Brett Kavanaugh – his 2018/19 year


Although Mr Kavanaugh’s 2018-19 SR chart (based on a natal chart set for noon) pinpoints some serious challenges, it also provides opportunities. In order to make the most of what’s on offer during 2018/19, Mr Kavanaugh needs to be scrupulously honest with himself and others and not take risks unlikely to provide desired results. It will be a difficult year emotionally, but it does not need to end in tears if Mr Kavanaugh is truly up to the occasion.

Detailed Analysis

Kavanaugh SRMoon

Much information about the year ahead for Mr Kavanaugh is to be gained by looking to the position of the Moon in his 2018/19 solar return chart.

This is because the Moon symbolises his emotional and involuntary response to his environment. With this, he is left wide open to outside influences and because he is so emotionally tied in with them, it will be difficult, if not impossible, for him to to gain much-needed  perspective.

Mr Kavanaugh’s SR (solar return) Moon is conjunct SR Pluto. This suggests intense emotional, manipulative responses to women and the feminine in general. Expect crisis, separation, loss, and shock.  Because Pluto is oft associated with profound transformation, we should also expect that as the result of whatever transpires regarding the feminine, Mr Kavanaugh will be severely emotionally challenged and changed. Further, because his SR Moon is in Capricorn, this will likely play out in regards to his career and reputation and with Pluto involved,  Mr Kavanaugh’s reputation could be irrevocably ‘tarnished’. Power plays such as suggested by Pluto often end in tears.

Depending on time of birth, it is also possible that his SR Moon is sextile SR Neptune and if this were the case, then this could manifest as be a year of being moody and feeling sorry for himself. Mr Kavanaugh may also feel deceived and neglected and as the result may be tempted into adopting escapist behaviours as well as getting entangled into webs of deceit and lies.  Domestic confusion could be likely.

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Also enshrined in Mr Kavanaugh’s 2018/19 SR chart is his SR Sun in sextile to SR Uranus. Not only is this a key aspect in his SR chart, but it also represents a year-long transit. In a SR chart, the position of the Sun shows where the native will shine, how and where he uses his vital energies.

The Sun is both rational and ego-driven. With Uranus involved by sextile, Mr Kavanaugh has the opportunity to wake-up and change both his mindset and life direction. Out-of-the-blue ‘opportunities’ will present themselves and if properly seized, the resulting change will be as significant as it will be unexpected. But keep in mind that with the sextile, Mr Kavanaugh is only presented with the opportunity to change and whether he will will grasp it certainly not a given.

He is also experiencing SR Jupiter in square aspect to his SR Sun. Because Jupiter expands and magnifies everything it touches, we might expect Mr Kavanaugh to become involved in situations that may prove beyond his capabilities. This configuration often encourages the native to take risks that are unlikely to turn out as hoped. Overextending oneself, either by carelessness or indulgence, is associated with this energy, and more often than not, this leads  not fame and fortune but to trouble.







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