Kavanaugh – I got it wrong – oh, well, what next then? Impeachment on the horizon?

OK, I got it wrong.

Yesterday, contrary to my prediction, Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed and sworn in as a Supreme Court judge.

Was it me or the astrology? A little bit of both, I suspect.

The chart was clear that the decision was already set in stone before I asked the horary question but it wasn’t clear which way that decision went. I filled in the details using a little bit of astrology and a whole lot of how I wanted it to turn out. I don’t know if Kavanaugh did sexually assault Ms. Ford or not and I don’t suppose that anyone other than he and she and maybe his buddy, will ever do. But I’d come to the conclusion that didn’t matter because Kavanaugh had publicly shown himself not up to the job. I wasn’t the only one who felt the way but that doesn’t matter either. What does matter is that I allowed my personal feelings to color my reading of the chart.

Can this be avoided?

Probably not but I ought to be able to compensate for such prejudice a bit better than I have done. Sorry.

So, will Kavanaugh be looking at impeachment?

I don’t know for sure but despite my wanting it to happen, I’d have to say that it is not likely to happen, at least not during his 2019/20 solar return (SR) year.

Because we don’t have a birthtime, the technique isn’t as strong as it might be but a couple of things stand strongly out:SR 2019 20

  • His SR Moon in Taurus suggests that this will be a time of emotional stability and strength and that it trines SR Saturn repeats the theme. Security will be an issue but not in any gut-wrenching sense.
  • His SR Moon is square his SR Sun which suggests that his head (rational thoughts) and heart (emotions) are not in sync. OK, maybe a little guilt-hangover about the way he got the job? Innocent or not of the assault charges levelled against him, he did not put on a good show. But this doesn’t suggest the kind of stress that his 2018/19 SR chart did.
  • His SR Mars is conjunct his SR Uranus – well, this suggests instability, impatience, unreliability – basically, a rebel without a cause. But then this is not unique to Kavanaugh because every single person born on 12 February (regardless of the year) will ‘enjoy’ this same hot-headed energy. It’s what Kavanaugh chooses to do with it that matters and all things equal, his natal chart suggests that although he’s a bit too gullible for his own good (Sun square Neptune) – not to mention having to deal with a troublesome ego, he basically has a good head on his shoulders (Mercury in Aquarius) albeit he does have a tendency to ‘stretch’ the truth (Mercury square Neptune).
  • That SR Moon trine SR Pluto/Saturn suggests some intense emotions (difficult, let’s be honest) and some sort of crisis manifesting as separation, loss, or shock. But because the aspect involved here is ‘soft’ (i.e. a trine), he’ll probably weather any storm like this pretty well.
  • Does this look like the SR chart of a man about to be impeached from public office as the result of what would surely be a highly public, gruelling (ghastly) spectacle?
  • As much as I might wish that it did, it DOES NOT.

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