no dignity at all – indeed this suggests that while once the judiciary had dignity in regards to this issue, it is about to loose it.
  11. Finally, the Moon makes an opposition to Mercury – which might be taken to represent trade and commerce. This suggests that American (indeed global) businesses may be left with a bad taste in their mouth regarding this issue – indeed it is also likely that news and other communication networks will have similar (unpleasant/conflicting) experiences. On a positive note, however, it also suggests that this might all force the ‘truth’ out into the public domain. Expect this within 28 hours or 28
  12. That is the end of the matter.

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