A friend is concerned that he will soon be made redundant. His company is very soon to undergo some serious cost-cutting.


The following horary chart suggests that his current job is no longer safe – in the last few days (or hours) there has been some treachery behind the scenes that has been a game-changer. Within a month my friend will separate from this employment and go on to bigger and better things. It is vital that at no time during the coming weeks of months, however, that he  overestimates his strength and abilities or takes rash and/or angry actions.



  • Because I am the querent, my friend = the 7th house cusp = Aquarius and so he is represented by Saturn, the ruler of Aquarius.
  • Saturn is very strong in Capricorn, its sign of rulership.
  • Saturn is however, not well placed in my friend’s 12th house, the place of unknown enemies as well as that which is secret and/or in a premature state of development that is not yet able to be consciously recognised. This suggests that something treacherous is going on behind the scenes which will likely not be to his immediate benefit.
  • His job = 4th house cusp (his 10th house) = Libra and so his job is represented by Venus, the ruler of Libra.
  • Libra is in Aries, where it is in detriment – or weak – i.e. damaged or harmed in some way.
  • Venus (14 Aries) has recently formed a square to Saturn (8 Capricorn) which suggest my friend and his job are no longer on the best of terms.
  • As the Moon is the overall symbol – of how events play out (past, present, future), we look to the Moon (9 Aries) and all the aspects that it has and will make:
    • The first aspect the Moon made was a square with Mars (0 Aries) – this aspect is generally unfavourable and quite possibility represents an ‘on-point’ argument of some sort – either within the last 9 days or 9 hours. Because Mars has just entered the 12th house, it is quite possible a previously unknown enemy has surfaced.
    • The next aspect the Moon made was a square to Saturn (8 Capricorn) – this is also generally an unfavourable aspect and suggests that within the last day or hour, the tide has turned negative in regards to my friend and his job.
    • The next aspect the Moon will make is a conjunction with Venus (14 Aries). This is a highly favourable aspect and because Venus represents my friend’s job, it could be good news financially which could manifest as early as in 5 days or (less likely) 5 hours.
    • The next aspect the Moon will make is a conjunction with Mercury – excellent for signing contracts and commercial transactions.
    • Although horary does not generally consider the newer planets, it is tempting in this situation to consider what it might mean for the Moon to next make a square with Pluto (20 Capricorn). Not only does this suggest behind-the-scenes power play of some sort, but a strong emotional upheaval.
    • The final aspect the Moon will make before changing signs is a conjunction to Uranus (26 Aries). Again, horary does not usually consider this planet but it looks as if this could be the separation of my friend from his job within 15 or so days.
    • Because all of this lunar activity takes place in the 4th house of my friend, it could suggest a domestic move as the result and with Uranus involved in the final play, the unexpected is all that can be expected. However with Moon/Venus involved, and Venus ruling not just my friend’s job, but also his entire career, this will all likely soon enough be a cause of some celebration.
    • This is further suggested because the Moon at 9 Aries is conjunct the fixed star, Algenib (otherwise known as Mirfak), which is connected to the young warrior, proud of his strength and hunting/fighting abilities. This is associated with drive and ambition. The only warning here is a tendency to overestimate strength and abilities. It is a brilliant vital energy – ready to engage and prevail – albeit with a tendency toward taking rash action.

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