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  • Solar Return for Ms K 2016-17 / Be Careful!

    The Solar Return chart gives a brief snapshot of a 12 month period (birthday-to-birthday).  Such predictive techniques are necessarily short and sweet giving you, the client, the chance to fill in the details for yourself. The following is for Ms K’s –  2016-2017: You’ve been busy thinking not only about others but also how your […]

  • As promised, solar return/predictive work for MC – chin up!

    Summary – Haven’t been feeling yourself? Gloom and doom got you down? Has someone you thought you could trust deceived you? The dark cloud under which you’ve been living these past nine months will soon lift but you’ll still need to remain vigilant to avoid being deluded. Keep your spirits up! Although your skies may […]

  • Case Study for Ms Y – Directing by Triplicity

    The Moon of Ms Y is in the ‘terms’ of Jupiter and this gives her significant authority over others. But because her Moon is at square (difficult) aspect with Jupiter in her own chart, she may struggle as to how to exercise that authority and this may well be part of what underlies her current angst.

  • The troubles of a certain Mr A and idea of pre-destination

    Now I realise that all of this sounds much too fatalistic to appeal to 21st century ideas of ‘freedom of choice’ and ‘psychological growth’. However it does indicate that at some level our lives are pre-destined and at the moment, I’m at a loss on how to suggest it might be otherwise.

  • Predicting with Medieval Astrological Techniques – Directing by Triplicity

    Note that there are no hard and fast rules as to when you’re moving from one life phase to another – but usually by about aged 30 years of age you should be transitioning to the 2nd triplicity ruler and about aged 60 years you move into the last phase.