Today and Tomorrow are Phlegmatic/Choleric Days


With the Sun in Cancer (cold/wet) and the Moon in Sagittarius (hot/dry) it’s going to be a Phlegmatic/Choleric couple of days.

You may recall that humoural theory is based on the ancient and medieval physiology and medicine as expounded by Empedocles, Hippocrates, and Galen – it’s all to do with the four blocks or ‘roots’ of the material world that manifest in certain humours and their related temperaments:

Fire Hot/dry Yellow Bile Choleric
Earth Cold/dry Black Bile Melancholic
Water Cold/wet Phlegm Phlegmatic
Air Hot/wet Blood Sanguine

Often we experience various combinations of the four humours resulting in mixed temperaments – the more balanced between the four humours – the better and this one, although not the easiest to balance – can actually be quite beneficial. For although the Sun (in Cancer, cold/wet) has nothing in common with the Moon (in Sagittarius hot/dry) – indeed they are at opposite ends of the spectrum – the two energies can work to balance each other out rather like if you and a partner were on a see-saw.humor theory

According Nicholas Culpeper’s 16th century translation of Galen’s Art of Physick, we can expect the Phlegmatic/Choleric energy of the next two days to be dreamy but not lazy – sluggish but still merry.

In terms of the Jungian Functions, feeling is infused with the bright sparks of intuition – hence your emotional responses to outside events can give honest and valuable insight into both you and the situation. Just take care not to get too carried away – the name of the game at the moment is balance.

Remember that Fire (Sagittarius) and Water (Cancer) makes steam – either blow it away or harness it to your benefit (as with a steam engine) – this time it’s up to you.

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