BREXIT- the cold, hard future reality

Will BREXIT happen as proposed by Theresa May and her government?

  • Probably not and after much subterfuge and confusion, it’s likely to be a ‘hard’ (difficult and isolationist) BREXIT.
  • This is likely to be the result of a court decision(s) and severely at odds with popular opinion.



Cap ingress 2018Mundane astrologers often construct ingress charts for each of the four annual quarters in order to assess where a nation-state is headed for that quarter. This chart is drawn the Sun’s ingress into Capricorn on 21 December 2018 and should take us through until March 2019 when the Sun moves into Aries.

One of the major concerns facing the UK during this upcoming period is BREXIT. How is this likely to fare?

What the chart tells us:

  1. Uranus (at 28 Aries 43) is at the ‘bending’ of the nodal axis (28 Capricorn/Cancer). Typically, planets in such a position function as a ‘point of release’ in the sense that things manifest in the outer world. In mundane astrology, Uranus is linked to revolutions, innovation, and break-down of order and here, Uranus is found in the 9th house, which is linked to the legal system. Because this is what’s on course to manifest, it’s entirely possible that a court of law will seriously upset the UK government’s current BREXIT plans in a way that brings collapse to order and stability.
  2. For how this might work, we might look to Mercury which, because Virgo is rising, is the chart ruler. Mercury symbolises both trade and commerce and the press. In this chart, Mercury is tightly conjunct to Jupiter also dealing with the legal system. Jupiter (the courts) is very strong in Sagittarius, the sign ruled by Jupiter. This Mercury/Jupiter conjunction is placed close (within one degree) to the IC/MC axis (i.e. the prime minster/leader vs. the common people). This reinforces the idea that the courts are stronger than the government during the this period in regards to trade and commerce and whatever is likely to manifest in this arena, will do so as the result of the judicial system.
  3. Taking this one step further, we find the Moon (in Gemini – a sign ruled by Mercury) high in the sky in the 10th house– where, if Mrs May and her government were on course for success we would expect to find the Sun. In mundane astrology the Moon symbolises the masses – the common people. In any mundane chart, the Moon speaks to the heart of the matter – popular opinion and mass ideology. This suggests the British people are very likely to ‘speak again’ and this time, the message they deliver is likely to be very different from before but will it matter?
  4. This Moon is linked loosely by square aspect (i.e. manifestation, testing, crisis) to a Mars/Neptune conjunction in the 7th house (Neptune being very powerful in Pisces, the sign in rules and tight with the chart’s angles). The 7th house rules foreign relations and agreements and with Mars/Neptune and here, we can expect subversion and confusion.biwheel
  5. Looking at how the 2018 ingress chart fits in with the chart of when the UK joined the EU back in 1973, we find the ingress Saturn not only conjunct the IC (4thhouse cusp = the common people/the homeland) but also the 1973 Sun (i.e., the EU itself). In mundane astrology, Saturn seeks social order in a disciplinarian, intolerant, and extremist way. Saturn tends to be protectionist and isolationist and builds walls rather than bridges. Put 2018 Saturn together with the 1973 Sun and we’ve got a difficult separation.
  6. Finally, because the 2018 Moon (the common people) is conjunct the 1973 Saturn, this BREXIT will likely be at odds with the popular opinion of the British people. They may have spoken, but the matter was no longer in their hands. The Moon combined with Saturn is lonely and sad, suggesting separation resulting from the traditions of the ‘father-land’. Keywords for Moon/Saturn include disadvantage, depression, worries, isolation, and estrangement/separation.

Will the UK leave the EU?

Will the UK leave the EU?


Based on my interpretation of this horary chart, this is now a moot question.

will uk leave EUThe UK is represented by Jupiter because Pisces (which Jupiter rules) is on the cusp of the 7th house, i.e. the house of the quesited. The EU is represented by Mercury because Virgo is on the cusp of the 1st house (the 7th house of partnerships for the UK).

Mercury is at 26 Gemini and Jupiter is at 16 Virgo. They form a separating square. There are no applying aspects. This states clearly that there is no future between the two. Everything in regards to the (square = difficult) relationship of the UK’s EU membership was decided when that square was perfected on 23 June.

In a horary chart, the Moon functions as a general significator of the situation, describing the surrounding circumstances as well as the forward and backwards movement of events; the past and future movements of the Moon in this chart (now at 15 Aries), supports the above interpretation.

The last aspect made by this Moon was a square to Venus at 13 Cancer, suggesting that diplomatic efforts to resolve conflicts between the UK and the EU have now failed. This failure lies at the heart of the next aspect yet to be made by the Moon – a square with Pluto indicating transformation and/or regeneration of the relationship between the UK and EU. The next aspect the Moon will make after that is a conjunction with Uranus, the classic significator of a divorce. After this, the Moon makes a sextile to Mercury suggesting that some mutually suitable agreement will be be announced and because these two planets (Mercury and the Moon) are 11 degrees apart, this will occur most likely within 11 months time. That is the end of the matter.




Utopian Politics (2012-2025)


From 201images-22 – 2025, the planet Neptune transits Pisces, the zodiacal sign of its rulership where it comes strong into own.

According to Liz Greene (The Astrological Neptune and the Quest for Redemption, pp – 293-297) this is characterised politically by:

  • Disintegration of existing structures and values,
  • Escapist tendencies leading to embracing utopian ideals – i.e. a mythical golden age to which if only we might return, all will be shiny and bright again,images-1
  • ‘Virus of nationalism’ – i.e. dreams of OUR glorious past – free of foreign influence – national purity and self-sufficiency – spiritual longing for that wonderful lost world, (we believe) once was enjoyed by our forefathers.

Remember that in Greek, the world ‘utopia’ means ‘nowhere’.

Is ‘nowhere’ where you really want to go?


PS: the last time Neptune was in Pisces was 1846-1848 during which period was waged the Mexican-American war:







BREXIT – Bad Moon Rising


UnknownEXECUTIVE SUMMARY The UK will vote to leave the European Union. Although this will cause significant, anger (world-wide) and loss of ‘friends’, the decisive break will be seen as an act of bravery and daring and, overall, put the UK in a positive light diplomatically. This represents a long-overdue break with the past regarding national identity and at the end of the day, BREXIT may prove to be very positive financially for the UK. But this is likely to take much longer (and be much harder) than anticipated/advertised. Expect 2017-2018 to be EXCEEDINGLY DIFFICULT – for a sense of what this might mean, go back in time to winter of discontent (1978-1979) leading to the election of Margaret Thatcher and also the Great Depression (1929-1932), when UK unemployment reached 70%.

Regarding the upcoming 2016 BREXIT (Britain – or rather more properly the United Kingdom, exiting the EU), the following is my prediction of the most important indicators based on  combination of traditional mundane astrology and medieval astrology – it does, however, not address all possible significators – please see for details of the symbolism.


The key players / Symbolism:

  • Sun = represents the President (persons in authority, prime ministers, cabinet minsters, the leaders of a nation).
  • Moon = denotes the common people, women in general, the crowd in the streets. In a mundane chart, the Moon shows where the public’s attention will fall.
  • Mercury = rules trade and commerce.
  • Mars = strikes, conflicts, opposition forces, war.
  • Neptune = rules socialism, communism, and as the symbol of the urge towards collectivism, it suggests left-wing political ideas as well as illicit undertakings, loss and vice.
  • Jupiter = rules the nation’s wealth, banks, and bankers as well as the judicial system.
  • Pluto = represents the principle of metamorphosis, regeneration, transformation, a creative force for destruction – especially in regards to those aspects of life carried on hidden from public view.
  • Uranus = influence over rioting and outbreaks of political tension, right-wing political ideas, anarchy, fascism.
  • Venus = governs women’s issues (marriage & children) as well as peace and diplomatic resolutions.
  • Saturn = Land owners, farmers, state funerals, public sorrow, and disappointment.

How the key players play out in the (1) Brexit chart (set for when the polls close) and (2) in relation to the UK’s natal chart:

  1. Chart ruler – Saturn in Sagittarius (out of sect) in the 11th house – according to Medieval astrology, this Saturn ‘causes great sadness and has difficulty with money and losses through aimless travelling’. In Medieval astrology, the 11th house is the house of ‘faith and friends’ – i.e. in the sense that they lead to ‘success in one’s ventures’. As Saturn represents public sorrow and disappointment, having it as the chart ruler suggests – well, just that – this referendum will be characterised by sorrow and disappointment in regards to friends (i.e. the rest of the EU and possibility the US and other ‘friendly’ nations) that have been providing aid to the UK meet its goals.Brexit
  1. Mars on the MC –  according to Medieval astrology, the 10th house -reflects status – i.e. ‘working with good leaders to give stability’. This placement of Mars on the MC (in the 10th) suggests  heated controversy. Because Mars is associated with knives, cutting, and surgery, this suggests cutting loose from the stability and status of the past. The good news is that in Medieval astrology, Mars in Scorpio is a very, very strong (it is the strongest planet in the BREXIT chart) and associated not with ‘rashness and recklessness’ but instead with ‘skill and daring’.  Further, because this Mars in Scorpio falls in the UK’s natal 2nd house (money and substance) this could at the end of the day be a very positive financial move for the UK- note that Mars is in retrograde however – so although Mars is very strong and well placed (cardinal house and conjunct the angles) in the Brexit chart, it may take much longer than anticipated to achieve reap the benefits.


  1. Uranus in UK 7th house – decisive, metaphorical ‘all change’ regarding partnerships and alliances based on right-wing political ideas such as fascism and/or isolationism.


  1. Pluto in UK 4th house widely conjunct UK SUN –signifying regeneration/transformation of the homeland’ – and national identity – especially regarding what constitutes the physical space that is that homeland. Time for ‘borders’ to change.UK Brexit bi wheel.jpeg


  1. Pluto conjunct BREXIT ASC – The 1st house signifies the country, its inhabitants, condition of general prosperity, health – and PL here suggests a long overdue break with the past in order to keep up with the evolution of national identity – this is further emphasized by PL/ASC conjunct the UK natal Sun = but as always with PL, the nature of, and reasons behind the break are likely deliberately being


  1. Sun/Venus conjunction CJN UK natal MC – the MC (Mid-heaven) represents national reputation, government, people in authority – Venus here is in its own terms. In Medieval astrology, this suggests increased ‘rank and honor’ as the result of the referendum but because of the Sun a downgrading of ambitions but eventually acquiring wealth (the Sun is neither strong, nor happy in Cancer but this is partially offset by this Sun being a nocturnal chart, which interestingly, does make it happier).


  1. PL opposite UK natal Moon in 10th house – this suggests significant emotional upheaval for the common people (and focus of public attention) from this resolution will hit April 2017 and will not resolve until November 2018 – that means 17 months of ‘in your face’ – DIFFICULT change in the everyday life especially in regards to security issues – as is always the case when Pluto is involved, this will prove to be a very difficult time, however necessary it might be for that all important regeneration. For some insight into how this time 2017-2018 might play out, go back in history to 1979-1980 (Pluto was in Libra square to the UK Moon) – I wasn’t living here the – but a quick look at the internet tells me that in was the strike-ridden winter of discontent (1978-1979) leading to the election of Margaret Thatcher. Additional insight to be gained by going back in time to 1929-1932, when UK unemployment reached 70% – i.e. the Great Depression.
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