Lost at Sea

With the Sun in Pisces (dissipation) and the Moon in Cancer (emotional response), today and tomorrow are Eight of Hearts days.

The Eight of Hearts signifies sadness.

You’re lost in a sea of loss and disillusion.

The waters are deep, dark, stagnant;

Pools and fens,

lost_at_seaMud and miasmas.

Can you never break free?

In Shakespeare’s A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream, Lysander comforts Hermia, whose father has delivered an ultimatum that she must either marry the man of his choice, or ‘abjure forever the society of men’.

not nice

incredibly painful

plain, old unfair.

It’s near impossible to react calmly and sanely under the conditions of the Eight of Hearts.  Hermia chooses to run run away with her lover; too bad for her that life in the woods with the fairies wasn’t much better.

  • Unproductive job?
  • Emotionally draining relationship?
  • Abandoning a project into which you’ve infused too much of yourself?

Take time out. Retreat to a safe environment. Meditate. Procure good advice. Then, if the only way to move forward is to cut your losses, steel yourself, muster courage, and take the decision.

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