Will Brett Kavanaugh become a Supreme Court Judge?

Horary chart set for the following question:

Will Brett Kavanaugh become a Supreme Court Judge?


Probably not –using traditional astrology, the matter has already been decided in the negative and there is no more play in this situation. However, there remains a last-ditch chance if that decision(s) is somehow changed/altered, usually by new information or new persons entering the situation. Unfortunately, as this chart suggests, this is unlikely to happen.

Horary - BK to SCt

Detailed Analysis:

  • Because I am asking the question about Brett, he is symbolised by the 7th house in this chart and because Gemini is on the cusp of the 7th, he is symbolised by Mercury, the 7th house ruler, which is found at 22 Libra 49.
  • Because the question is about Brett’s status and career, then his 10thhouse (this chart’s 4thhouse) will determine the outcome. Because Aries is on the cusp of that house, then Mars, the ruler of Aries, signifies Brett’s career/status with regards to becoming a judge on the Supreme Court. Mars is found at 7 Aquarius 47.
  • Mercury forms a separating (trine) aspect with Mars and this suggests that the negative decision has already been taken. In order to have a ‘yes’ answer, we should have the faster moving planet (Mercury or Brett)  applying to Mars, his appointment to the Supreme Court. Traditionally, without an applying aspect, there will be no positive action taken.
  • It’s possible that Brett’s aspirations to the Supreme Court are signified by his 9th house (traditionally the house associated with courts of law). In this chart, Brett’s 9th house is the chart’s 3rd house and because Pisces is on the cusp, then the position as judge would be symbolised by Jupiter, the ruler of Pisces. Jupiter is found at 22 Scorpio 55. Mercury is not making any Ptolemaic aspect (trine, sextile, square, opposition, or conjunction) to Jupiter.
  • Traditionally a Ptolemaic (applying) aspect is required for perfection or a ‘yes’ answer. However, some modern astrologers do consider other aspects like the 30-degree inconjunct.
  • Now, in this chart, Mercury (the faster moving planet) is applying to Jupiter (an inconjunct) within 6 minutes of arc. OK, the answer is forthcoming probably within the next 6 hours. But with the inconjunct, there is always some dislocation, some adjustment needed – usually suggesting that for there to be a ‘yes’ answer some additional support is needed and/or decisions already made must be changed or overturned. For this to happen, we would like to see either Jupiter or Mercury in really good condition and this is NOT the case.
  • Although Mercury in Libra is neither strong nor weak, Jupiter in Scorpio is not a ‘happy camper’. Mercury is also conjunct the fixed stars, Arcturus and Spica suggesting that although Brett is gifted and brilliant, he is also belligerent and quarrelsome. Jupiter is conjunct the fixed star, Zuben Elgenubi, which causes ‘malevolence, violence, lying and danger from poisoning. A gifted yet quarrelsome judge brining violence and lying to the court, does not sound particularly promising to me.
  • Still, if the Moon, the fastest planet in the chart would suggest a ‘yes’ answer, it could still happen.
  • The Moon is at 23 Leo 02 and is void of course (i.e. it will make no aspects with other planets before it changes sign and even once it does change sign.  According to William Lilly (Christian Astrology, p. 112) ‘in judgements doe you carefully observe whether she (the Moon) be void of course yea or no; you shall seldom see a businesse goe handsomely forward when she is so.”
  • Altogether, with the void of course Moon and the lack of a strong applying positive aspect, it is highly unlikely that Brett Kavanaugh will become a Supreme Court Justice.

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