With help from Jupiter, you might get lucky

Many believe that where Jupiter is, you’ll be lucky.

In large part this is true.  However with Jupiter, luck isn’t left to chance.  Instead, it’s all about timing and vision. Whether through religion or philosophy, when you see how you fit into the bigger picture, then all else falls into place.

Jupiter is the Roman equivalent of the Greek god Zeus, whose name derives from the Indo-European ‘djeus’ – which is composed of ‘deus’ or deity and ‘theos’ or the moment of light.

The combination of the gods and enlightenment is admittedly, intriguing.  Indeed, according to Liz Greene, Jupiter provides you with a personal path to spirituality – your own ‘divine plan’.

To learn more about what this might be, examine the zodiac sign in which Jupiter resides in your chart (house placement is equally important, but let’s leave that to another day).

Jupiter in Aries – you’re always on a crusade – a constant supply of fresh ideas is required to feed your fervent need for adventure and an exciting lifestyle.  Beware of a certain amount of egotism, however – but when its channelled towards helping the community at large, its forgivable if not outright charming.

Jupiter in Taurus – you need your feet planted firmly on the ground for you are constrained to work within the framework of the material world.   Your spiritual and religious values must, therefore, be grafted onto your need for material comfort and security.  Thus you will likely take a practical approach to religion.  Beware of fanaticism, however, for you may be prone to tenaciously held beliefs.

Jupiter in Gemini –  you’re always on the move – learning more and more enlarges your breadth of spiritual vision.  Beware of holding superficial beliefs.   By nature Gemini has a penchant for novelty and change.  This doesn’t give much incentive to getting to the root of things.  You’ll find your spiritual path by testing your hypotheses about the divine in your head rather than in your heart.

Jupiter in Cancer – you connect with the divine through your emotions – by holding together a community or family.  Your path is to find unity and group solidarity in all you say and do.  Beware of meddlesomeness under the guise of trying to be helpful.  Also beware of simply espousing (without examination) your group’s religious causes and beliefs.

Jupiter in Leo –  you need to find your deeper values through everyday living.  This is best achieved through helping others – for the hearth-flame (of which Leo is a symbol) burns ever brighter the more it is stoked.   Keep in mind, however, that Jupiter in Leo isn’t one for details.  Broader outlines and ambitious plans are more your cup of tea.

Jupiter in Virgo – religious feelings may be reduced to a sense of duty and you may feel you shoulder too much responsibility in the wake.   However uncomfortable this is, know it is here that your spiritual path lies.  For it is through relief work and service to others that you find your true calling.  There’s little doubt you’ll carry out your duties to perfection.

Jupiter in Libra – broaden your spiritual horizons through making ever more contacts and friends.  Your sense of justice is strong.  But this may prove to be a disadvantage for Jupiter isn’t about being fair.  Fairness implies the weighing of scales.  But you can’t help everyone – especially when they’re on opposite sides.  So best to join in a common cause and avoid making choices, which you’ll never do well.

Jupiter in Scorpio –broaden your spiritual horizons through anything that helps you understand your own (and others’) motivations.  This provides you with precious insight into the meaning of life.   Beware of moralising, however.  One of the downsides of coming to grips with your faults, is the tendency to force the same process on others.

Jupiter in Sagittarius – your search for a more comprehensive picture of the cosmos inclines you to do what’s necessary to live in keeping with your inner faith.   Beware, however, of boasting and self-conceit.  While the patterns of the universe may for you be clear and obvious, for others it will not be the same.

Jupiter in Capricorn – your need for spiritual and religious values is directed to things of practical and ‘real worth’.  This might mean that your faith rests on dogma and ritual and that’s OK.  However you have a real opportunity to find what you need from a different material and social point of view.   Use your keen organizing abilities in the service of others and you’ll soon understand what this can mean.

Jupiter in Aquarius – for you, spiritual and religious values must comply with the rules of logic – and this isn’t always for the best.   Try not to spend time persuading others to your point of view.  Instead take your facts and figures out into a wider social setting and help others to express what is most important for them.

Jupiter in Pisces – your sense of religious and spiritual values comes from your feelings about what surrounds you – atmospheres and general moods will effect you greatly – so take special care to understand which values belong to you or somebody else.  Your greatest gift is your ability to feel at one with your fellows.  You have the ability to show them their own paths.


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