Full Moon Ahead – prepare for delays

The relationship between personal empowerment and the moon is a cycle of waxing and waning.

As the Moon grows to fullness, you work to increase the good things in your life and as it wanes, you rid yourself of that which no longer serves you.

The full moon, the most powerful phase of the lunar cycle is the most potent for harvesting that for which you’ve worked hard.

But each of the thirteen annual lunar cycle works don’t work exactly same. This is because of the zodiacal influences are always in flux.

On Sunday, 26th August 2018, at 11:57 UT (universal time), the Full Moon will be at 3 Pisces 12.

According to the Sabian symbols, this degree represents heavy traffic on a narrow isthmus or, as Lynda Hill puts it, heavy car traffic linking two seaside resorts.

The picture is one of overcrowding, frustration, and serious delays.

Your planned journey from point A to point B is not going smoothly and if you’re ever get to your destination, patience is required, big-time. Perhaps you should consider taking a detour or even turning around. Getting out and walking might not be a bad idea. It will take more time to get where you’re going but then there’s a higher chance of ultimate success than sitting in a traffic jam.

It doesn’t hurt to remember that some journeys are not worth making and that certain road-blocks actually turn out to be heaven sent.

With this full moon, consider your options carefully, especially in regards to certain things that haven’t been going too well. There’s probably a good reason for that and with the energy of this full moon, it’s the perfect time to find out.

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