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Wallpapering with my Father

Solid like the homeland, built to last like your impossible dream.

Red Dress

The color of the dress was Blood Red

the color associated with needles, transfusions,

debilitating intestinal bleeds.


Think out-of-the-box?

What a wicked little fox to

commit such a heinous crime.

what’s wrong with my poetry

While others conjure theatrical images,

All I do is to sound crass.

Wicked Witch of A’dam – Astro Poetry

Wicked Witch of Amsterdam 7 May 1944 Persevering, dependable, relaxed, and calm; Patient and steady, Stuck in a rut. ___ Prizes wit and cunning and trickery; Clever with finances. Adores reading. ___ Silver-tongued scattered thoughts The mind of a thief. Knows everyone, gets around. ___ There’s no place like home. Nostalgic and sentimental, Overly protective parent. ___ Flirtatious; hopeless romantic. A true performer, Drama … Read More Wicked Witch of A’dam – Astro Poetry

45°N57’ 42’’ – 077°W08’25” / Astro-Poetry

45°N57’ 42’’ – o77°W08’25” 23:30 EST + 5:00 Astro-Poetry   Caring, nurturing person cloying, meddlesome, nag. Builds emotional barriers, adores vintage. Wears heart on sleeve. _______ Survival = possessions, refuses to buy store brands. Values dignity, pride, and warmth of heart. An authority of finance; too generous with own. _______ Literary critic.  Editor.  Proofreader. Teacher. Communication is critical; writing is a craft. Practical thinker … Read More 45°N57’ 42’’ – 077°W08’25” / Astro-Poetry

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