The Curious Case of Ms C

Ms C is a ‘man-eater’-  or at least so I’ve been told – and with her Venus in Leo, I can believe how folks might have reached that conclusion.

Contrary to popular belief, astrological Venus isn’t so much about love for others as it is about love of ‘self’. Venus in Leo is a special case – like a lantern in the dark of night, her charm and warmth draws us close.  She brings soVenusLeoul into the lives of those she touches and who couldn’t use a bit of that?

But this is not all that she brings. She is the most selfish and tawdry of the lot. Let’s make no mistake about it, when it comes to relationships, Venus in Leo looks out only for herself.

But this is not why Ms C is so dangerous.

The real issue with Ms C is her Aquarian Moon; like anyone with an air moon, she can be coldly calculating. That in itself isn’t bad. But in relationship with that fiery Venus, this Moon has the potential to be devastating.

The Moon and Venus are the two faces of the feminine and astrologically, both are about relationship albeit the operate differently. As noted above, Venus relates through differentiation – I am X and you are Y and X is so much better.  On the other hand, the Moon relates by symbiosis – I am X and you are Y and together, XY, we will be forever, together. When the Moon and Venus are in friendly relationship (trine or sextile) in a chart, they can form a working relationship. But when they are not (square or opposition), as is the case with Ms C, then we can expect her to constantly see-saw between them – identifying with one and projecting the other.Ms C

The other party to the relationship can have no idea what to expect – one minute he has a cuddly kitten on his hands and the next, a full-blown hurricane. This isn’t helped by the fact that Ms C has Mars in Aries – highly impulsive, intuitive, does what she damned well pleases. Not only that, but Ms C has natal Uranus in opposition to her Mars – and with that we have a reckless disregard regard for authority as well as being exceptionally self-willed.

Now, it just so happens that Ms C is connected with a certain Mr A, who was the subject of two earlier posts; I’ll let the astrologers amongst you put two and two together – as I’m certain that you will. For everyone else, I suppose you’ll just have to watch this space in the event that I’m ever in the position to go into more detail.

But for now I think that it is safe to say that in Ms C, Mr A has more than met his match.

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