BREXIT – Bad Moon Rising

I voted against it, but still as I predicted, it has happened… damn.

Archetypal Assets

UnknownEXECUTIVE SUMMARYThe UK will vote to leave the European Union. Although this will cause significant, anger (world-wide) and loss of ‘friends’, the decisive break will be seen as an act of bravery and daring and, overall, put the UK in a positive light diplomatically. This represents a long-overdue break with the past regarding national identity and at the end of the day, BREXIT may prove to be very positive financially for the UK. But this is likely to take much longer (and be much harder) than anticipated/advertised. Expect 2017-2018 to be EXCEEDINGLY DIFFICULT – for a sense of what this might mean, go back in time to winter of discontent (1978-1979) leading to the election of Margaret Thatcher and also the Great Depression (1929-1932), when UK unemployment reached 70%.

Regarding the upcoming 2016 BREXIT (Britain – or rather more properly the United Kingdom, exiting the EU), the following…

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