Should Ms K divorce?

Ms K is going through a difficult patch during which she is questioning many things including not only what she ought to to do next in her life career-wise but also whether or not she ought to divorce.


  • Although divorce remains a realistic possibility, it is not inevitable. Indeed, for at least (approximately) the next 12 months, it is not even advisable. Any separation settlement reached prior to that will likely fall far short of Ms K’s expectations.
  • In the meantime, joint marriage/relationship counselling could prove extremely helpful – anything to get meaningful communication back on track between Ms K and her husband. Regenerating her current relationship may in the end prove more productive than ending it. Now is the time to be as honest and open and possible, however difficult that may seem.
  • Also the situation may improve significantly if Ms K is able to find productive ways to express her significant repressed frustrations and/or disappointments. Undoubtedly, she is an ambitious, practical, meticulously organized person with very high standards. She is a natural born leader and clever strategist. A significant astrological theme at work in her life at the moment is the need to express ‘who’ and ‘what’ she is to the fullest – she needs the space and freedom to ‘do her own thing’ and set off on an exciting new adventure of her own making.
  • Ms K might consider establishing her own business or even her own charity (she’s a natural born reformist and works best when working for herself) – in order to develop a worthy outlet for her enthusiasm and hard work.
  • Most of all, Ms K should not allow others to dominate her thoughts and feelings at this time – she absolutely must assert ‘herself’ – perhaps even while at the same time as finding ‘herself’ – she may have taken the back seat for far too long.


Ms K natal

  • Ms K is a strong, patient, able individual who works hard to achieve personal success. She is a perfectionist capable of great discipline, self-control, and self-denial – she is a hard taskmaster – as hard on herself as she is hard on others. She is extremely attentive to detail, well organized, and practical in her approach. She is enthusiastic, and strategic, truly a force with which to be reckoned. Unfortunately, she tends to hold back expression of her frustrations (of which undoubtedly she has suffered many) and hence repressed anger is likely to be a significant (and continuing) problem. As the result, her reason may often be clouded and she can be impulsive and hot-headed at times. Development of effective anger management skills is must. Scorpio rising makes Mars and Pluto the chart rulers – Mars is in Cancer in the 8th house – out of sect and in ‘fall’ (damaged) and Pluto in Virgo conjunct the Mid-heaven in the 10th house.
  • Ms K is a powerful storehouse of energy. She is naturally competitive (although not necessarily combative). She is enthusiastic, creative, courageous, enterprising – a natural born leader who prefers to play by the rules. Usually she enjoys remarkably robust health. Mars trine Saturn as well as the Sun in the 1st house conjunct the Ascendant.
  • Ms K has a significant need to make an impact in the outer world – she is a natural born leader and would do equally well as a captain of industry as she would a political reformer. Her will-power to succeed as remarkable as he need to dominate others. However, her faith and vision (the magic of ambition and synchronicity) will always give her the leading edge. The more her capabilities are directed in very public ways, the better. She is naturally resilient in tough times and can help others to be the same. Pluto in Virgo trine Jupiter in Capricorn.
  • Ms K is a naturally cautious, prudent person. She harbors a distinct lack of respect for those around her who are not as organized or focused as is she; she does not appreciate others who (in her opinion) take foolish risks. She also has little tolerance for those who fail to work hard to reach their full potential. Sun in Scorpio sextile Saturn in Capricorn.
  • Ms K has an inborn prideful independence. She has a need not only for constant stimulation and excitement but also for the space and freedom to ‘do her own thing’. This is especially true in regards to her partnerships (marital or otherwise). Spontaneity is essential; she is quirky but beware of a tendency to be flighty. She is easily bored and hence easily dissatisfied. She is highly insightful. Not only does she need to learn to trust her natural instincts but also to ‘chill out’ and relax. Moon conjunct Uranus in Leo and Taurus on 7th house cusp with its ruler, Venus, in Sagittarius.
  • Ms K has an amazing ability to meld enthusiasm with vision – she is highly individualist and creative, with strong capabilities in the world of symbolism and dreams. She might train as a psychological counselor or write stories and/or novels  – key themes re: high adventure, spy thrillers, detective stories, passionate romance. Potential business themes – anything about which she is passionate: the more innovative and pioneering in form and approach, the better — fix something that needs to be fixed (Virgo on MC) – hot meals to senior citizens, local recreation centers, cookery classes, battered women sanctuaries, innovative child-care facilities, financial counseling for those overwhelmed with debt  (Mars, chart ruler, in Cancer). Other potential fields of interest include journalism (start own newsletter or magazine), marketing and/or diplomacy (Mercury in Scorpio). HINT – use memories of ‘better times’ to stimulate new and future interests – Transiting Neptune in 4th house  opposition transiting Jupiter in 1oth in close aspect to natal North Node in 10th.
  • Her ideal of the perfect partner/husband is highly romanticized – she seeks a partner/husband who is not only highly romantic but also adventurous – one who perhaps can provide her with the finer things that money can buy – especially those that increase her status. (Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, in Capricorn in the 2nd house) Traditional ideals of ‘domestic bliss’ are not for Ms. K.  – indeed she might well do best with long-distance relationships. Taurus on 7th house cusp with its ruler, Venus, in Sagittarius.
  • Ms K is currently in her Venus/Mercury Fidaria – this is the time to focus not only on getting to grips with what she really values but also on honest communication within her relationships – but with her natal Mercury in Scorpio conjunct Neptune in the 12th house, this might prove much more difficult than she might otherwise think – Ms K is by nature secretive and has difficulty discerning the difference between ‘truth’ and ‘fantasy’; indeed, for her, they are often one and the same thing. This in itself is not a problem – making as it does for a highly imaginative, colourful and creative personality. However, the problems begin with others demand ‘truth’ and she can’t produce it –  Ms K needs to understand that many others see ‘reality’ quite differently than does she. Focus on ‘relationship’ (as well as determining her own set of values) will continue through Ms K’s entire Venus Fidaria – i.e. from November 2012 – September 2021.
  • At the moment, Ms K is under significant pressure to address her anger – much of which has quite likely repressed for many years (Transiting PlutoMs K biwheel (1) opposition natal Mars in Cancer (in ‘fall’ and out of sect). The theme most likely underlying this repressed anger surrounds issues of my/our money (2nd/8th house). Although addressing her anger may be extremely difficult, this process is very necessary for if such anger remains repressed, it will cause increasing personal difficulties and even ill health. Pluto acts to eliminate all that is holding her back from moving forward and if she refuses to let go gracefully, Pluto will (painfully) rip it away.  This (admittedly difficult) opportunity to address her anger will continue until November 2018. Expect February 2017, June 2017, and December 2017/January 2018 to be particularly difficult – with final resolution coming throughout the autumn of 2018. To gain some insight into this process, Ms K may wish to think back to December 1978, February-March and also September 1979 when transiting Pluto in Libra was in square aspect to her Mars. The good news is that with transiting Pluto also in sextile aspect with Ms K’s natal Sun, the period through autumn 2018 presents an excellent opportunity to not only deepen her existing relationships, but also to shed old habits and attitudes that have been holding her back from achieving a more rewarding, exciting life – TAKE CREATIVE RISKS!
  • Ms K 2nd progRegeneration (i.e. deep transformation) of her romantic/emotional relationships (rather than terminating them and starting anew) is indicated (Progressed Venus opposition progressed Moon/Pluto).
  • should Ms K divorceShould Ms K divorce?

Because I am the querent, then in this horary chart, Ms K is Mars (Aries on 7th house cusp) and her spouse is Venus (Libra on 1st house cusp – derived 7th house of MS K’s relationship).  Venus (husband) is the faster moving planet and perfects a trine with Mars on 6 July suggesting that he will present an agreement of some sort to her in approximately four months (4 days symbolically become 4 months). Whether or not this leads to divorce , however, requires further consideration.

Mars (Ms K) is in quincunx aspect to Uranus, the planet which is the classic signification of divorce. However, the quincunx aspect suggests that something is out of joint – wrong – regarding the question of divorce and that Ms K and her husband will need to fix it prior to proceeding – restructuring, re-negotation, alternation of some sort is required. This quincunx aspect between Mars (Ms K) and her divorce (Uranus) perfects on 14 July 2016 – this suggests that divorce remains serious possibility – although it is not ‘written in the cards’, so to speak. Again ‘something’ is wrong with the present ideas surrounding a divorce and divorce will not proceed until it is fixed. Because the Moon is in the 8th house (inheritances and joint finances) this ‘something’ wrong is likely to do with money and is not likely to be resolved until after approximately 12 months (12 days to aspect perfection suggests 12 months in real time).

In a horary chart, the Moon functions as a general significator of the situation, describing the surrounding circumstances as well as the forward and backwards movement of events. The last aspect made by this Moon was a square with Neptune and a simultaneous opposition to Saturn suggesting mutual indecision/confusion regarding whether divorce is beneficial (again because Saturn is in the 2nd house, this is likely to do at least in part, with resources/money). The next aspect that will be made by the Moon will be a square with Jupiter suggesting that whatever settlement or decision taken will not be beneficial, and will fall short of expectations. Outside mediation or involvement of qualified others is indicated. Finally (before changing zodiac signs) the Moon will form a sextile with Uranus – divorce is a realistic possibility – but not a given. This is the end of the matter.

Ms D and Mr B – it’s all about Communication



The relationship of Ms D and Mr B is all about communication and the honest expression of feelings and the good news is that all the ingredients are present for this to go very well – however just make sure that you don’t ignore other key aspects of your relationship, especially the physical – otherwise it may well have difficulty standing the test of time.


d and b composite


Grand trine – Jupiter, Moon, Uranus

Composite Moon suggests how honestly you express your emotions with each other – and with Composite Jupiter in trine (easy aspect) this probably goes well. The sympathy you share with each other will likely have a positive, morally uplifting effect for you both.

At the same time please understand that with Composite Uranus in the mix, you’ll need to  deal with each other in new and usual ways; certain attributes like stability and predictability found in conventional relationships may well be missing from yours. Take heart, however, because this allows you both maximum freedom of expression. The greatest potential of this relationship is for positive change and expansion in both of  your world-views while at the very same time still making you feel comfortable and cozy.

Mercury trine Neptune and sextile Pluto

Composite Mercury indicates the level and degree of communication in the relationship and with a trine (easy aspect) this will most like be approached intuitively and sensitively. Just beware that you don’t confuse your personal ideals with present reality – it’s all too easy to get lost when your head is in the clouds. Luckily with Composite Pluto in sextile (easy aspect) this should not prove difficult. Pluto gives you both a rare opportunity to get significant insight into the real forces at work in your relationship.

Sun sextile North Node and trine South Node

Composite Sun in trine/sextile (easy) aspect to the nodal axis suggests some kind of karmic connection. Most certainly this relationship is unusually important for the both of you and you can expect that it will take you to places (physical and/or mental) you’d not otherwise go.

The Curious Case of Ms C (continued) & Her Fiery Mars

VenusLeoThings are heating up between Ms C and the certain Mr A (the subject of the prior post) and from what I’ve heard, she probably thinks that she’s winning in regards to her ‘man-eater’ role.

Let’s see what several predictive astrological techniques (birth time unknown, noon chart used) have to say:

Summary – If Ms C is to achieve her objectives during 2016-17, she needs to keep a cool head –learn to negotiate nicely, compromise, suggest win-win strategies. But this is going to be difficult, not the least because at the moment, she’s more prone that usual to be ‘hot-heated’ in order to express her ego desires. Ms C is being called upon to act responsibly during this period and if she’s unable to do so, she’s likely to find herself displaced and lonely; changes in job, home, and/or emotional relationships are indicated.



Firdaria is a classical technique rather like the Dash periods in Hindu astrology. It assigns periods of our lives to various planets in keeping with the Chaldean order of the planets.

Ms CMs C is currently in her Saturn/Mars Firdaria and in her natal chart, her Saturn (28 Gemini 12) is in reasonably good shape – in its own terms, and not damaged. According to the Liber Hermetis, ‘this person is conscious of hidden matters or secrets’ and ‘will work toward their own success, be self-motivated, and be happy.’

So far, so good.

All this success and self-motivation is funneled through her Mars at 16 Aries which, in its sign of ruler ship, is amazingly strong. According to the Liber Hermetis, she not only will she be ‘skilled’ and ‘daring’, but she will ‘complete quickly’ what she undertakes. But because her Mars is in the terms of Mercury, she will be ‘hot-headed’ and her ‘reason is clouded’.

  • SATURN : 2013
    • Saturn/Jupiter – February 10, 2015
    • Saturn/Mars – September 6, 2016
    • Saturn/Sun – April 3, 2018
    • Saturn/Venus – October 29, 2019
    • Saturn/Mercury – May 25, 2021
    • Saturn/Moon – December 20, 2022



Solar Return (2016-17)


The SR (Solar Return) Sun is the most important planet in the SR chart and shows where Ms C will expend most of her energy during the upcoming year. With SR Sun in a tight square aspect to Mars, Ms C will not only need to balance self-centered ego drives with the needs of others, but also deal with much conflict and anger. If she’s able to do this, she might achieve the objectives as suggested by her Saturn/Mars Firdaria. If she’s not, however, she might find herself squashed between a rock and a hard C solar return

Her SR Sun is also in tight square aspect to SR Uranus, the planet of ‘all change’. This suggests that while she desires significant change in her life, most likely she won’t get it – or at least not in the way that she wants it. With such an aspect, issues involving freedom vs. restriction are common.


The SR Moon indicates the emotional focus of Ms C for the upcoming year, and with SR Moon conjunct SR Saturn, suggests significant emotional strain most likely in regards to those restrictions. Ms C is being called upon to act responsibly during this time but this may not always be easy not the least because she may be feeling very lonely, unable to rely on the help of others.

Her SR Moon is also square SR Uranus and this suggests (domestic) disruption. At the very least she can expect a significant break in her daily routine and habits and at worst, a period of separation, if not a complete break, from those with whom she shares strong emotional bonds.

With her SR Moon also square the current Jupiter/Neptune opposition, she might expect to face blockage in the realization of her fondest hopes and dreams – and indeed it is quite possible this will so greatly her emotional balance, that she will need to reassess her approach.


Because Ms C’s SR Venus is conjunct SR Mercury, she has an excellent opportunity to develop and/or perfect excellent negotiation skills – to develop a soft and winning style not only to express her needs but also getting what she wants. If she can learn the fine art of compromise, she can create win/win situations and this would go far to achieving her goals (SR Venus trine SR Saturn).

Wicked Witch of A’dam – Astro Poetry

Wicked Witch of Amsterdam

7 May 1944

Persevering, dependable, relaxed, and calm;

Patient and steady,

Stuck in a rut.


Prizes wit and cunning and trickery;

Clever with finances.

Adores reading.


Silver-tongued scattered thoughts

The mind of a thief.

Knows everyone, gets around.


There’s no place like home.

Nostalgic and sentimental,

Overly protective parent.


Flirtatious; hopeless romantic.

A true performer,

Drama for drama’s sake.


Warm and generous with employees,

Shines through daily work.

Adores rich food, has back problems.


Equal relationships,

Requires tactful, diplomatic partner.

Avoids divorce at all costs.


Tempts fate; deep interactions.

Sex is transformational,

Intense passion, transgender.


Known as frank, outspoken, as well as blunt.

Adventurous; ambitious.

Vocal on career issues.


Projects authority, grooms professional image.

Craves achievement,

Reputation is paramount.


Ambitious networking,

Weird, intellectual friends.

Supports causes and ideas, won’t follow through.


Dreams of being a poet or musician,

Imaginative inner life.

Dwells on past sorrows.