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  • Should Ms K divorce?

    ‘Something’ is wrong with this idea of divorce (indicated by the quincunx aspect) and the divorce will not proceed until it is fixed.

  • Ms D and Mr B – it’s all about Communication

    Composite Moon suggests how honestly you express your emotions with each other – and with Composite Jupiter in trine (easy aspect) this probably goes well. The sympathy you share with each other will likely have a positive, morally uplifting effect for both – optimism goes a long way toward making everything better.

  • The Curious Case of Ms C (continued) & Her Fiery Mars

    According to the Liber Hermetis, she not only will she be ‘skilled’ and ‘daring’, but she will ‘complete quickly’ what she undertakes. But because her Mars is in the terms of Mercury, she will be ‘hot-headed’ and her ‘reason is clouded’.

  • Wicked Witch of A’dam – Astro Poetry

    Wicked Witch of Amsterdam 7 May 1944 Persevering, dependable, relaxed, and calm; Patient and steady, Stuck in a rut. ___ Prizes wit and cunning and trickery; Clever with finances. Adores reading. ___ Silver-tongued scattered thoughts The mind of a thief. Knows everyone, gets around. ___ There’s no place like home. Nostalgic and sentimental, Overly protective […]