Tag: Liz Greene

  • Transference & Countertransference for Coaches

    The psychological realty is that both coaches and their clients come into a session with personal agendas that will feed into the session for better or worse. One aspect of this is what is known by therapists and psychologists as transference/countertransference, something they are trained to spot as well as to deal with it. Usually, […]

  • What’s your ‘astrological’ fate?

    Until you devise a conscious, constructive outlet for the energy you’re missing, it will operate unconsciously through the collective – in what is often referred to as ‘fate’.

  • With help from Jupiter, you might get lucky

    Many believe that where Jupiter is, you’ll be lucky. In large part this is true.  However with Jupiter, luck isn’t left to chance.  Instead, it’s all about timing and vision. Whether through religion or philosophy, when you see how you fit into the bigger picture, then all else falls into place. Jupiter is the Roman […]