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  • Zen riddles that I like…

    Kõ-an – a paradox anecdote or riddle, used in Zen Buddhism to demonstrate the inadequacy of logic and provoke a more direct perception of reality called enlightenment. Kõ-ans have always exercised an intellectual fascination over those who have come in contact with them. Some have found Kõ-ans profound and intellectually challenging while others have dismissed […]

  • What is Spirituality? I’m sure that I should know…

    A client asked for astrological insight on her spirituality. But what she meant by that, she wasn’t too sure. I told her she wasn’t alone in her confusion and suggested that we explore this together. She wasn’t too keen on that, however. For her, spiritualty was too personal. OK – so I decided to come […]

  • Spiritual lessons of Taurus

    Just as a seed grows while the farmer sleeps, so the spirituality of Taurus increases as she simply goes about daily living.

  • The Unexpected Benefits of Shame

    In this context, shame is not a painful conclusion as it often assumed to be the case, but an joyous opportunity.